January 2001

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True Christians™ have been sounding the warning call on the Hollywood liberal elite agenda for years now.  After decades of True Christians™ selflessly witnessing and giving Hollywood Jews and Homosexuals an opportunity to be just like us, they have willfully continued to live their lives the way *they* want to live them.  This demonic disregard for how True Christians™ insist they act has caused them to litter their short-cut to Hell with celluloid reels so filled with pornographic poison that they might as well be strips of Satan's human fly-paper dangling before innocent children.

The latest atrocity from Southern California's festering sore on humanity's eyelid is a theatrical production called "Southern Baptist Sissies,"  This disgusting film is a stab in the heart of morality, our once-great nation, and indeed the Baptist faith – and thereby Christ Himself!  This so-called "play" is actually a brazen form of indoctrination. Innocents are lured in, expecting to see a revival service complete with True Christian™ ex-gays who offer the requisite tell-all of the evil, perverted acts all homosexuals do every single day before they die at the age 32. But by the time they leave the theater, most, if not all, patrons find that they have been tricked into embracing the homosexual lifestyle somewhere between the second and third acts. 

In order to prevent the spread of this vile atrocity and contain it to the already damned-to-hell country of California, Landover Baptist recently sent a team of True Christians™ to shut down this ungodly act of anti-Christian persecution. 

Reverend E. Dwayne Looper, his lovely True Christian™ wife Luanne and Brother Paul Johnson, an Aluminum Level tither, went straight into the lion's den, risking their very lives to defend Jesus and tell the truth about this sinful so-called "play." 

"We're here to bring Hollywood back to Jesus," Reverend Looper shouted to a crowd of unrepentant sodomites, "and neither we nor George W. Bush will be satisfied until this entire nation is on its knees!"

The trio marched in almost completely nonviolent protest, blocking the theater entrance and warning unsuspecting customers of the danger facing their souls if they allowed themselves to see this production.  The Holy Spirit was with them, folks!   And He led many True Christians™ to do things in His name that the secular, liberal, godless California police were unable to understand.  But Jesus told us we would be misunderstood by the unsaved.

"The whole purpose of this vile play is to get new recruits to this horrible lifestyle. Homosexuals are persecuting Christians all over the world," Sister Looper said, as she bravely marched, spreading the love of Jesus. "We've had enough!" she screamed at television cameras, shaking her fists in righteousness.

A direct plea for one of the actors to turn to Jesus and give up his lifestyle choice fell on deaf ears. 

A brief scuffle occurred when the director of the "play," a homosexual named Del Shores, and producer Sharyn Lane (an admitted unsaved Jew), confronted the True Christian™ protestors. "Jesus is on OUR side! Please listen to Jesus and shut this mockery of the one True Faith down," Brother Johnson pleaded. "As soon as I mentioned Jesus, the Jewish woman flinched, like she had a demon in her," he later told church members, "but the homosexual just laughed. We'll see how much they laugh in Hell! And we'll see who really does the laughing, especially when I'm looking down at them from Heaven and watching them beg for a sip of my ice-cold Pepsi, which I will hold just out of reach."

"The liberal media--they'll probably just ignore our protest completely," Rev. Looper said, "but just let John Ashcroft or Bob Jones or any other True Christian speak their mind on how slavery is supported by the Holy Bible and the liberals swoop in and make a fuss about it.  After eight long years, we are finally about to get a True Christian in the White House, praise God, and he will set this country back to where it used to be, a Christian nation, just like it was on the old Andy Griffith show. You didn't see any homosexuals on that show, because they didn't even exist until that liberal Kennedy stole the election in 1960." 

Mrs. Looper voiced an appeal that will soon echo all across the nation: "Mr. Bush, I implore you! Stop this madness!" 

See this latest example of Anti-Christian persecution ONLY if you are strong in the Lord!



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