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Answers to the "Bible Logic Quiz"

1.  This tyrant hated everyone who was not a white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant heterosexual and attempted to exterminate everyone else, thus resulting in the violent slaughter of millions of people. On his death bed, he sincerely asked Jesus to take over his life.

Correct Answer: A (Heaven). No matter how horrendous your pre-salvation conduct, if you accept Jesus and stop sinning, all prior sins are forgiven.

2.  This man accepted Jesus and asked the Lord to take over his life, but after a month of being faithful to scripture, he resumed having sexual relations with his fiancť before they were married.

Correct Answer: B (Hell). As Hebrews explains, if you turn back to the ways of the world after accepting Jesus, your sins will not be forgiven and you cannot return to the state of salvation.

3.  This incredibly kind young Asian woman devoted her whole life to caring for the handicapped and rarely said an unkind word about anyone. However, though a Baptist missionary once witnessed to her for five minutes, she nevertheless chose to remain in the non-Christian religion her parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends had taught her all her life.

Correct Answer: B (Hell) Accepting Christ is the only hope for salvation and anyone who fails to do so fries.

4.  This man accepted Jesus when he was 12 and lived a wholesome, prayer-filled life until he was 30. He then backslid and engaged in lewd and lascivious conduct. At age 42, he again asked the Lord to return and take over his life, and he then lived an exemplary, unblemished Christian life until his death at age 85.

Correct Answer: B (Hell) As Hebrews says, once you backslide and fall away from the Lord, you can never go back

5.  This sleazy Jewish girl didnít really believe in Jesus, but when she was 12, she asked Jesus into her life in response to peer pressure and summer Bible vacation programs. She continued to whore around for the next 50 years, until she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and told by her doctor she had only days to live. She then studied the Bible and soon realized Jesus really is the Son of God. She died in her hospital room hours later.

Correct Answer: A (Heaven) This girl was never a backslider because she didnít believe in Jesus when she supposedly asked Him into her life as a child and therefore wasnít saved. She didnít experience salvation for the first time until she was on her deathbed. Because it appears no intervening sin occurred between her first realization that Jesus is Lord and the remaining hours before her death, she is now singing with the angels.

6.  This man truly believed Jesus is the Son of God but refused to turn His life over to the Lord, instead, continuing a crime spree including rape, child molestation and murder.

Correct Answer: A (Heaven) John merely says you have to believe in Jesus to experience everlasting life, not that you have to follow or obey Jesus.

7.  This two-year-old child had parents who were trying to teach her about Jesus every day, but the girl was just too young to understand the difference between clean and dirty diapers let alone the difference between Jesus and the devil. She perished one day in an accident caused by a drunk driver who struck her parentsí car, hurling her from her infant seat into oncoming traffic.

Correct Answer: B (Hell) The girl never believed Jesus is the Son of God because she never reached an age or level of maturity at which she could maintain such a belief, thus she is being sodomized by the devil as you read this.

8.  This intellectual just couldnít bring himself to accept the outrageous, conflicting and bizarre stories of our faith. While he dedicated his life to helping others and personally chose not to engage in conduct the Bible deems sinful, he did so based on his personal convictions of right and wrong and not because the Lord ordered him to act that way. He died having helped thousands of individuals escape poverty, but he his intellect would not let him believe in Christ.

Correct Answer: B (Hell) Good deeds donít cut the mustard. Either you let Jesus run the show or you burn. [Good deeds and being kind don't count for crap with Jesus if you don't flatter Him.]

9.  This 55-year-old woman who accepted the Lord as a young girl lived a devout and pristine life, giving to others and constantly praising God until the day she died. However, upon being told her three-year-old granddaughter had been tortured, raped and murdered by five adult men, she questioned Godís existence and had a massive, fatal coronary shortly thereafter.

Correct Answer: B (Hell) Hebrews places no time limit on backsliding.

10.  An aborted fetus

Correct Answer: B (Hell) Duh! Obviously, a fetus does not have the mental capacity to believe in Jesus. While Jesus, as a rabid anti-abortionist, cries inconsolably each time a little prince or princess is sucked out of its mother's womb, He still picks them out of the vacuum cleaner and flings them into Hell without a moment's thought, simply because He never heard the pre-birth baby say the only words He cares about: "You are fabulous Jesus and I love you more than any real people!".

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