March 2000

How bad were you before you got saved? We'd like to know! 

The Landover Baptist Church is proud to present it's 3rd annual Personal Testimony Contest. A challenging competition where the Christian who led the most terrible life before salvation, wins! What kind of a person were you before you met the Lord?  We already know that you were serving Satan, but in what capacity? How far down into Hell's sewer did you get? Were you a murderer? Were you a child molester? Were you a homosexual? A Catholic? A Jew? We hate to be redundant here, but we'd like to find out as much as possible about your pre-salvation experience.

People outside of Landover Baptist may enter this competition through e-mail. Yes! This contest is open to the Christian public! All you need to do is compose your personal testimony in 300 words or less, and mail it in to this address:  Your testimony will be reviewed by a qualified staff of Baptist professionals at the Landover Baptist Personal Testimony Improvement Center. The contest deadline is May 1st.  If your testimony makes it to the final round, it could be displayed on our website for all the world to see!

So what kind of a devil loving, limp-wristed pansy were you? How long have you been sinking your teeth into Satan's pot roast of perversion? Spare us NO details! This is your chance to get behind the pulpit and spill your guts. You will have an audience of Baptists who live for hearing entertaining testimonies that focus on all the horrible things a person could ever do. Be sure to add a one or two sentence 'quip' at the end, telling us how or where you got saved.

Remember, the contest deadline is May 1st. You have time to start going back. Start remembering what it was like to be unsaved. Let the horrible memories resurface. Emerse yourself in pre-salvation experience to the point where you feel the fires of hell lapping away at your hind side once again... then spill it out! Put it all on paper and send it to us!  We'll tell you if it's worth a shot of crap in the devil's Johnny! Praise the Lord!

View last year's contest winning testimony by clicking here.

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