June 2001

Memorial Day marked the start of the fifth season of one of the darkest activities in human history – women competing in a man’s activity. Like the handful of other True Christian® churches in this country, Landover certainly is not opposed to women competing against one another to better themselves. Indeed, the ladies of this church have excelled in a number of competitive events. Leading lady, Sister Taffy Crockett, has won the Mrs. Christian America pageant not once but twice. And Mrs. Judy O’Christian’s pickled watermelon rinds have won countless accolades not only in this county’s annual fairs but in those of several very rural counties in the Deep South. True Christian® ladies regularly compete in beauty, cooking and cleaning events.

But that is not enough for one group of depraved, debauched Satanic women who have completely ignored God’s edict that the natural use of women is to serve the sexual needs of men (Romans 1:26). These are the women who have defied God and declined to serve men, instead engaging in sexual activity with each other. Granted, that, too, can sometimes serve the sexual needs of men (particularly when videotaped), but that is not the role intended by God. We are, of course, referring to “lesbians,” named after the island of Lesbos, the origin of the first of their kind – a woman who was obviously a freak of nature and has since promoted her handicap to women worldwide.

Competing against other women in ladylike activities is not enough for these deviants. They know they could never excel, for there is nothing ladylike about them. They can’t compete in a beauty pageant because, let’s face it, a flannel shirt and corduroy trousers do not an evening gown make. Lip syncing to k.d. lang songs would hardly be competitive in a talent competition, and no stage in America is big enough for an RV race. So these women instead have defied nature and created competitive events in activities uniquely reserved for men in which they know only their kind would dare enter. It was bad enough when they formed N.O.W. and started competing in politics. But now they have carried their depravity even further and begun competing in sports, the most noteworthy being professional basketball.

If you attended a WNBA game unknowingly, you would probably just assume, at first, that you were watching a boys’ high school basketball game. But after an hour or two, you would realize that the competitors were not boys but women who have done everything they can to make themselves look masculine. As if breaking the Lord’s commandment regarding sex weren’t enough, these lesbians spit in God’s face by wearing shorts above the knee, tank tops and shoes with no heels. They sweat profusely like men and engage in physical brawls with one another.

If they limited their audience to other cult members, this would not be something that should cause True Christians® great alarm. But they have instead made their depravity a national pastime, garnering nationwide television audiences. There can be only one explanation for their insistence on forcing themselves on God-loving Americans – recruitment. They seek to convert as many of our young girls into their sexual escapades as possible. Billy Jean King, whose surname is based on her status as king of the lesbians, started the recruiting drive when she competed against a washed-up male tennis player on national TV over two decades ago. Now, throughout the summer, a family cannot turn on their television without being exposed to these dykes slapping, grabbing and groping one another under the ruse of trying to steal a basketball.

The attempt to convert our girls to their lifestyles is cunning and subtle. It involves charging far less to attend the games than any other sport, thereby ensuring that middle class families with young girls are in attendance. Indeed, the principal audience members at WNBA games are lesbians and families with little girls. Whether the conversion occurs through osmosis or some activity that occurs in arena restrooms, it is undeniable that it has been effective. One can always determine which girls have already succumbed to the coercion. They are the ones who wear jerseys with the name of their favorite lesbian on the back.

The liberal media, of course, supports these efforts, with advertisements blasphemously claiming there is nothing a man can do that a woman cannot also do. And the players have gone to great lengths to conceal their agenda and even their sexuality. Last year’s Most Valuable Player, Sheryl Swoopes, even suffered the inconvenience of getting married and delivering a child just to conceal her lesbianism. True Christians® must unite against Satan’s latest attempt to turn us from God. The next time your young daughter comments about sports for women, teach her how to iron or show her a new recipe. And e-mail Disney, while boycotting its local affiliates, until the Satanic conglomerate agrees to broadcast Bible-based programming 24/7.



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