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Help Us Send Bibles to the Victims of Hurricane Katrina!
What saddens members of the Landover Baptist community the most however, is that the unsaved world is hell-bent on doling out artificial optimism to the victims of God's latest attack.  "They are providing food, money, gasoline, and shelter," says Pastor Deacon Fred. "These are temporary gifts...
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Liberals Attempting to Escape to Canada Will Be Shot on Sight!
Despite the initial success of the program, the deacons may be returning home soon because the White House has condemned their actions as unauthorized. An administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, claimed...
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Winning Souls to Christ in the World of Warcraft
Billy Houston, a Landover Baptist Senior High youth, has been sharing Jesus in the virtual gaming world for over three years. "I evangelized in Lineage 2, Everquest, Diablo, and a bunch of other games," he says, "but I haven't...
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