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A recent study by Creation Scientists at Landover Baptist University teaches us that Jesus Christ (if He were living among us in physical form and had access to a computer) would likely be putting in 8-12 hours a day with World of Warcraft.  Creation Scientists also believe that Jesus would make use of disguises such as the one featured to the right. This way, he could share His love with everyone and not worry about other gamers getting intimidated.  In other words, nobody would want to go to the Black Temple if they knew Jesus was leading the raid because they'd feel obligated to forfeit all the drops to Him and they be afraid to complain if He ninja'd all the good gear, anyway.  

With 176 Million folks playing online video games, the virtual world is ripe for evangelism!  And evangelism is what Jesus is all about.  His committed Christian followers feel the same way as they ask themselves, WVGWJP?  What Video Games Would Jesus Play?  Visit the links below to see how Christian young people are evangelizing the virtual world in the Holy name of Jesus Christ! 

Tips on Sharing Jesus with Gnomes, Dwarves, Dark Elves and More!How to Win Souls to Christ in The World of Warcraft
"I really like our guild leader," says young Billy Houston. "He has a strict policy against letting unsaved people join our group. I think he's from Alabama in real life. In fact, he won't even party-up with anyone who isn't a Christian. He's a level 60 Priest, and gets a lot of respect."  Read More>

Xbox 360 - Cooler Than Jesus?Is the X-Box 360 Cooler Than Jesus?
"I've been faced with some tough questions in the past, son - but the solution to your dilemma is quite simple. Creation Scientists here at Landover Baptist Church have been studying the Xbox 360 for several months (before it was even released to the general public)."  More>

Unleash Unreal Tournament Bible Based Maps and Characters Upon the Unsaved World!
Landover Youth, Timothy Huxton is certainly using the gifts God gave him to be a missionary and spread the Good News to the four-eyed geeks that play this nonsense -that when it comes to angry killing machines, nothing beats the Lord Jesus!  Read More>

Click to Read the First True Christian Guild Charter for the World of WarcraftThe One True World of Warcraft Christian Guild Charter
Convert or Die is a World of Warcraft Alliance Guild on the Gaping Orifice server. The guild was formed in the year of our Lord 06-06-06 by concerned Christian students at the Landover Baptist Junior High School Academy for the Saved. Read More>











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