April 2009

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Letters To Landover: "Pastor's Mailbag"

MARCH 2009
A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

"we could write a book and include your email messages and all of the money we make from your stupidity belongs to our Godly Pastor, Deacon Fred!"

I don't know if you have noticed but that right there...isn't Christian. In any form. God should be ashamed of you.

Ashley Brouwer

Dear Pastor Deacon Fred,

When you die and stand before God, you will be ashamed of the hateful things you had said about (and to) your Catholic brothers and sisters.

God Is Love. And He does NOT approve of the hatred you preach!

For the sake of your eternal soul, repent of this sin. For when you are dead, it will be too late!

God bless you.

Your brother in Jesus Christ,

Gene Smolick

Catholic Evangelistic Outreach

I was surfing the net trying to find cartoons, stories, jokes, etc. for our church bulletin. I came across your site and was SHOCKED and APPALLED to find lurid sex jokes listed in your "lounge". Also, there were jokes about men wanting their wifes dead? Do you really think that promotes the way God views marriage?

I don't know if you realize they are there, but how can you, as a pastor, condone such things when you are trying to save the lost? You sound like the lost, so why should they see a difference, therefore see a need to be saved?

The jokes posted are neither good, clean NOR Christian.

Gail Summers

HAy fuck tard just wanted to tell you that you are going to burn in hell Killing in the name of the Lord HAHA thats great arnt you sinning??? Any ways im Pagan and i am also a ordain minester. So u can suck a dogs dick and say thats what god told you to do but I know the truth. God lives in all of us Cristen and pagans alike. Some may not bieve in him but for the ones of us that do we understand why people like you should be smited. Satan is also not part of my religion so dont through that shit in my face. I dont beive in satan or worship him. You dont even know the first thing when it comes to being a follower of God.

Please feel free to pray for your soul I think u might need to after watching ur Vidios on You tube.

Merry meet merry part and merry meet again

High Priest Rev Tim ps I think im going to ask for your souls save travels to the past life

Dear Pastor,

I came upon your website on the internet and wanted to be sure that your church and community are a de facto community, or if this is a website made up by sinners.

Thank you

Summer (Katy) Deborah I am an atheist... and i am not afraid of you children...

If there was a god... I know that he would not agree with what you are doing. Jesus taught the fine art of turning the other cheek and being subtle in his message. You guys need to grow up and realize that Atheists are much more forgiving and tolerant than you. If you want people to follow your rants and join your ranks, stop being an intolerant asshole. It doesn't help anyone.

Leif Silvers

You claim to be a Christian page, yet you lie on it.

You have no moral or legal right to claim to own anything that comes into you via email.

The Bible teaches that all liars go to hell.

Jason Hamilton

I read the column on The souls of women and I think Dr. Neiman needs to reread his bible. My daughter was so upset by this that she's questioning her Christian beliefs.

Bonnie 91257


I will pray for you that you will find God's truth and quit spreading your hate messages.

God Bless you.

Tara Roth

Hello Dear sirs, I am deeply concerned about an article i read on your website about Wicca. The article titled "God has zero tolerance for Wicca", seems like a silly thing your church has done. I am afraid these tactics are likely to increase the amount of children interested in Wicca in your community. I see the same thing happening every day people read things like your article saying that Wiccans are this and that and this only incites children to learn more. Thus when they do they realize the church is lying to them and turn their back on the church.

I myself have done quite a bit of studying on the topic of Wicca and their religion and beliefs and it was quite interesting when i found they are not far from standard christian beliefs. In fact many don't discredit Jesus as a profit. In fact they only thing that differs from their beliefs and Christian beliefs is that they believe in multiple deity in stead of one god .... and even that is left to question they also believe that there is one universal being (GOD as you and I might know it) and that the other GODS as they would put it are actually profits of that one GOD. They often refer to these as demi gods much like the christian angels. Much to my dismay many of the Christian saints are actually Wiccan Deity ... for instance St. Brigit is the Celtic Deity Bride or Brige ... they both have the same story and same origin of worship. In fact there are many stories in the bible that are not original to Judaism or Christianity ... Noah's ark for instance is a story that comes from sumer when the god Enki flooded the world and put two of every animal on a boat to save them. in fact the virgin birth is not original either .... Horus was born through the magic of gods angel Toth gifting Isis pregnancy after her husband Osiris was dead. So that his son could Fight against the evil Set (the devil) and regain the kingdom of heaven in the name of the Sun making himself one with the sun god and his uncle in the holy trinity in ancient Egypt.

I suggest instead of spouting off nonsense like all wiccans are obese or all wiccans ride skateboards and wear baggy clothing, perhaps a bit of research should be for-taken before you give a bad name to the baptists who are not ignorant to others beliefs but instead try to understand why they have lost there way in attempt to help them back into the light. All witch hunts do is increase the number of witches in hiding. I can tell you this now from my personal experience with wiccans very seldom are they obese be it that many are either vegetarian or at least natural eaters eating mainly organic foods, many if not most dislike sports activities so to suggest something as complicated as skateboarding is silly because most of them probably don't have the co-ordination. Most bikers i know having lived in areas where there are lots of bikers ... are christian ... usually catholic.

These are just a few holes i found in your article that make you seem ignorant to the people in your community ... and its borderline illegal for you to discriminate against people for there faith in America especially if you slander them unjustly ... I would suggest you look into the difference between wiccans and satanists cause most of what you are assuming is the same thing is quite different. Satian is actually only found in christian, Jewish and Satanist texts. Wiccans don't associate with the concepts of hell or the devil ... instead they follow a more Buddhist method of karma and rebirth. Where Christians of all walks believe in a rebirth in heaven they too have a heaven they call summer-land where they will wait to be reborn unto this world through reincarnation. Where as Satanists which are a christian cult believe that god was wrong in forsaking Satan and believe that if he could turn his back on one of his most beloved angels then he would have no problem turning his back on humanity should we not fit his current plan.

In this a time of great depression shouldn't you be looking to strengthen the numbers and beliefs of the people in your parish instead of allowing them access to see your lies and thus loosing faith in your word as the word of god. I will pray for you so that god will not look at you lying in such a way using his name to deceive his people instead of using his name to receive his people with open arms. God loves all .. even the sinners ... god sees there ignorance and forgives them so long as they live there lives as good people. But he seldom forgives those who would use his name as a method of deception and even worse when you claim that he would lie to his people .... instead be more like god and lead your people teach them to be tolerant of people they do not understand for one day we will all be hand in hand in the kingdom of heaven where all our sins are forgiven by the most understanding and tolerant holy father ... where are goods and bads are weighed against our intentions.

I hope you understand my concern for you and your practice ... I cannot see god being as forgiving at the gates to heaven to those who would not be forgiving and tolerant to others who are misguided. I would hate for you all to burn in hell for something as silly as not seeing that even Wiccans and Muslims and Jews and Buddhists are also gods children. Jesus never said that the Muslim should be killed for going against his father ... Jesus said we are all brothers and sisters different but the same and that we should be tolerant of all our brothers and sisters for they all are part of gods wonderful plan.

with deepest concern

concernedreader@ymail.com - Richard Anis

You forgot "They email you and inform you you're a bunch of bronze-age, right-wing, moronic assholes..."

You know, like I'm doing now.

There are no gods, deal with it.

David Johnson , Proud Atheist

(P.S.) BTW, you're evil, you know, even by your own belief's standards.

You are moronic idiots and the furthest thing from Christians. Thast is if you believe that Christians follow the teachings of Christ.

Quite pathetic and small. Please stop hating those you fear.



eLYSIAN Fields

I'm a faithful catholic christian... I am quite appalled and embarrassed that you also call yourself a christian. Have you read the hate that is the article your wrote about saint Patrick's day? It's racist. Shame on you. Have you thought, do you think about what our lord and savior would say about your words?

It doesn't sound like you're christian at all. It just sounds like your anti catholic. Your a sensationalist, you don't preach the gospel, you stir up hate.

I, a good catholic am praying for your soul sir... God willing you can purify yourself in purgatory before coming before your maker. In your present state you're not fit to kiss your mother with that mouth.

Gilberto Contreras

my name is Aaron Phillips. I've been saved for 12 years. Born and raised in church. My dad is a preacher, and a great one at that. I think the stuff ya'll believe is ridiculous, and not of God the slightest bit. People have the right to play video games and watch movies without being judged. They also have the right to go to any church, including yours without paying for it. Your church is a den of thieves and if I recall correctly, Jesus kicked over the table in a church for doing that. The fact the people are repremanded for not going to church, or for sinning is not your job. It's Gods. You are simply playing God. Your church thinks, or so I feel, that it is perfect. When in reality you sound like Hitler. I pray that lost people never stumble over your website. After reading that, I felt sick to my stomache. You will have alot of blood on your hands on judgement day. And your forums, if people want to post their opionions you have no right to call them wrong, you should just simply disagree.


Aaron Phillips


This is just plain stupid most athiest might be afraid but im not afraid. Athiest do not have pale skin this is stupid being fat doesnt have anyhing to do with being athiest. You people should be ashamed about putting down people. Everybody is protected under the constutution 1st amemdment freedom of religion and fredom from religion. Your violating people rights.

You dont have to like us but respect us. Respect people that includes Gays,Athiest,etc....

I respect your religion i expect you to do the same to us Athiest.

Please Respond!!

Miguel Giron From the following article:  "Demon-Possessed Baby Bites Off Pastor's Thumb During Baptism"

Brother Hardwick wrestled the infant out of the water and pinned it to the carpet where he pried Pastor's bloody appendage out of its mouth. He immediately tossed it to the nearest person, who happened to be Sister Vivian Freep. As a former nurse, she instinctively popped it into her mouth and ran to the church kitchen where she spit it into the freezer until the ambulance arrived.

Pastor's thumb was re-attached at Landover Baptist Memorial Hospital later that evening, and he is doing well. Church security took custody of little Randy Clifton, and had him sterilized within an hour of the incident. The toddler was then placed in a box car and shipped off to the Landover Baptist Home for the Demonically Possessed in North Dakota where he will remain in a suspended iron cage until he breathes his last breath, and God willing will bring no harm to another Christian person as long as he lives.

Is this a joke? you crazy religious bastards are just as crazy as mormons, cultists, satanists, muslims, jews, and all other religions... If this story isn't in jest then i must say that the lot of you should be shot and put in your goddamned place... freaks and fuckin pedophiles, peace bitch

ps... smoke some damn weed and take a look at what you call religion and faith, if there's actually a hell or heaven, you'll be the ones going to hell and non-sinners/ peaceful-pot-smokers like me will be up in heaven, tokin upon "god's" finest gift to man, Herb (Marijuana)

ChroNickKing - hannah mauri




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