A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received January 2004  (unedited and in original form)

After reading through your viewer mail posts, I suspect that they are written by yourself as a further extension of your parody. It is just hard to believe that there are so many misspelling dumbshits out there that believe you are serious. I might be mistaken, in which case you probably laugh your ass off every time one of those microencephaletics who missed the clue bus sends you an email.

I will know I am wrong if I see this message in next month's posts. 

j.t. spurgers

You people are misrepresenting the word and by doing so sending children to hell that believe this garbage...You better repent and turn from your evil ways. Because I rebuke you in Jesus name!! Your site is filled with messages of the devil....

Frank Scott

Dear Landover Baptist Church,

I have some big matters to discuss with you. If u really were christians you would know that Jesus is not "down" with children hating their parents. I learned this in my Youth Ministry, if you hate another person it's the same as hating God and Jesus themselves.

This is nothing more than a scam to get yourselves rich. And if people's parents did not get thier kids a playstation 2 then they have a good reason, like have you ever heard of having to pay bills and put food on the table? Because from reading what i did it doesn't seem like you do.

Yes Jesus does care more about all of us than anyone on this earth can possibly love us, but that does NOT mean that our parents do not love us a great deal. They love us more than we know, however Jesus DOES love us more, and that is why God sent his only son (Jesus Christ) to earth to die on the Cross at Calvary so that all of our sins would be forgiven.

Here is what Luke 14:26 ACTUALLY says:
"If anyone comes to me but loves his father, mother, wife, children, brothers, or sisters more than me, then he cannot be my follower. A person must love me more than he loves himself!"
What that means is that you are to love your parents, brothers, sisters, and spouses but not more than you love Jesus Christ. So no by hating your parents you are nowhere near becoming a Christian!


God Bless!

I find this site very appalling and not funny at all. The one who constructed this site is in need of true spirituality and does not know the sins of their deed. In all sincerity, this site should be removed, and I hope the person responsible remvoves it.

My prayer is for you!


is illegal!! May I also add that you are teaching children to disobey 2 direct commandments: You shall not steal, and Honor your father and Mother.

Christen Lewis

Hi There: 

I'm looking for some information that I'm hoping you might be able to help me with.

Do you do calculate attendance figures on a weekly or monthly basis? If so, is there a criteria you use? I.E. everyone is counted everytime they come through the doors; school or Bible College students are counted weekly or daily; etc.

Any feedback you can give will be very helpful.

Thank you,

BJ Brahmacharie
Victory Christian Center
Edmonton AB

Dear Sir,

I see where Landover's site is called a "Parody." We have "parishes" where I come from. So you call your congregation a "parody?" How do the members feel about that? Or do they just do what you tell them? Is that why you pastors call yourselves "shepherds" because you think we're a bunch of sheep?

Dan Wallach

Dear "Pastor",

I have recently discovered your website, www.holygrounds.com, upon returning from a local cafe shop of the same name. Reading the information on this site has been a rather disturbing experience for me.

Firstly, I am a Christian. And, I am proud. Your site, on the opening page, has an AD advertising, "God told me to hate you!" That is horrible. I can't believe you would actually stoop down that low to produce such an AD and actually put it on your website.

Secondly, I found many other things on your website that bothered me. Being racist against other people because of the color of their skin is the worst sin you can commit. AND, you have it on your FRONT PAGE that you should be damned in hell for being black. That is EXTREMELY appalling, cruel, disgusting, lurid, and offensive.

Having pornography in the bible is heinous!!!! I can't even belive that you would put such a thing on your website, and have parents be okay with it! My children will surely never visit your website. Along with the pornography, you disgrace Jesus' penis. That is unholy, and shameful to you. You truly have no faith in Jesus if you feel that you can utter such things on your measly, horrible website.

I cannot stand your morals. You stereotype against bisexuals and gays just because of their sexual preference. I think you are rather immature, especially if you cannot accept one's social life outside of the church. People should be allowed to fall in love with whomever they want, and if they save sex for marriage, what's the difference? Straight and gay people can save sex for marriage!!

Yoga is NOT a sexual act. Yoga is a form of exercise to make the body stronger. Are you suggesting that baptists should not exercise and become fat? Surely that is not a way of the Lord!

If you love Jesus so much, why are you blemishing his image by putting him on thongs??!!!!!!!!!!! This is probably the worst factor on your site- Advertising Jesus thongs. You bitch about how women should dress on one of your pages, and you advertise underwear on the next. So who are these thongs for? Men?

You should NOT segregate people at all, especially by what music they listen to. Music is choice, and should be an independant decision. Also, you should not have to choose your friends based on what religion they are. Your articles on hating Catholics are extremely nonsensical and ludicrous. You have rash opinions of OUR society and should consider yourself a worse-off person.

The most horrendous and loathsome parts of your site are these- Selling salvation. You cannot simply sell salvation (For a mere $239.00). That is atrocious and repulsive! Salvation is not just sold to you! You must earn salvation in the hands of God!!!! Ughh!

Secondly, giving guns to children.. FOR BIBLE CAMP! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR BLOODY MINDS??!!!!! Most men of today's society can barely handle a gun, why give one to a child??!!! That is the most irresponsible, brainless, moronic idea I have ever heard of! I beg to ask of you, Are you kidding? Is this site a joke? Are you fully sane? Are you asking for people to complain and give you attention? Well, you're sure going to get a HELL of a lot of it!

Finally, I know for sure you are not a woman. Tampons are not satanic! What is wrong with you people??!!!!!! I don't even know what was going through your heads when you posted this article!!!!! And lastly, women are important. WE DO HAVE SOULS and SHOULD BE TREATED AS EQUALS.

Get your act together and fast.

~Unpleasantly yours,


Are you people out of your minds? My Grandmother was a Baptist and never did she speak or act out like you folks are implying on your site. First of all I think it's a total joke. Second...about the Pastor that shot his dog for chewing baby Jesus' head off......show the proof. I bet it was a puppy rather than an older dog and I bet it was a stuffed animal rather than a baby Jesus. OK let's get real here....first of all you'll have a lot of money to go blowing that you actually designed a website. I think your two sisters that are selling real estate are flukes......who in their right mind would pay $750K for a condo and not only that I thought Baptist folks stuck together. So why are you wanting to send Mom or Dad off to a condo. A little bit of advise....go to your local grocery store and purchase yourself some Enquiring Minds magazines and read them....because then you'll se exactly how people are going to react to your website....I think it's all a crock.......and to think you're possibly making money off of this stuff. That to me is a humiliation of GOD!!!! Do not promote yourselves in this way and then claim your are children of the Lord!!! Now if you want this website to be a bit more believable than get yourself recordings of people that can actually speak. The recordings you have these people sound stupid. No schooling and total rednecks. Now if this were for real which it is not.....because I read into your website........I just don't understand that someone allowed you to design this website and actually enabled you guys to do this.....I almost wonder f you are affiliated with Rotten.com? If so then I understand the demented script behind all of it. By the way Catholics are not unclean, Mary worshippers and they're all going to Hell.....BOLOGNA....First of all the person stating that is an embarrassment, sounds like a redneck with no schooling what so ever and second it's just jealously that we have always made better lovers, cooks and money makers all our lives. So deal with that!!!

Vittoria Whitezell

how can i get my ps2 if there is no number?

Hannah Duckey

Hello Sir or Ma'am,

I would like to ask a question and then add some of my own input. What in this world do you think you all are running at your website? That is the most horrific site/sight I have ever seen in my entire life. I did not find your site entertaining, amusing, comical, funny, or anything that pertains to that. I found it very offensive. Supposedly, I heard it was supposed to be a parody website. I cannot think of enough words to describe how much I disliked your website. How lond have you all been running that piece of trash?! I was wondering, what does the real site look like?, if you have an answer! I do not feel like searching it up. I bid you farewell!

Amanda Mobley

i think its discusting what u are saying to those kids. if u think that kids should turn against their parents and hate them, u are sick in the head. That is wrong what you are saying to them. And then u ask them to take their parents credit card and give the number to u!?!?!? that is wrong and you know it. If you are asking that then that church that you are at is a scam! I love my parents. when you read this email me back.

Tom Kelly

First off u people are an insult to the christian religion how dare you tell kids they should hate there perants you people have obviously never heard of the 10 commandments which christians live by and how dare you tell kids they should steal from there perants to buy a PS2 that bull shit is wrong on so many levels what the fuck are you people thinking? you know what i hope jesus strikes you all down and you all get run over by a big giant bus with a picture of christ on the side laughing at you. How dare you say such anti christian crap on your web site i bet you guys are buddists or from Iraq fucking terrorists!

Melanie Black

To whom it concerns,

Is this website for real? If not, then it's kind of a weird joke. If so, I feel sorry for you! While doing research for my EDUCATION, I stumbled upon your website. I think it is ironic that while preaching that basically everyone but your little "clique" is going to Hell, you had an advertisement at the bottom of the website sponsoring women's novelty underwear. I guess that's just something the widows and men over 65 should enjoy? I also found it HILARIOUS that you said, "Atheists have too many university diplomas!" I guess ignorance really is bliss...

Such a shame you will never open your eyes (or your mind) far enough to truly enjoy life and the world in which you live.


Jacob Marek

PS: There are THOUSANDS of athiests in this country, not just the 300 you mentioned.

You sick bastards!! peta should be all over your piece of shit asses you mother fuckers!!!!!!  you and your followers will be the ones to burn in hell, goddamn you fuckers, and he will!!!!
--- Andrew white


Deborah McNeal

Dear Pastor,

How can you be teaching children to hate their parents and steal money to get a playstation? The Bible clearly teaches that hating and stealing are both wrong. Depicting Jesus as someone who wants people to hate their parents is just awful. Jesus doesn't want us to hate anyone or steal money from them. Thats rediculous. Please stop teaching people things like this.

In Christ,

Jamie Swinea

To whom it may concern: After reading your article about the Lisping operation that you so graphically described, I am tempted to call the police and inform them of this procedure that you have been forcing upon innocent children. Conditions such as lisps can be treated in other ways than severing the tongue with sewing scissors. I must ask you, do the "doctors" who perform this operation have medical degrees? Or are they simply the least sqeamish members of your "christian" congregation? And, just to let you know, singing gospel is not a form of anesthesia. It does not relieve any pain, nor does it make the inflicted area numb. So, perhaps you should reconsider your wording in your article. "Anesthesia" could be replaced with "torture," or possibly "punishment."


Molly Taylor

i jush saw your web site. that is so fucked up to tell children to take their parents credit card number for a play station. you are all GOING TO HELL.


Bill, Malia & Josh Shrewsbury

Dir Sir,

I have questions regarding the information on your website...

1.  In a story on the website, it was pointed out that Toxic Shock Syndrome is "God's way of punishing unsaved harlots who choose Satan’s cotton fingers over a Godly pad."  My question is:  If this is true, then why aren't all single women using tampons afflicted with this disease?  Certainly God would be "fair and just" across the board, would he not?
2.  Similarly, why do your affiliates feel the need to rid the stores of tampons themselves by breaking the seventh commandment.  "She and the other Ladies of Landover plan a nationwide tour, going city to city, pulling what she calls "The Devil's delight" from store shelves once clerks are distracted."  My question is:  If you are God fearing and you "trust in the Lord with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind", wouldn't it be easier to allow God to take actions of punishment, like the way he allegedly takes actions to punish tampon users?
3.  In your website, it is pointed out that you believe in the whole Bible.  I agree, this should be the case.  However, how can you justify actions like:  "We do not read, eat, consume, digest, or 'try on' any product that is not made and manufactured by born-again, Bible believing, Fundamentalist Baptist Christians, and we would have you know that we condemn anyone that doesn the whole Bible."  The Bible said, "judge not, lest you yourself be judged."  It says not to judge becasue man looks at the outward appearance, the Lord looks at the heart.  Simply said, you have neither the right, nor the wisdom to determine by actions whether a person will be saved or not. 
Take this example from the Bible... A man who had willingly lived in complete sin his whole life met Jesus in his final hours on the cross and Jesus assured him, after hearing the thieves words, that he would be with him that day in paradise.  Do you agree that this story took place?  My question is:  If you looked at this man during his life, would you have considered him an unbeliever? 
If you answer "yes" and you are certain that you are correct that he was, in fact, an unbeliever, than why didn't Jesus say "You are an unbeliever, you are not welcome,"  like you say in your website? 
If you answer "no" and are certain you are correct, wouldn't that mean that it is impossible, based on someone's actions, to tell whether or not they believe? 
As a believer, I would like to take this opportunity to advise you to really look at the actions you are taking in your church.  I noticed that you are vehemently opposed to anything that brings about thoughts that are not to the glory of God.  Yet you have a picture of a nude woman inserting a tampon right on your website.  Do you think that this picture is necessary to get your point across that you are against this practice?  Wake up!
Secondly, I noticed that if a member of your church is not in accordance with your church rules then they will be fined different amounts of money depending on the crime.  If you are concerned about these people's neglect to follow the rules, then wouldn't you want to address the issue to them for their soul's sake, not their incomes sake?  What makes you think that a monetary penalty will change their actions?  I wonder if the answer is at the bottom of one of your 4 Olympic sized swimming pools, or maybe on the 18th green of your PGA golf course... 
One final note, do you not find it odd that you need to subject all written criticism (in the form of e mail) to your standards of translation, adaptation, and reproduction.  Apparently, my words in written English aren't enough.  You do this to justify; you feel you have all the answers, you have set forth these rules as a guise to feed your inflated views of yourself.  Don't believe me?  Let me ask you, where did you come up with the rule that one must dress "as a Christian?"  What does a Christian dress like?  If someone holding you at gunpoint forced you into "un-Christian" clothing and made you go to church, would you be ruined for eternity?  If I stood you next to a believer in Jerusalem or some other state, do you think you would be in coherance with their accepted dress?  If I could, hypothetically, stand you next to Jesus, my Savior, do you think your clothing would look remotely like His?  What makes you completely right and everyone else wrong?  Your teachings and preachings about how everyone else is less worthy of Heaven because of your translation of the Bible is ridiculous.
I am eagerly awaiting your reply to this email.  I am open to your questions, comments, and/or criticisms.  Just so you know, your reply may be subject to my adaptation, translation, and reproduction at my sole discretion. (Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?)  If you do not reply, you show lack of motivation to defend your beliefs, which means, at the least, you can offensively voice your opinions, but remain silent in the face of quesitons regarding your faith.  Have a blessed day, I will pray for you.

-Matthew W. Cooper

"Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give
the reason for the hope that you have." 1 Peter 3:15

I have just finished reading about the Teddy Ruxpin story. No wonder he hates jesus so much. All he has seen are sick twisted fucks who beat little boys and lock them in closets for voicing his opinion. I think that you all should be ashamed of yourselves for treating this boy and anyone else the way that you do. I mean jesus! Christianity is not about hating anyone but showing people compassion and helping them. I hope the authorities get a hold of you and your punished for what you did to this boy and god only knows who else has been "punished". God will never accept you into his golden kingdom untill you start behaving like compassionate human beings


-Cody Craswell

Hi there I am interested.  I am interested in calling you a bunch of idiots!  Your views are equivalent with the cavemen of 100 BC.  If you didn't know that is before Christ was born, who was never born to begin with.  You are fucked up beyond recognition.  How you could post the supposed belief system you contain is beyond me, or any other sensible human being that observes a real world opinion of what actually happened in the world.  You have heard of Darwin?  As in the evoloution of mankind, the only possible creation of this planet.  Hopefully you are not so stupid as to believe in christ and the evoloution of the world in any other way than Darwin, but maybe you and your flock of idiots can believe this idiocy.  Good luck in you stupidity. 
someone that understands the real world

-Tony Goodale

PS  not like you fucks
*Use my email in any form, and I will say you you have used it against my will, you Nazi bastards

Did you realize that there is a link to your website on the First Satanic Church's website? Your comments come across so "unloving" and "unChrist-like" that even the Satanists are using you to destroy the image of true Christianity. (check it out yourselves, www.satanicchurch.com )

I am also a Baptist, and a born-again believer. But my Lord, Jesus Christ has a heart for all people. He would not tell an unsaved person to stay 10 miles away. He would welcome them, so that he could plead with them to receive His saving grace. Are YOU even really saved??

Come on people...humble your hearts..........your'e only making it harder on those of us who are out here trying to witness, and draw the lost to Him.

Rachel (Del R Litle)

Kansas City, MO

To Whom It May Concern:   
I really dont think that this is a good IDEA to have our children STEAL our confidential information. This is againt the law and there for I am reporting this to my Better Business Bureau. Also if this is a reputable church that asks our children to take Jesus into there lives than you wouldnt be telling them to go behind their parnts backs and take information that isnt theres.

Jon Scaletek

I sincerely hope that every pathetic individual associated with this corny and unfunny site dies a slow, lingering, and horrible death.Have a nice day!!!



why the fuck are you telling kids to steel there parents check books and credit cards you better believe that this web site will be reported


You are sick and disgusting. You are a disgrace to all christians. This is an outrage, the stupidest thing ive ever seen on the internet. How can you let any parent lock up a 3 year old child in a closet all night because they said they hated jesus!! that is not the way to reason with a THREE YEAR OLD CHILD!!!! HOW DARE YOU GIVE PARENTS ADVICE ON HOW TO BEAT THEIR CHILDREN!! I HOPE GOD OPENS YOUR EYES AND MAKES YOU REALIZE WHAT A JACKASS YOU ARE!!


Well, well,
A huge mocking parody of the foibles of Christians AND fake emails purportedly from Christians wondering what sort of Christianity you are promoting. Time on your hands, plus!
Your time would be a bit better spent actually reading the scriptures rather than mocking us imperfect creatures who do.

Lynne L

P.S. IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO CHANGE, GOD STILL LOVES YOU.                                                                                      

What kind of quiz is that on your website??  Everytime I answer something, a box pops up and calls me an unsaved moron!!!  Is that supposed to happen?

Michelle R

How could you publish such a website? God does not do all this junk that you are advertising. My mother in law is Baptist and she does not have such far out ways as this.

Well I'm sorry sir but the Bible tells us wo to the shepherd that scattereth the flock.You are teaching false stuff to the congregation. I am a pentecostal preacher and a lady from your congregation come in and told us all this junk. I dont want to be in this church's shoes.

Allen Henderson

I am appalled by the stupidity of your Pastor or whoever the demonic nitwit is that posts the answers to the questions on this website.  They are unbiblical and outright deceptive.  You need to find you a Pastor who can teach from the original languages to avoid issues with interpretation of Scripture.  Your website is a disgrace to God's Word.  "And the Truth shall set you free" but Lies will bind you!

Roland Gonzalez

Im sorry but i dont understand ya'lls way of thinking....you need to read your bible....I am a pentecostal...used to be a baptist..but my baptist beleifs were nothing like this..I cant even explain what im thinking right now...im in shock..i pray God shines a light on to you...and i pray nobody will be brainwashed into this church...
ps....the advertisment at the bottom just got me...UNSAVED NOT WELCOME???........ok now im gonna cry....You are judging and condeming people.....cursing in the page about DEMONS IN YOUR COLON...read ephesians...explains clearly about cursing...and..MY GOSH just because hell smells like brimstone(sulfur) doesnt mean that AUTOMATICALLY relates to your butt or ur inside smelling and having demons...YOU TAKE EVERYTHING  OUT OF CONTEXT AND TWIST IT AROUND worse than any religion..its a ashame u even label yourself a baptist....U NEED JESUS.....ill make sure i have everybody praying for you....dont bother to write me back..i will just delete...i dont want anything to do with ur brainwashing activity


As a born again Christian, with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, this web site makes me sick! My husband doesn't  even believe that this is real. He says it must be a sick joke. How on earth can you complete God's Great Commission when you won't even let the unsaved near your church?!? How are you going to reach them and share the Gospel?!? I am going to pray for your church and the souls of the people associated with it, because this is not showing God's love and endless grace.
Paula Grant

You people are in serious need of mental help.  You people need to realize that non-Christians are going to come to this site, and upon leaving, will not only have a terrible idea of what it means to be a Christian, but they will have seen the worst example of Christians in the world.  You people Really should seek psychiatric help.  It is obvious that you need some help.

Jordan Lewis

I could not believe what i saw when i looked at your website. I actually was sent to your website by a friend...a friend i've been trying to win to the Lord. He told me it's stuff like that that makes him not want to go to church. Your "church" is a joke and the Lord says He will not be mocked! You should not be allowed to call yourselves a church...instead you should be called a CULT! How could you bribe kids to be saved? How could you tell them to hate their parents? Any kid that was "saved" to get that PS2 is not really saved. And the Bible says not to hate. The Bible says "you shall know them by their fruits". The Bible is true, and that means you're not saved. I'll be praying for your salvation.

Lindsay Hargrave

as a minister of the gospel it is very sad to see people that say they believe in GOD to put something like that on a web site.God said that thou shall not steal one of his ten commandments.And you are going and telling kids to steal something from there mom &dad.Its people like you that give GOD a bad name and only want to use GOD for your personal gain.I feel in my spirit that you need to truely repent and truely come to know GOD!

im interested in the ps2 offer but i cant find number anywhere on the site to call for more information. please help.


you may be treating all this as a parody but you are treading on GOD's word, twisting its life giving meanings, and tainting it with profanity and blasphemy. it may be a joke to you but not to the true christians that have put their faith and hope in JESUS CHRIST. it is my suggestion that you do too. your site offends me. making fun of GOD's word will not go unpunished. stop now or suffer an eternity in hell. turn to the JESUS of the bible whom you make fun of. it's not too late. turn to him and know the true meaning of being saved.

Gelo Goloy

I find your web site very sad. Non Christians not welcome? Have you ever heard of Jesus of Nazerath? He welcomed and even loved all sinners, including non believers. By your standards I would not be going to Heaven. My Heavenly Father however has already sent His Son 2,000 years ago to pay for my sins. Ihave accepted His free gift. Your organization or cult needs to understand God's love and mercy. I also find your creation quiz incorrect and bias.

are you the antichrist??? some how  when i was looking up on my computer for playstation2 games this weird website poped up at it was your website, i dont think that its funny... i didnt get a playstation 2 for christmas  and i really wanted it  but i didnt get it,  BUT I DO NOT  HATE MY PARENTS BECAUSE I DIDNT GET ONE,  and thats wrong  trying to get kids to charge shit on there parents credit cards and checks  you are a fake big time, what kind of christian are you??? trying to get kids to go behind their parents backs?? i think you need to get back to church dude, because you are not right in the head at all!!!!!!! i think i am gonna show your website to some police and see what they have to say.  your just greedy and trying to get peoples money. IT SAYS IN THE BIBLE THAT YOUR NOT SUSPOSED TO HATE ANYONE., HERE YOU ARE TELLING KIDS ITS OK TO HATE PEOPLE.. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS STUPID CRAP?????????????????????


Barbara K. Bailey

Hi Guys,

God is not amused when you mock him or use his holy scripture out of context to confuse the ignorant.

My condolences on your extremely poor judgment.

Please read John 3:16

Dean M. Kuntz

this is the most disgracefull site i have ever seen. Your judgement day does await you. I gaurantee you.




what are you people thinking. My seven year old son saw your page on playstation2. I am appalled at what he told me so I went to the page and read it. If it was supposed to be a joke or a statement about what you think about playstation 2 games or something someone else wrote you should have said so at the bottom. I am a christian and have been my whole life, so is my son and I had to take him to church so he could talk to someone about what you had on your page. He really believed that jesus wanted him to hate myself and his daddy. I thought a good site for him would be your site but now I cant even trust religious sites. You should be very ashamed of yourselves. It was not funny nor did it prove any point except to make you look bad in my eye's and in my congregations eye's I printed it and took it to church with me for everyone to see and everyone was disgusted at what they saw. In case you cant find this Artical  its under  What's new then  January 2004 Issue Loaded then Accept Christ, Get a Free PlayStation 2! 
from My son: you are bad people you are evil to tell children to steal from there parents they not touch there mommy and daddy's credit cards or check's jesus says I should love my parents and never ever steal and you are not listening to jesus. You need to teach my friends to be nice and never steal. You lie
I am very disappointed in your site and will never come back plus I am telling everyone I know not to go there either. Your site has turned into a big joke by allot of people. I feel very sorry for the person that thought that was a good idea


wtf? telling kids to steal their mom and dads checks or credit cards to get a free ps2? Jesus moded into tony hawk underground? i have to say this is stupid............but how much money have you already made?

Jared Krantz

first off your briding kids, second off your teaching then to steal there parents money and third you took a screenshot (tony hawk) and changed it illegaly. Any ways your religion sucks my left nut and you should all go to hell for abusing kids you sick sick assholes.  Jesus isn't even a god, Jewdism is a real religion.  You all were once jews that went retarded and become christians, your all fucking retarded and should be in jail.    
A JEW - Simon Goetz


Jurij Vasilyev

why would you put so much time and effort into such a horrible site? i know you're just trying to get attention....but you're pathetic. it's fine if you don't believe in something...but to totally insult it.. it's not funny.  it's sick.

Kim Bob - Kim1374