March 2009

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Letters To Landover: "Pastor's Mailbag"

A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

You are as devil ossesed as anyone who has ever lived and you are giving him great joy by recruiting many people for him


thank you, so apparently im a witch. i read the  VEGANS: Modern Day Witches!sermon online and find it very offensive and judgemental. it gives vegans a bad name, its like we worship the devil when i myself am a born again believer who attends church every sunday morning evening, wensday and saterday for youth group. so i dont eat meat whats wrong with caring for gods creation. i dont eat meat because im a devil worshiper but because of the cruel ways they are treated. its animal tourcher and in practically every case of animal abuse in the end it become abuse on children and people. now how does animal abuse come into this, well go cheak out how the animals are treated for yourself. so now i care for animals and humans and find vegan as a way to help and im still a 'witch'. i help in others way other than just vegitarianizm but i dont want any part in abuse or tourcher of any kind. i dont mean to sound mean and all, i personally feel attacked my that sermon. mabe some vegans are crazy but its not all. Genesis 1:29-30 people at first didnt eat meat. Isaiah 65:17-25 i believe that we wont eat meat in heavin so vegitarianism is one of the ways im parparing along with serving god, worshiping god, witnissing, etc. god gave us dominion over animals which is the ability to impose our will which does not mean it is okay to abuse this power, through animal abuse, and other wicked acts. yeah im fine with eating meat and if the animals were treated better i would eat meat but i am expressing my dominon over animals by not eating them. i could go on and on with the bible refrences i have, but i dont have the time to write a book. im sorry if this email is a waste of your time and if you think im a witch/demon. feel free to correct me if im giving inccorect information because if im sinning and going to hell because im a vegitarian i would like to knoe so i could change. god bless.  

-nicole maganza

Pastor,   I read an article about you making a man leave church because you felt he was gay (to say in a nice way). I think your tatics were not true and don't hold true to the word of God. Jesus himself said that it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. If you are turning away people in need, how is that loving them like Jesus? I am a christian and I struggle with things. We all have issues we have to deal with and if we don't, then we're not human. The Jesus I serve loves regardless. I hope you will rethink your actions next time before dismissing someone who isn't perfect.  


Scarlet Thomas

A lover of Jesus who struggles

Hello, I would just like to say that I am very offended by your racist comments to chinese people in your sermons. Just because someone looks different doesn't mean you can judge others in such a cruel manner and say that they are descendants of demons! And where in the bible does it say that "babies that die are going to hell"? I hope you take a good long time away from your day and repent from your evil blasphemy! Good day to you sir, and God have mercy on you.

Justin Blankenship

your articles on global warming are 100% bull. speeding up global warming will NOT make Jesus come faster. He will come when he sees fit, not when we do. I am a devout christian and i do not agree with anything on your website. God has no favorites, so you are not his favorite church. He loves us all equally. As the children's song goes, he has the WHOLE world in his hands. not just landover baptist you are selfish and if you really believed in God you would recognize that he loves everybody. not just you. You need to have respect for what God created. He takes delight in all of his creations. God welcomes all. Even the unsaved. You should have respect for his creations as well. Your endangered species potluck is sickening to me. I feel sorry for you and your beliefs. I know that God still loves you even though you are doing things that are disappointing to him. I truly hope that some day you will be able to see the beauty in ALL of God's creations, and respect what he has created


I read your article "TAMPONS:"Satan's Little Cotton Fingers!"  

I personally don't care if you view this product as a personal threat to Christianity. What I did take issue with was the portion of the story where a young woman was dragged out by her hair out of the pharmacy.  

I don't care what a person has done in their life. Sinners we all are. I find that abusing someone is not in anyway Christian. No matter if the woman had been belligerent. There is literally no excuse to be abusive.  

Jesus said, "Get behind thee Satan!" No where in that passage did he wrestle him to the ground, pull his hair, raise a hand to him. Jesus, over turned the changing tables, he didn't proceed to knock heads. If you can show me any passage where Jesus abused someone to get his point across, I will change my tune on this.  

Until then, you are preaching abusing people who should be lovingly saved, not beaten into submission.  

Milwaukee, WI

Your joke Christian site is harmful to those who are seeking true Godly love and information. You should consider shutting it down.  

Carolee McGuire
A True Christian, God-fearing, God-loving woman in Christ!

if you really teach my child how to buy a ps3 from my credit or checking account without my knowledge, You will be sued by my lawyers and i will bring down the tv crews with me, this is illegal. Just to warn you.


I suggest they study their history about Earth cycles including ice ages !!!!!!!!    What an ignorant site this is on the search mode on is unbelievable.     And how dare they bash other sites based on facts, history and real scientific data ????     

You people are committing a crime against humanity by lying to everybody about your religious BS with absolutely no back up to prove your claims !!    Might as well take that bible and throw it in the river !  

We have an ice age coming !!!!    PERIOD !!   This is based on fact and actual history of past data !     Forget your bible - it's completely wrong and totally misleading !! !   You people need to go back to 1st grade and learn some Earth History, including Science for dummies !!!   

You bible thumbing nutcases are nothing more but first class oxy morons with no ability for scientific thought or history !!     Now that hell is freezing over,  I hope you people freeze along with it !!    Ha ha  !!!    

Please quit lying to the world about your ignorance !   

Don't bother replying, that's all I'm going to say.

Ken Skier

Your group of so called "True Christans" are full of shit. I am a poet, and i'm 19 years old. I am currently dating a GIRL!! I have long hair. Have you read your god-damned site? You don't worship god you worish the hell spawn, George Bush! I dare you mother fuckers to e-mail me back!

Cory Falls

You say that you are a Godly church & abide by the KJV???? I think you all need to go back & re-read, for I think you all have missed about 85% of the chapters in the Bible.....gonna "fine" a member because they don't have a suit & a tie ?????? Good grief, you all sound like David Koresh !!!!! Also the bible teaches us to "love thy neighbor" NOT burn, or chase people out of town, because they are Wiccan or otherwise....... Sounds to me like you all need to learn Gods ways, before you start hitting the pulpit with racism & hate. Plus you have cuss words promoted on your website for the world to read, as well as a link for "sexy-Christian-love-offerings"????? All I have to say is this..........YE WITH OUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE......So sayeth the Lord Jesus Christ !!!

Robert Effler


" You have taken the bible way to far and written on. It is not for me to judge you as you have already judged the whole world. But as a true believer of Jesus Christ I will pray for demon angels to leave your soul. Jesus has no favorites. It is clear and basic. I see nothing but demon angels you are actually walking with. It is a spiritual gift. Would you like to know how to get them to leave? REPENT! No one is better than the next person. No, you are not being persecuted. Get over it. You would not know true persecution if it hit you in the face. You are being prayed for dearly. We are all Gods children. I actually cried for Jesus when I viewed your websites. Go to the source, my brother.  

" Jesus may have called folks fools. But it is not for you to call his children stupid. I am up for the persecution! You can use your free will as you like and already have. You do not know me. I do know what I have been told. It's not for me to judge you, but to pray dearly for you.  

" I will not argue and judge what you have done. You know what needs done. Tone down your interpretation, pray, and repent.  

" Is your website some kind of Joke or is it of Satin?  

" I will pray for your repentance and awareness whether it is a joke or not.  

" Christian Soldier fully armed and grace be with you,  

"Donald Frank Selzer"  

As written in the lambs book of names

I was just browsing through your sight, And I felt that I couldn't simply keep my mouth shut at what you have on there.  

It is completely offencive and unessecary to women and other races. Racism is bad. Why would god have made black people if we were suppose to just hate them? NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE RAPPERS. have you ever heard of Christian rap? It does exist. And, not all rappers are bad people. God should teach you to not steryotype people.  

I am a quarter chinese, half Japanese and a quarter Canadian. I speak English, Japanese and Chinese. So, the little blurb about how Chinese babble is actualy a language made me actually really angry.  

There was also refereance made about how Mexicans can't be Christians. For your information, most Mexicans are actually very Christian. They're not dirty little crack whores like the television makes them out to be.  

"If Obama gets elected, is he going to kill all the white people or make them slaveries?"  I can't believe you had the NERVE to put that up. White people have killed and made thousands of black people slaves. Honestly, I want all of you stupid, ignorant white people to feel what you've done to other races. It is sick and horrible, and I hope you and everyone who has a part of your sight goes to hell.  

And, honestly, I don't even want to get started on your movie reviews. Not everything revolves around god, you know. There are, in fact, other religions that don't agree with you. Tell me what makes your's so obviously correct, and not the others.  

I'll be awaiting your response, if you have the balls to come up with one.

From, Ichigo Adams and Deavon Lehan

I read your article about the torture that your church puts upon little children, justifying your own enmity and hatred by abusing these children ‘in the name of god’.  Unlike you, god is loving and forgiving, and seeks peace and brotherhood, and you will not be validated before god by torturing his little children, whichever way your evil hearts justify yourselves.  Neither will you ever see god by blaming children for your own evil thoughts and practices.  The devil can only be cast out thru the love and faith of the heavenly father, whom you know not.  Don’t you heathen know that satan enjoys this torture and pain and smiles while you hurt the little ones?  Don’t you ignorant realize that by harming these little children (who will some day be YOUR judges before god), that you are actually performing the devil’s will, and not the will of god.  Jesus casts out devils thru love and peace, not thru shock-therapy, deprivation, nor by hanging children by their toes.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.  

I think I’ll copy the FBI on this, in hope that they will investigate your illegal and diabolical practices.  You are certainly children of the devil, trying to cast out the devil in his name, not god’s.  

Lord come quickly and take away this evil.

The Ray Family

Dear Pastor,  

So I read your article on the Wii controller you racist fuck. "The Japs are at it again! and you call yourself a pastor? what the fuck is wrong with you. your gonna burn in hell for ever. do you know how many girls do things like that? I bet your damn mother stuck shit up her pussy, was she sitting in a mental institution. NO, stop calling yourself a christian and go fucken die in a hole somewhere fucktard. I can't wait for you to die so when you show up to heaven with a big ass grin on your face and God says you did not spread his love and instead supported racism, and your not welcome in heaven. I'm gonna be that demon down there in hell kicking the shit out of you everyday u fucken noob

Thomas Bly III

Dear Pastor,  

I am thankful that Jesus didn't call his followers moron's when they didn't understand the parables Jesus told.  What is the purpose of calling people morons when they don't answer a question correctly on your Bible quizzes? When I try to bring people to Christ, I don't call them morons. It's not Christian.  

Cordially in Christ,

Kathy Roe   

Dear Sir, I read your article, "Are negroes Getting to Uppity" and was disturbed not only by your reasoning but your interpretation of Genesis 9:25.  You stated that Negroes are born to serve because they are descendants of Ham.  It is biblically correct that 3 of Ham's 4 sons were Africans - Mizraim, Phut, and Cush.  But they were not cursed to be servants.  The text says that Canaan (present day Israel) was cursed to be a servant to his brothers.  Thus, the Canaanites were to be servants to the Africans.  It does not say that the Africans were to be servants to the Americans.  Please help me understand how you come up with your interpretation.  I look forward to your answer.


Chris Battle

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