March 2008

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Letters To Landover: Pastor's Mailbag

MARCH 2008
A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

You folks are sick... and as we know... sick people need to seek help... Please I beg of you seek the nearest mental health councelor that is certified and approved by the national health board... I would hate to see another Jim Jones rise up and gather followers (Jim Jones of the Jamestown cult mass murder/suicide) I hope alls well that ends well...


Dear Pastor, I have been told, as well as reading on this site, that Born Again Christians are not to see the movie "The Golden Compass" because of what it promotes. There's a letter enclosed that I e-mail celebrities and I was wondering if I could ask your advice about whether or not I should add scriptures, if there's anything that should be said differently or is the letter fine just the way it is? Also, who should I write to like: Chris Weitz (the writer and director), Philip Pullman (who wrote the novel), Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig (who starred in the movie). Will you be able to open the file of the letter; it's on Microsoft Word.

Also, there's a tract that I send celebrities that's there's a picture of and what written inside on the bottom.

I'd appreciate it if you could let me know about what you think I should do regarding writing to those involved in "The Golden Compass".

Thank you.

God Bless,

Tom Pitt

Hello! Where exactly in Iowa are you? We've traveled all over Iowa over the years - we've looked on the map for Freehold and cannot find you. Thanks!

In His Service

Pastor Scott

i hope you all rot in hell for what you say on here. you and your followers are the reason people hate christians and don't want anything to do with you. this is a cult and all cults are damned. if this is not some sort of joke, and you guys are not just trying to make a point about how stupid and close-minded christians can be, you seriously need to re-think your ways and the way you operate.

fox news will hear about this for sure.

K Johnson

I am a 54 year old grandmother who just started playing WOW with my daughter and grandchild. They live a distance away and it gives us time to talk and spend time doing something fun that interests them. We hook up on Skype.

Now that I've been into the game for awhile, I see good and bad. I've prayed and asked God to give me a check in my spirit about whether I should play. So far I haven't felt that it is an issue for me. I did automatically stay away from warlocks and some of the other creatures. My granddaughter was playing a character with me and I didn't know enough yet to know it was a warlock until she won her demon. Very nasty creature that would follow us around in flames. I explained to her that I was very uncomfortable with that character and we no longer play it.

I was curious about what the web might offer in the debate if WOW was a proper activity for Christians and found your listings. I can see where this provides a wonderful opportunity to open up dialog. In fact I started a new human character called Redeemed. My hope is to play this in a way that I can pair up with other players and have the opportunity to discuss my name and the redemption Christ can provide.

I wanted to mention though that I found something disturbing in the article about the guild your article describes. Here is the content:

I think the reason so many people are open to hearing about Jesus in the World of Warcraft is because the majority of people who play the game are lonely kids who don't have any friends. I doubt any of them play sports so you can pretty much guess that there are lots of gay boys and fat little pale-faced Wiccan girls on the servers who hate themselves and escape into virtual characters so they don't have to deal with their pathetic lives.

I was so surprised to see the kids that your youth are trying to reach labeled in such a limited and insulting way. I know quite a few people that play. Many ages, many backgrounds, some are extreme, some are now and then. I don’t know who the target of this article was for, but if anyone you’re trying to reach through WOW finds this (I did in a matter of seconds) how will it be received? Christ displays love, compassion and value in his creations. This certainly does not. It also leads to the question, what is the status of the youth in your guild that are also playing. Does this define them too? I know they have a higher calling now, but I am sure many were just on there playing and then found the guild. The tone comes across that there is a lot of ego in this guild and they are above the little pathetic non members. That they will rescue them. It is Christ that will rescue them. Hopefully through your youth. Just something to think about.

I work with our Jr High and Sr High kids at our church. I see first hand how image and egos can be easily trampled by labeling and categorizing.

May God bless your efforts and that these comments will be received objectively.

Karen Arnpriester

If you talk like a judge and comment like one about all people beleiving differently then you, you are not following Jesus' footsteps and you are not a doctor either.

It shows in your comments and your eyes...

G.Cote, Montreal

PSYCHOTIC and should all be locked up in padded rooms!



My daughter was surfing the internet for Sunday School project ideas about Easter and she stumbled upon your site. She is now afraid to go to church next week because she thinks that children get taken out into the parking lot and beaten on Easter Sunday. I am reporting you to my Pastor and to the Southern Baptist Convention. This is AWRONG!

M. Nash

Dear Pastor Deacon Fred,

I finally found where Satan is alive and well and that is your non-church and web-site. Never has so much evil and garbage been in one place. You must be real proud of yourselves. Are you just a bunch of inbred morons who can't make a living in the real world so you resort to this kind of pure evil, or is this some kind of sick joke. Either way, what you offer has absolutely nothing to do with God or Jesus or God's Word in any shape, fashion, or form. Oh, and remember what the Bible teaches (if you really read or have any concept of what the Bible is): God is not mocked. You will reap what you sow and that will indeed be a very sad day for you and anyone else who preaches the pure hate and untruths and garbage that you spew.

Jeff Reed

Pastor, I am writing this letter in complete respect and humbleness,I respect your veiws ,I'd only like to point out maybe an error on one of your quizzes.

While taking the "Bible Logic Quiz " quiz, it said that A verse in Hebrews says that once you are saved, then you backslide away from christ, that you may never go back, Sir, it says in Proverbs 24:16 that a just man falleth 7 times yet riseth again, In the bible when adressing Lot, he called him a "just man" although he lived in a homosexual surrounding. Look at David, when he took Uriahs wife and had him killed, he didn't repent for 1 year until Nathan pointed out his sin, and then David turned back to christ,and christ accepted him. When Noah got drunk, God still forgave him, i think it's Paul who says in bible the things i should do,i dont, and the things i should'nt do i do. Also in the quiz one man continued to live in sin by having sexual relations with his fiance, yet another man continued to live in sin but the first man went to hell and the second man went to is that different? ....About the aborted fetuses going to hell, im sorry but God says in the bible that before Jeremiah was even born,God knew him.Jeremiah 1:5 So is it any different for an aborted fetus? im sure that God would know the babies heart before he just cast it into hell.Please, do not take this letter as an insult or a "royal tell-off" letter, but as a letter to inform you that your beliefs are contradicting.Please be open minded as i will be open minded to anything that you may write back,if you do.


Darla Stewart

I read most of your Web Site and I was planning to donate, but first I want to know exactly what you think about islam, b.c you have a message to all, but muslims, the ones that called prophet a man that call us infidels as animals.

What's your position about Islam. I ask you that b/c there are a lot of crooks out there.

Marci Pinto

Landover Baptist,

I read your article on The New Church Policy and I'm really am upset that you are committing discrimination against women. Don't you know about Women's Rights? Do you want all women to die?

Why do you condemn women from going to church just because they're going through their menstrual period and they're wearing tampons that you call "Satan's little cotton fingers"?

Now this is much worse than your article "Women probably don't have souls" and that banner "Unsaved Unwelcome" . You are giving Jesus a bad name. You make me sick.

I pray that you should turn away from your hateful deeds.

In Christ,

J. Taylor.

I am a Christian but I very little patience with other Christians. They are so intolerant and are willing to believe the masses even if that proves to be wrong. Baraack Obama is a Christian, you need to get your facts correct. My only problem is that he will not sue you and others like you for what could be very slanderous words.

Kathleen Campbell

I disagree with your article on how to spot a wiccan. You have No Idea of what they Look like. They are normal People Like you or anyone else. The only difference is their beliefs don’t stand up to your beliefs. Wicca believe that god ( their God or Goddess ) is in everything. Living or Not. They Believe in People They do not Slander The Christians except when Christians Believe they are god themselves, which I have seen a lot of. You think you know a lot… In fact you know nothing.. If you do your research… And you should … There is not Devil Worshipping involved in Wicca… There is in Dark Magic and Which Craft… There is a big difference. Go to a few websites and do the research before you slander a religion you know nothing about. They are not hypocrites, nor are they into bigotry nor do they talk bad about another religion , They are not racist . They are not all gothic either. Gothic is a totally different thing as well. You described a young girl going into your church with a dead cat… There was something wrong with her… She is disturbed about something. You should be trying to help her instead of putting this trash on the internet… Its churches like yours that make me want to never say that I was baptized a Christian. I can’t stand the way this religion talks about others instead of just helping… Yyou have the wrong way in approaching a situation you don’t understand.. I did a lot of research on every religion and every belief and there are a few I don’t agree with but I don’t go around slandering them because of what they believe. God Taught us to forgive and have faith in him… I believe in god but not they way church teaches religion. You really should retract your internet article It’s full of rubbish and will get a lot of people upset. I don’t go to church… Because of this very article I believe god loves and cares for me the same as anyone who goes to church.. I give to the needy when they need it. I love More people than you can ever love. Without Pregidous . We are to forgive. And I do but you can not. Wicca is a way of life that does not interfere in anyone else’s life. So Please Do your research before you ever do this again. If anything You are scared of what might happen if you ever encounter a True Witch , Wiccan, Warlock, Goth. Everyone of them is totally different. Do you also Put down the Buddhists. They are into a lot of Magic and being able to move from one place to another without really traveling. Some People use the gift that god gave them to help and you would just put them down as using magic or being possessed. When really you don’t know. If you Believe that using herbs that god gave us to use in foods and to use for healing is Wiccan ways then you really have to go back to when Your mother or grandmother used to use browned flour for an ailment or garlic for stomach issues. Sometimes while my kids were growing up we did not have Insurance and could not get my kids to a dr. So I used grandmas remedies and it worked … So if that’s witchcraft then wouldn’t that make us all witches? I don’t do drugs, I don’t Drink. But I will use these remedies when I don’t want to go sit at a dr.s office for 3 hours for him to tell me I have a cold and no medicine is going to help. How about native American Indians. Do you have something to say about them as well. After Europeans stole their land and ate all their food. Now they are forced to live in small areas around the US. I am also Native American Indian. I have researched how they use herbs and chants. Is that against god as well. Come on.. Why would god Create so many people with so many different beliefs in so many different places around the world. God is not going to send them to hell.. they have a belief they know right from wrong and do as they are told by mom and dad… Isn’t that what god wants. They just have different views. Don’t be a hypocrite its what makes people walk away. And as far as I can see they are a very peaceful people. It seems most of the religions I have mentioned live for peace… and follow peaceful ways. Except the Christians. Who believe in war. I just want you do some research before you start slandering other people as you do. I have been to many churches and many sermons and they all teach the same thing. It’s not right. Scientists use chemical reaction to find cures for people does that make them witches too. I think not.. It makes them knowledgeable. Very smart.. they know what kills and what saves. Yes god gave us all free will and that is what most of us live by. Research will make you understand things better…

Wendy Whitewolf

you should be ashamed of your self's proclaiming to be people of god portraying racist pictures of your site about Jesus being black with a hat in chains you stupid fucks don't have anything else to do with your lives just little lesson in history look at Jesus birth place and the people around it that's what he was I'm white and I'm assumed for you because you are the type of person that gives Americans a bad name because your a bore-headed pig and on the other note I fucked your wife guess who i am

Kenny Bembow





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