A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received April 2004  (unedited and in original form)

I am a parent of a child who was told that he hated me because jesus christ and your web site told him so. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE IT LISTED AS SAYING THAT!!!!......WHAT MESSAGE ARE YOU TRYING TO RELAY TO OUR CHILDREN?

Tina Crowe

I just read your sermon about catholics and some of their anti-christian issues. I certainly agree with many of your points. However, as the son of a catholic extremist, I don't see the grace and love of Christ in your message. Instead of name calling and condemning (which is God's right, not ours!), shouldn't we be loving and try to come along side them, that they might see Christ in our own lives? I don't believe we should say "good-bye" to our catholic friends, we should be praying for them and loving them instead. We are all sinners, are we not? Christ is loving and caring enough not to say "good-bye" to us! So why not follow His example, as the Gospel calls us to do? I struggle daily to find a way to reach my "lost-in-rome" parents, but I always realize, unltil God calls them to Himself, the only thing I can do is to love them and pray for them.


Bill Vandegiessen

What if I said that I was going to file a lawsuit for lible and slander? I will do just that. You people have no idea what you are talking about! You think you know everything. Do you believe every book that you read? You are pathetic.

I submitted your site to my local news for investigation and possible shut down by the FBI. I find your site repulsive and illegal. You are taking away people's rights by putting your filth on this site.

Brian Ballwine

I was looking for some Sponge Bob items for my children when I ran accross the article about "saving" your grandson from the evils of Sponge Bob. I personally would have to say that throwing a child accross the room by his hair is more damaging than a cartoon character....you should be embarrassed and ashamed!!

I still havn't figured out if this website is a joke or not...I mean give me a break!! "Where the worthwhile worship"?

I don't think Jesus would approve of that attitude!! He loved EVERYONE...everyone was worthwhile. You don't need to be a "saved" or "unsaved" person to go to church...you don't need a church to worship God at all!!

I still can't figure out if this is a joke!! The more I browse through your site the more amused yet offended I am...I'm laughing at how backwoods it is.

Kristi Herndandez

hi, i am a saved person. i have been baptised and a member of a southern baptist church for at least 30 years.

i am highly offended by your message at the top of your site saying basically if you are saved you are welcome and if you are unsaved you are unwelcome. how can you call yourselves christians, let alone baptists. isn't that the whole church philosophy is sto save the unsaved? isn't that what baptist are after in the long run; to save the unsaved from hell and damnation, eternal fire and brimstone?

you had better step back and have a talk with my god, because obviously your god is a different one than mine


long time baptist from kentucky


I read pastor Harry Hardwick's commentary that virtually we are all going to hell and he's sounds pleased. He listed everything that people are going to hell for, assuming he's none of them.

He forgot one very big sin he has bloatedly obviously enjoyed...GLUTTONY you fat slob!

You're going to hell too...HA!

What a maroon! Looks like Jesus is gonna be awfully lonely strumming his harp all alone there with his dad and no women (cause they are all whores and adulterers from Eve on!)

Your beliefs do provide for interesting human study in gullibility.

Chris Hill

I know you probably don't care but the reason your website is so confused is most likely because you're not saved in the first place. Therefore there is no way you can understand nor teach what the scripture says or means. To the unsaved person the bible is no different from a 3 month old trying to understand a Harvard Law encyclopedia. The unsaved mind looks at things physically and carnally and the born again child of God have the Spirit of God and since the old man is dead and the new man is made alive in Christ, the Christian compares spiritual with spiritual. But there's still hope for those who are not saved and follow after the god of this world, Satan.


Hiya, pastor...I mean JERK! Before I start brutally attacking your pathetic accuse for a site, I'd like to say that I know this is a spoof site. First off, it *********************************** SUCKS!! You have the most blasphemous content I have ever seen! If hacking weren't illegal and I knew how, this site would be gone. If it's supposed to be funny, it sure sucked @$$ at doing so. May God damn this site into Hell.

Donna Frese

how can you torture a child like that? its evil! it may be against the bible to sodomize but you will scar this child for life! im a priest with the mormon church.we value prayer and counciling. your methods will only drive a child insane or rebel into homosexuality. your actions are evil and satanic.

m. cofferen elder, church of jesus christ and LDS ABILENE TEXAS (GITHYANKIKNIGHT@---.com)

doesn't it seem a little ironic that you are putting down movies and other things for sexual activity and stuff but yet again you have adds on there that have the middle finger flicking everyone off . (for the whole world to see)

As a fellow Christian who is going to be a Director of Christian Education I agree that most movies now a days are not fit for child viewing. Most should never be seen period. But If you are going to try to get people to come to your church... wouldnt you want to greet them in a nice friendly way? (not just right off the bat yell at them?) I find it very un christianly

we are here to make disciples of all nations... baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

please think about what you are writing. especially to those who are reading it who are NOT Christians.

thank you.

Karinda Egeland

Oh, my!! This is it! This is too much. You guys better have good lawyers because you're looking at a law suit!! I can't believe you are fining people for what you consider sins, and that you tell people that they will burn in hell for not having the same beliefs as you. That is so wrong! God is the judge over us...not you guys!! And as a follower of God, I will not tolerate this!!


The more I look the more I see trash.first of all,the bible doesn't tell us what we can wear and what we can't wear it just says men shouldn't wear women clothing and vice versa. does the bible clearly tell us we must wear pants and ties?no! That's the british way to dress and a reservation must be made as well as a payment of $75 to smell your breath?please! you are the heathen and I believe I'll see you in hell so get ready to listen to rock music cos that's all we got down there.kobe is black and the harlot is white?so what?I bet your wife and daughters would want the samecos you can't step up to the plate(sic)pornographic material can be owned by men 65 and older so they could pleasure them selves?that's for you to decide.now I see why muslims hate christians and I think I was wise enough to ditch christianity.make sure you reply burn burn burn!

Bob Unloco

I've looked over most of your site here:


and I can understand a group of people such as yourselves who take the Bible literally would go to the extremes you have gone to. I however can not understand this page:

Is Breastfeeding a Gateway Sin? http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news0502/breastfeeding.html

in which you refer to "Landover Creation Scientists" findings in a 4 year long study, but yet you denounce science and it's practices on this page:


When you can't think for yourself and must let the bible think for you, how can you come to any new conclusion about any topic not mentioned in the bible? If the Bible doesn't denounce breastfeeding, how can YOU denounce breastfeeding?

This brings me to my other point: Everyone who lived on this Earth before baby food existed, nursed from their mother. Jesus nursed from Mary! God created the breasts of every woman to nourish her children. What bible verse contradicts the obvious notion to use what God provided us to nourish our young? I think I smell a rat, either a very sarcastic rat or a rat who has been subsidized by "man made" baby food corporations. Surely a man of God such as yourself couldn't possibly presume to think man can come up with something better than God created breast milk?

Just needed to bring this matter to your attention.

Thank you!

Chris Katscher


Weasel Bulla

You all are idiots! IT'S A CARTOON!!! Your link "Fling Him" is the most abusive website and your church should be attend court due to your malpractice and addressing the public HOW to beating innocent children!!!! You should be questioning yourselfs and not animated videos...Mr. "Kid Flinger"!!!!

As a Christian, I am appalled that you are advertising WWJD THONGS! I am appalled by the entire site! I don't know what kind of a "church" you are, but, the articles that I have read here today, that was forwarded to me by a friend, are nothing short of ridiculous, stupid and outrageous! What kind of a CHRISTIAN website is not intended for anyone under 18 anyways???
The Penderosa Family

Dear Baptist Friends - May God's Grace be with your always

What you have been doing to the Catholic Churches in your area is absolutly terrible - though how can I know that you aren't lieing. The statues, the Stations of the Cross I can understand you destroying, you are obviously totally ignorant of any other denomination of Christianity to know what you are doing. But the TABERNACLES!!!! Inside they contain the BODY OF CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST IS REALLY THERE INSIDE THAT LITTLE BOX!

What you are doing also is upsetting the people of those churches. People pay money and donate those Statues, Candlesticks and Art Work to the churches. I also saw on your website that you had been hacked, Well - I tell you. Your website is an Idol. You aren't worshipping God, you are worshipping your website! You are doing all of these things for publicity and then putting them on your website so that the followers of the Baptist Cult can worship your website. Christianity is about love, its about Unity.

What your website is teaching is exactly what Satan wants. Satan wants us to all split and fight over religion. Instead we should show that GOD DAMNED SATAN that we are united, not fighting.

You should stop you evil ways, and seek peace with the churches in your Area. I pray for you, and I will put your church on the prayer list in my church which is growing everyday - doing good work with a soup run, helping homeless, running schools and saving people from Hell, by bringing them out of their wicked ways and into believing in Jesus. In this area of the United Kingdom, there are many people who do not believe in God, they laugh at God, and they stubbornly don't go to church. I think it is people like you who scare them away. Your ideas are those of Terrorists, I can compare your ideas to the Muslim Extremist Ideas of Al Quida - they believe that everyone in the world is wrong except for them, and they are willing to kill people who don't share their beliefs - just like you.

I'll pray for you - And I'll ask all the saints in heaven to watch over you, Especially Mary

Ave Maria Gratia Plena Dominus Tecum Benedictus Tu

-Henry Colin O'Keefe Balkwill

Your false article "How to Spot an Atheist and Report it to the FBI" contains false and copyrighted info which, in a court of law, would be considered a FELONY. Your church is not above the law. You are using a Federal Entity (the Federal Burea of Investigation) to exploit your personal (and false) views of atheists. If anyone is going behind bars, it's you.

MK (Mike Knierim), FBI Informant


Neil S. Hunt

Satan has NEVER been SO OBVIOUS!!! You are no pastor, not of God. This is satan's church and that is all there is to it. God's wrath upon you and your misleading is going to be unthinkable. I'll pray for you and your damned.

Cindy Weiland

To Whom It May Concern,

Who are you people,to judge anyone Else on there individual beliefs? Absolutely none of what you put in that article is true about true wiccans!! I for one am an Ordained Lady of the Cloth and yes I am A WITCH and Very proud of This as you are that you are a Baptist, I DO NOT pray on small children to drink their blood and turn them as you so crudely and disgustingly put it eat "Jesus Jerky"..I value life and all aspects of it and how dare you say that we worship the devil I and all wiccans,witches,pagans,ect DO NOT worship the devil,we believe there is a Goddess as well as a God and have a great respect for Nature and all aspects there in. How is that wrong? We prey we love our Children,we value Life only real difference is you don't hear of a Wiccan Priest or Priestess Molesting our children like the Catholics do?

As for using pages of the Bible to roll "joints" out of First of all I don't Do Drugs of any sort I Don't Drink Alcohol, and I'm a 33Year old mother of two very happy healthy children and None of us Smell foul or play with DEAD Cats all 5 of our Cats are very much alive and well loved they are a huge part of our family thank you very much...So the next time you want to sit in judgment upon people you do not know First take a good look in the mirror and take judgment upon thy self as it is Quoted in your good Book THE BIBLE...Now as for the young girl in question, in your artical yes, she is disturbed and yes what she did was what I would call A devil's Deed but by No means is that an act of the true Wiccan Way, In closing she is a child crying out for help and in that some one needs to help her find her way to a path that is less destructive of life,and she can find her way to either God or a Goddess that will be forgiving and understanding without judgment of past deeds...

Brightest Of Blessings,

Rev. L.G.Forst (Gwennie Forst)

Blessed Be Lady Gwennavear