A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received May 2003  (unedited and in original form)

Sir, When I first read your review, I was sure it was a joke. As I have been informed, your organization is legitimate (which I think is a debatable term) and your review is "real". I find it very interesting that in order to review this film, you found it necessary to demean, tear down and make fun of the Catholic faith, a fellow Christian religion. I do not quite understand WHY you felt you needed to do this, in order to review a film that has nothing to do with or was sanctioned by the Catholic church. It is people like you, who make a mockery of Christians world wide and give others ammunition to fire at those "wacky religious nuts". Instead of saving my $7, I wish I could have the 1/2 hour I have wasted reading your review and writing this email.

FYI- Despite what you may believe in your ignorance, Catholics do not worship Mary, anymore that we worship any other Saints. If you are going to slam a religion, please, at least get your facts right.

Very Disgustedly,

Rick Dowdy

I just read your article about SARS. Just think you left one thing out. SARS has hit Canada with drastic results so that kind of destroyes your little theory. I also think you are a fat and stupid man.

Hemmi Fiskhus

I was excited to see that there is a Department of Faith. Then I read more about your church and have become quite fearful. The church seems to be run very legalistically, reminds me of pharisees. Romans 3:20, "Therefore no one will be declared righteous in His sight by observing the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of sin." You seem to view everyone as going to hell unless they follow your list of rules. Please do not lose the freedom that is found in Jesus Christ. And remember, He loved people. He didn't walk around saying people were hellbound. Your writings are so cruel. I almost think this must be some kind of joke. I mean, how can using a tampon send someone to hell? Allow the Spirit to work through you. Remember that most important is loving. It is our job to love, not condemn.

Your Fellow Baptist,

Laura Straley

you folks are an the brink of demon posession yourselvers... Nothing but blasphemy is on your crappy website. Turn aside from your evil ways, loved ones. I do know you know Jesus, but pastor, this is for you! Quit building upon yuour weak foundation so as not to be one" barley escaping through the flames." Remember, as ministers especially, the blood of the lost will be on our hands. Reach out in love, not hateful scare tactics. Oh, and by the way, I am NOT a liberal.

Please respond back to mattvan77@yahoo.com

Matthew John Van Vleet

Chicago Outreach Ministries

I have finally found my arch enemy

Dear self rightous human hating fuckheads. I am PROUD to say that I believe Christianity is full of as much shit as Deacon Fred and that Harry Hardwick guy. You people don't care an ounce for anything but yourselves and irradicating anything that isn't completely Jesus Christ this holy savior that. You think that Atheist are the threat to our nation then you are some blind idiots. The truth is people who hunt down and try to irradicate groups of people for a different way of life and believes then you are the enemies. I know Jesus wouldn't want you to slay a man next door to you because he's a homosexual Catholic. If you believe that for a second then you are not truly one with god, let me tell you why. Let's start with love thy neighbor which means don't kill him because he dissagrees with you, now let's move to THOU SHALT NOT KILL which means don't FUCKING KILL PEOPLE. You ignorant assholes are blaspheming your already fucked up religion. The idea of locking someone up because of their believes now doesn't that sound familiar it sounds just like what Hitler did, it was called GENOCIDE. So now we've determined that you undoubtably FEAR any difference in the world so let's move onto why you fear even the slightest things like gravity. Hmm you fear it because it causes people to question your way of life and you feel threatened, wow wasn't that simple. About gravity what part of it is so Anti-Jesus, wow we explained how he did something burn the scientists in the name of Jesus destroy all their progresses. Now we move onto you altimatum against liberals the changers of the world the humanists of the society. Why you have a problem with them is simply again you fear them and they don't blindly follow a book written by MEN. Men lie god didn't write the bible otherwise it'd be more believable men did MEN LIE. So more on liberals, apparently by you being against them you are also against people living life the way they want, true freedom and our environment to be as your god intended it. I seriously think you FUCKHEADS need mental health or is that the work of the devil too. Since you guys are so against scientists you would be a hypocrit to go to the doctor. Now let's go back to the Atheists in jail thing. That's a great idea if all the Christians go with them or take a one way trip to fucking hell were those infringers of our human rights belong. I'm also POSITIVE god gave us a free will a will to do as we please and GOD will punish us for it if anyone, we don't need his little bitches to do it. I also hope with all my heart that Christians leave people alone because they have caused almost EVERY FUCKING PROBLEM IN SOCIETY SINCE THEIR BEGINING. About Bush, that guy is going to hell undoubtably. He has taken the lead of our country and COMPLETELY ignores the fact that we have FREEDOM OF RELIGION which includes a lack of religion and bends over for all you people who fear that little Jimmy will sit by someone who listens to rap music on the bus and their diseased mind will corrupt your child. It's too late, your child has already been PERMANATELY tainted with you love of killing and removing the displeasing from his eyes. You know why Atheist don't attack Christians, they know better than to attack someone for their beliefs they don't care and that is how the world should be. America isn't for the Christians it is for ALL. About the money thing in god we trust. God is defined as ANY supernatural being and by the way them even saying that is an infringement of church and state. So now that guys see the truth I hope you stop oppressing people cause if you don't every night I will pray to every god hoping that you get divine retribution for your lack of love and compassion for your fellow man. So take that you Christian fuckheads eat this while you sit in your house using a computer and electricity and know that you are hypocrits everytime you do anything and my god have NO MERCY ON YOUR SOULS YOU SAVAGES.

P.S. Deacon Fred and "Pastor" Hardwick you are from now till the end of time my enemies in the world!!! You have crossed the line of extremists and any chance I get I will insult you and your religion for it's LIES.

Tim George

Dear Pastor,

My name is Patrick Greene. I read on the internet that you report atheists to the F.B.I. I would like to know some things about these reports, if you could take a couple of minutes to read this:

1. Why does the F.B.I. want these reports
2. Why is Ashcroft paying you $1 for each of them
3. What happens to the atheists who the F.B.I. confirms are truly atheists
4. Would you ever accept a challenge from an atheist for a public debate to prove that an atheist is just as much an American as a Christian
5. If you know Ashcroft and the President personally and the director of the F.B.I., are you going to show this e-mail to them.
6. If the F.B.I. investigates me, what do they intend on doing to me.......put me in prison or kick me out of the country.


Patrick Greene
Swift Transportation

John Kuhn

I visited your "cult" on the web, Landover Baptist Church. You people are nuts. Anyway I wanted you to know that I visited your Financial Disclosure page and looked it over closely. One problem with this statement, "If you are not a member of Landover Baptist Church, you are unauthorized to view this page, your ISP number will be traced and you will be served with a lawsuit for invasion of privacy within 30 days of viewing this page." is directly below "A PUBLIC DISCLOSURE OF LANDOVER BAPTIST CHURCH'S FISCAL ASSETS". What is it, public or private. Your threat has no teeth How can you call yourself Christians and threaten strangers? Never mind the question, after reading your web site, I know you hate everyone.

I thought, also, that the inclusion of a drawing of a woman's vagina with a Tampex sticking into it is highly inappropriate and I imaging the young men of your "church" masturbate to it often. You have done them a good service and helped satan out with his endeavor of ruining the minds of young boys.

I find your web page, your conclusions and your scripture twisting and your bragging concerning your assets to be intolerable and sickens my stomach.

Shame on you.

Ben Drake SSgt.

Dear sir

It appears that someone has hacked your website and posted a load of rubbish on it.

Kind regards

Jason Jeffery

I just read your comments on Matrix Reloaded:

At first I thought you were joking, then I realized that you actually believe everything you wrote!

Someone just has to tell you:

You and everyone like you are clinically insane.

People like you have ruined ALL civilizations for millennia.

Your primitive superstitious and hateful beliefs are a danger to society.

And besides, everyone knows Cipher played the role of Lucifer!

(Hence the name...)

Neo Anderson

Ok. so now I am appalled. You think that atheism is now a disease. On the kids page it says athiests lash out at children. Are you on drugs? I have been trying to teach my children good christian values, as well as tolerance to those who do not believe the same way they do. You describe athiests as something that must be "reported" and "handled" by adults. You are feeding a fire that will burn for generations. Do you think that your beliefs are the only ones that count. They are not and THAT is what this country was founded on. Tolerance to all form of religion. Are we heading for more days of inquisition? Beating and torturing people for not thinking the way you want them to? You give Christians a bad name, what you should be doiing is trying to teach tolerance. In this world there are many different beliefs, who the heck are you to say that yours is the only one? There are many different beliefs that are just as valid, but most preach love, not hate for those who dont believe. Wake up and smell the coffee, stop trying to corrupt children.

This email may not be modified and used in anyway, and has been posted as a copyright on my website. If it is changed and used in anyway, infringement charges will be filed against you..


pull your head out of your ass and FREE YOUR MIND. is satan really neo? cause if he is, satan is right. good job on pointlessly making random assumptions that could be made by a 30 year old burnout on PCP.

and i'm not gonna burn in hell, you know why? i know i've done a lot of wrong things... like not believe in hell, not constrict my brain to obsolete thoughts *points in your general direction*, or tell anyone religious that they are completely chalk full of horse shit.

no i'm not gonna burn in hell for any of those reasons, you know why?

because my hate for inferior, ignorant, nearly-extinct peices of shit like yourself controls me. i'm coming at you completely anonymous, so please don't waste your time. hmmm... *looks over at the matrix review* on second thought, maybe it wouldn't be wasting your time, seeing as how you are writing shit like that.

oh and i would like to tell you that your writing skills are weak, inferior, and your form of sentance structure is fucking horrendous. example? did you see that little drop-off at the end there? the long days in the booths with the alter-boys don't really allow you to write that well at night when you gotta write conclusions or what? i mean a conclusion is simply needed. c'mon now.

so in conclusion i'd like to tell you that in 2,000 years from now, you will be remembered as a ... hmm ... nothing! and the matrix reloaded will be remembered for what it is; art.

freeing your mind,

shift - think for yourself [brotherhardwicksucks@yahoo.com]

p.s. by the way, i'm posting this on the 'tough crowd' forum, probably another show powered by the good ol' devil... er... neo... right?! BAHHH HAH HAH!!

Iam an Indonesian and Iam a christian. I happen to search your site when I was researching about the evilness of Harry Potter. I read one indonesian book about mantras or magic spells and it is written by an ex-satanist who in the book told us about dangers about mantras and in the book said that the magic spells in Harry Potter were REAL. They are used by REAL magicians. I believe that they are real and I knew that JK Rowling were teaching them magic in a fun way.You may include them in the article called "the make believe world of harry potter is driving children in the edge of insanity" about the the spells.

Yours sincerely

Stefan Ong

Dear True Christians

Your site is nothing but total bull shit. I dont think your church even exists. Not only is half of your information false and misleading, its stupid. The only person that would belive this pile full of garbge is some one who needs something to belive in. You are nothing but a bunch of stupid fakes who mooch money off of people by claming false things.

Sincerely, some one who wont belive your facist garbage.

P.S. I'm a full blown "out of the closet" atheist.
P.S.S. Please write the fuck back.
Ben [WGF_Crafty@hotmail.com]

Dearly Beloved,

It took some doing to realized that this site was just a big joke. But finally I got to the truth about your message. I can only wonder why you would go throught the time and troble and expense of creating such a site.

Are you that angry with God? Who has bewitched you?---3 You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified. I would like to learn just one thing from you: Did you receive the Spirit by observing the law, or by believing what you heard? Are you so foolish? After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort?

God still loves you, and longs to have you back into the fold. He misses you. Seek HIM while HE may be found. There is still time.

Obviously, you know a little about the word. But for whatever reason you have not accepted the love of Christ. That same word that you know is able to save you and heal you. All you have to do is accept it. " receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls."

Jesus said " Everything that the Father gives me will come to me, and anyone who comes to me I will never drive away"

He is waiting to welcome you home.................Be Blessed


Mike Brown

I am ashamed that you people believe that you are representing Christ. All of you are hellbound especially your Pastor Deacon Fred. How can you say that aborted babies are going to hell. That is just like saying all people that are murdered are going to hell. You are an UnGodly people you are not christians. You all will perish..

ReNae Sandifer

I would like to convey my thoughts regarding your website and recent article on how to punish a child. You should know, if you have read your bible, that Jesus loves children. He does not want them beaten and frightened into the kingdom of God. Our job here on earth is to love people and lead them to Christ. I am not saying that you should not punish a child for sin or wrong doings. Spanking a child is one thing, but beating them and receiving their respect out of fear in another. You are to love children, help the lost and worship Christ. You will be the one surprised when the rapture takes place and you are left behind. God punishes those who betray him and his word which is exactly what you are doing. I pray for you and your misguided church. It is people like you who give Christians a bad name. Your “un$aved not welcome” is despicable….the unsaved is what it is all about. Save one more for Jesus – that should be your life long goal. What is wrong with you? Don’t you see that by surrounding yourself by saved and those fearful of you that you are saving your own spot in hell! What about being a light for those in need, and prayer warrior for the hurting, seeing people through Jesus’ eyes. You ought to be ashamed – you should be on your hands and knees praying for redemption! God does not look down at you and smile, he looks down with tears of hurt for those children who have been affected by this article in question and for those people who were turned away from your church because they had not been fortunate enough to have someone love them enough to lead them in the prayer of salvation. May God help you and your church see the truth, may he show you love, respect and humility. Most of all, may he take pity on your soul!


Brec Terry
Childrens Pastor, California

My name is Gerald Dowdy, and I am involved in a deliverance ministry in Milan, Tennessee. We would be glad to help you in any way we can. Our website is www.radicalhost.net/deliverance/ . Are you close enough to come to Milan, in western Tennessee? If not, we will be glad to direct you to a deliverance ministry close to you. Thanks. Gerald @ Freedom Life Ministries

Gerald Dowdy


Mikel Burrus

Hello there,

I was referred to your site and was wondering if your page on How to Spot Atheists and Report Them to the FBI is a parody or is for real.

Let me know if I need to be looking out for athiests

All the Best,

Brett Jennings

V.P. Asset Protection Consulting Group

I am responding to the article entitled " Part 4, How to be Ladylike and Christian".. I am responding in the racist comment about "hair braiding done by nappy headed colored girls". I feel that was a degrading comment and the term colored girls is no longer used to identify African American women... By the way, I don't know if you are aware but a lot of Caucasian women are wearing braids these days to......

Lavella Matthews
Regulations and Board Relations Coordinator
Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Dear Harry Hardwick..

I just read your article about vegans being witches. I laughed my butt off. Look at yourself. A lard ass glutton for sure. Why don't you get your bible and research the word glutton. It's preachers like you that make christians look like real idiots.


The God and Christ I have grown up with loves and accepts all people, from all walks of life. Any extremist view, be it from the right or left, represents exactly that - EXTREMISTS, FANATICS - people who are missing something relevant and meaningful in their own lives, or people afraid of those that are not visibly like themselves.

You are not much different than Osama Bin Laden, using ignorance and fear to stir misguided people into action. In your case to send you $7 - instead of going to a movie which many already have no interest in seeing or knowing about. You are actually heightening awareness of this movie by promoting it on your website. Brilliant work to assist your opponents... they should be applauding your foolishness.

There are too many people in the world with real needs and concerns to have some lunatic spend countless energies on conspiracy theories about cartoons. Jesus is a personal savior - thank God. For now the rest of the world has no need for those who pervert the truth, subvert His word, or rise to the pulpit to inaccurately champion His cause.

Your micro focus, narrow vision and holier-than-thou approach is not what Christianity is about. Have you read the whole Bible, or just the out of context pieces that help you mislead?

Don Hollis

Dear sir:

I had to see it for myself. I've never seen so much control over people's lives like your church does. You have taken worship that rightfully belongs to God, to your church/man. You have also broken the last commandment that the Lord Jesus gave to us. That is, to love one another. The last time I've heard of a cult (that's exactly what I meant) of this magnitude was The People's Temple here is California which was headed by Jim Jones. We know how that ended, right? The mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana?

I also see blatant apostasy. Your first love, lost to morbid legalism. God's word was meant to set man, free. You only use it to enslave him. Jesus said that in the last days there would be false teachers and doctrines of devils. Your religious institution is no different than the system that condemned and persecuted Christ. I see you being the high priest, Caiaphas.

Dear sir, I ask you to repent before it is too late. Or maybe it is?

Gene Nevada

Do you really think you are fooling God. Your dauy will come when you rot in hell for your lies. Get a life and stop trying to scam people. Your Web-site is nothing but a scam and you are satans accomplice.


Dear Pastor of sick and demented proportion,

There are many things wrong with this "true religion" you preach.

1) If there was not Catholicism you would have a major problem and you would be a Jew or an Arab or a Peagan depending on what part of the world you are from you would be anything but a "Christian".
2) Every human, (male, female, or other) has a soul. And God and Jesus and all the saints and angels in heaven accept every human and loves them no matter the SEXUAL PREFERANCE, CREED, OR RACE.
3) There is no way you can denounce europeans saying that they are horrible and bad because there we no "Christians" in America prior to 1620. I.E.-The Pilgrims.
4) The way you dress is absolutely imcomparsinate to what God and Jesus think of you. Unless, you greif stricken Mormon rejects who find it necessary to lie to the world, you flaunt your body for sexual purposes.
5) Your "theory" on how to spot atheists and report them to the "F.B.I.":

1- The color of your skin is also imcomparsinate to your beliefs.
2- A person's weight is also incomparsinate to their beliefs.
3- People who have deplomas actually have something to show that they have a constructive life. Not that you are not a person without a life...(sarcasm).
4- Atheists are not afraid to be who they are, and, newsflash, there are way more then 300 atheists in the world. Theres about that many in my class.

You think you know what the heavens want. But, you don't. You are just a fake-Bible toting, confused little man that is insecure with himself so, in reaction to that, he makes up some like to make himself appear crazier than he already is. Your sixty-second sermons are a bunch of crock. You should not burn books. You sir, and your "congregation", are a bunch of Fascists. Keeping your people from reading, persecuting them for who they are..you sould like Adolf himself. You are all materialistic. You say "Accept Christ and we'll throw in a free cell phone!"..that sounds like a ploy to catch people with material things to me. I accepted Christ many years ago..BECAUSE I'm also PALE, and THIN. If someone is "unsaved" you should help them and try to "save" them. I mean, come on, common knowlegde. Your "Bible" is not real. It's revised to fit what YOU want to hear. And Fundamentalism is inane. Women should not have to wear skirts that are of that like a nun! Don't you think pants are more conservative, knowing they clothe all of the lower body? It seems like all you believe in in the Bible is Leviticus. And, as every Christian knows, Leviticus is the most misinterpruted book in the Bible.

You cannot fine someone 200 USD because they don't comply with you. What do you think you are..the Police? I'm sorry to inform you, but you have no absolute governmental powers. In this country there are two things The Bill Of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. Both which give every human being in this country, no matter what race, creed, sexual preferance, or beliefs they posess, freedom. But, you do not understand freedom and free will because all you are, in my eyes and the eyes of others, is a persecuting Neo-Nazi. And do you not think that the use of tampons is up to the woman! For CHRIST'S sake..it's HER vagina.

It states that your rules are subject to change without notice..yeah, when you get a hair in your ass and start to complain they are! I will not burn in Hell because I don't believe what you do, or will anyone else who does not conform to you. Because, you are the one who is twisting things and making them grotesque. You will either be in purgatory, or..i don't doubt it, you will go straight to Hell. This Judy O'Christian looks like a hermaphodite to me..I mean, I can't tell wether she's male or female. And I know that true "Christians" do about Catholics: They let them go on their own peaceful way.

I hope you have fun reading this knowing that you are a FACIST! go kill some people and make them martyers now, why don't you?

Tom and Debbie Walsh

Can you say BLIND? I'll bet you can!! Those of the Landover Baptist Church website are definitely blinded by close-mindedness and stupidity! Anyone who feels they have to show their spiritual beliefs on their crotch or on their ass (hence the WWJD thong) or upon the bumper of their car, definitely needs some guidance. As a fellow Iowan, I hope intelligent people realize that your website and your establishment are a complete embarrassment to humankind and show a great example of why so many Chrisitians are blinded by poor guidance such as yours... You point the fingers @ the Aethists of the world as well as the Chinese and Muslims of the world. Don't you realize that by doing so, you are giving them ammo to attack people such as yourself for being close-minded and ignorant? As a true Buddhist I must let you know that Karma is not a one way street and you will definitely reap what you have sown!! Those who live their lives by a book that has over 400 different intrepretations and is thousands of years old will live a very unfilled life. It is what you do in the here and now that matters and pointing fingers @ those that are different from yourself only exposes the largest weakness in the human cycle, the one in the mirror!!


Gerri Stuart

You people are truly a bunch of idiots! Talk about hypocritical. Now I know one of the vile sources of so many problems in this world. You poor people. You're wasting your energy, your lives, and contorting God like a bunch of rediculous fanatics. Shame on you for spreading more filth into creation. May God have mercy on you.

jeremy mayhew