September 2007

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Letters To Landover: Pastor's Mailbag

A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

Religion: a laughable pointless waste of energy. A crutch for the weak.

Religion is based almost entirely on one thing, Astrology. Fact. From Good versus Evil (Day vs Night taken over by silly religious morons), to the 3 days of death then resurrection (which is actually based on the sun's position during the winter solstice), to the obsession with the number 12, religion is based on, or in reality, stolen and re-written from Astrology. Why don't you buy a telescope cupcake?

Religion is about money and control of the masses. Think about it for a second. Religion has actually got people thinking that there is an invisible man in the clouds, looking down on "sinners", ready to send them to hell. And God, he always needs money. He's all-knowing, all-loving, all-perfect and yet, he just can't get enough money. He can't handle money! He needs your moneys!

Instead of embracing God, and worshipping God, and living like some cunt out of the 18th fucking century, why don't you learn to embrace DEATH, which is what controls all you self-deluded fucks. Even though there is no afterlife, if there was, hopefully all baptist fucking arseholes who praise serial killers in the name of God, will get buttraped by the muslims. Do you like black men named Jamal? I sure fucking hope so sweetheart.

P.S. It's a shame Derrick Todd Lee didn't kill some Baptist Ministers wife, then we'd all have something to cheer about, you emotionally retarded, backwoods inbred Southern arsehole!


I just lost a small pet this morning that I have only had for 4 months, I noticed recently a book by Jack VanImpe Ministries about animals going to heaven, so that gives me hope, but I thought I'd get back on and research this subject again and saw your answer to a little girl about her dog Snuffy back in January, 2006. If what you said is true, why tell her the stuff about Chinese people eating her dog while it was very unnecssary. If it disturbed me, I'm sure it got to her really bad and made her cry a long time. And, unless, someone else has comforted her about this she probably thinks about that every time she sees a sweet animal. Couldn't you have just told her, no, they don't go to heaven instead of all that other stuff? I normally don't write people on the net but this one really got to me.

Marian Painter

Your website is the sickest I've seen. To rejoice over the thought of someone going to hell? You are not even Christian. Christians pray for even their enemies and Christians "judge not lest ye be judged".

It so happens you have it all wrong. Catholics do not worship idols. They " worship God and God alone". The pictures you will see in Catholic churches and the statues are mere representations of the mother of Jesus and saints whom we speak to asking for their intercession, just as you ask your friend to "pray for you". They belong to the "communion of saints" and having completed their earthy journey, are now being rewarded by God and see him face to face. Reference Revelation where the saints offer up bowls of the prayers of the faithful to God. God honors their requests because they are his dear friends. Put it this way: if you wanted to get a job with Chrysler and you had a friend who worked there and was a close friend of someone in personnel, would you not ask them to put in a good word for you? We are all sinners. Yes we and pray to and worship only the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and it helps to have "friends in high places" interceding for us.

Carol, Catholic and proud of it!

* I am proud to belong to the only Church Jesus founded, over 2000 years old, the only Church that traces the succession of it's bishops and the popes right back to Peter and the apostles. The only Church to whom jesus said "behold I will be with you all days, even to the consummation of the world". (Do you believe that Christ did not know what he was saying and has been proven wrong?) One sixth of the world's population is Catholic - check it out. It is the longest surviving organization with the Roman empire being second and you know how long that lasted! The reason it has survived, despite all the lies being perpetuated about it, is that it is"one, holy, Catholic and apostolic" and the Holy Spirit is with it.

Dear Moron,

Do you really belive the bullshit you preach. I mean womwn do not have souls. There are mostly orientals and injuns(look it up,it's indian Moron) in Hell. What about morons like you who preach through fear. It's bad enough that are people who preach gods word and take money from people who have none. Then you idiot's come along and preach this shit. I hope for your sake when you die God isn't chinese or indian..........

Jerry Esposito

I have to express my extreme frustration and concern with your website.

If this is a real church organization, I urge you to rethink the message of Jesus, which was and is and always will be love. Jesus preached peace and love. Please don't take away from that message.

And if this is a joke site, I plead with you: please stop what you're doing. The name of Jesus is not one to be thrown around and associated with such ridiculousness. Even as a joke. Especially as a joke. I understand that you're trying to be funny, but it's not funny at all, it's offensive.

Either way, whether this is serious or not, I beg you to reconsdier what it is that you're doing with this site. It's stuff like this that makes my life as a Christian, as someone who believes in the amazing person that Jesus was and is, really hard to live. There is enough bad stuff out there in the world that the name of Jesus has to come up against already. Please don't make it harder than it already is.

Please, please, consider what I've said.

Thanks so much for your time.

Kathryn Winslow

You have got to be the most sick and twisted individuals I have ever witnessed prowling the internet. None of you are any better than the sick 50 year old man at his computer telling little girls that he is 18 and lives in their area.

Christians don't tell others what to think or believe, they tell others how to think and believe. I just thought I'd let you know that you are no better than the insects that invade our homes.

On another note, Harry Potter is probably the best thing that has ever happened to the literary world. If you don't want your kids reading Harry Potter so that they can have fun and use their imaginations, then you may as well put your child in the cellar and lock them up. You might as well stop them from watching other shows about going to space and finding aliens, or hearing nursery rhymes that entail the darkest of mans existance. Knowledge is power, and for a child to know that magic is only make believe and not something real is what we should be teaching, because it is fact. Stories are meant to entertain, and you rape the idea of imagination and a good read. It's really quite sad that YOUR satanic filth has spread to so many. And look at you, monopolizing off of Jesus and sex on your home page. You might as well be atheists my friends, because you, are certainly going to Hell. Influence is what you should be preaching. Not coercion. God bless.


Reverend...and I use that term loosely. You recent rant against Catholics is a total sham. When Christianity first started to become popular...if you were a Christian you were also "catholic" which means "universal' Constantine may have been converted to Christianity but he still worshiped false gods and made sacrifices. As for asking Jesus where his bretheren were.....his apostles were called brother by Jesus...women were called sisters. It is so easy for you and your type to down the Catholic faith...let he without sin cast the first stone....sound familiar. you want some examples of Baptist ministers gone astray??? or Methodists, Mormons, Presbyterians???? I will gladly send you some names....your self righteous indignation is a sin of pride....look in the mirror rev....all your bombast about Catholics is not going to make you enter heaven before a my eternal life on that...comparing Catholics to wiccans....go back to college....get your head out of the bible and look at the reality of souls....all souls...Catholic,Baptist, Jewish, Islamic, and so seem to say you are a man of God... prove it..

Stephen J. Heeney

I answered your first diet question wrong, and you called me a moron , how ungodly of you , to put such a comment. I dont know who is running this website, but it sure isnt God! maybe the devil perhaps. This website shoiuld be shut down!

Michael Toker

Don't get me wrong I'm no baby-killing liberal supporter- not by a long shot. That being said, I say the following.

The Bible says that many sins will be forgiven in the attempting of saving souls; maybe even yours....

You people are seriously screwed up. I have not heard of Jesus NOR any He commissioned to win souls in the twisted way that you are attempting to do it. This is a classic case of - "doing the "WRONG" thing for the right reason". How about following suit with the LORDS examples instead... His version of the wheel worked fine...

Jesus "healed" the sick, NOT "MADE" them sick. Jesus "RAISED" the dead NOT "PLAYED" with the dead. Jesus "FED" the people NOT made them "BLOW CHUNKS". I'm not aware that Jesus ever did or suggetsed to do any of the things that you give props to. Oh, and what the hell is the deal with the WWJD thongs?!!!! Something tells me that you have "NO" idea what Jesus would do... You may just end up in Hell yourselves... be carefull.


Conner Poland

My name is Julia, and I was raised United Penticostal. I also live in Tulsa Oklahoma. One thing I have found in my years of living here is that the Native Americans take thier heratig and thier religion very serious. I am of Indian decent. and i have read your artical. SHAME ON YOU FOR SPREADING SUCH LIES. YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN THE CATHOLICS BACK IN THE DAY FOR TORTURING PEOPLE WHO DIDNT BELIVE THE WAY THEY DID. i know some wiccans, and most are of indian decent. thier beliefs are much older than yours. and they very much believe in a God based creation. AND THEY DO BATH DAILY. YOU ARE A LYING PROPOGANDA SPREADING FOOL. GOD, AS YOU CLAIM IS YOUR LEADER, DOES NOT CONDONE THE KIND OF CRAP YOU SPREAD. SHAME ON YOU

Julia Brown

You people are fucking retarded! You can no more change the sexual orientaion of a gay person any more than you could change a strait preson! If you are so deranged you would abuse your own children by putting infants in ice water, you should be put in jail! You really sound like you are repressing your very own homosexual urges because you are so defensive over the issue. You have every right to believe as you wish in America. You just dont have the right to physically abuse anyone! ESPECIALLY CHILDREN!!! What if I thought it was ok to force feed you a gallon of bleach, then smash you cowardly fucking face in with a baseball bat full of nails then drench you in gasoline and set you on fire? That would be no more civilized than what you are preposing! In fact, what you are doing to kids will just make them more rebellious! You may control them when they are young but when they are adults, they will make their own decisions and there wont be a damn thing you can do about it! You really must be a scrawny ass little pussy boy who cannot push around adults so you abuse children! I'll bet your cowardly pussy ass got beat up in school and recieved many wedgies back when you were young! I'll bet your not even manly enough to win a fight with a gay man! You complain about what is manly and what is not. I'll bet your body is skinny and frail like a nerd boy or a womans when every gay man I know is in the gym every day and has a body builder physique. Thats why you chose to be a pastor or minister so you could cover your shameful scrawny girly body with a suit everyday and run your big fucking mouth to make you FEEL like you are a man when you know damn well you are a fucking ass pussy! You are nothing but a smart ass, child abusing scroungy little fuck!

Robert Kelsey

I just read (most) of your article on Back to School Witnessing. I can not believe that a christian church, let along a Baptist one, would suggest such filth and call it witnessing. Encouraging such behavior is to suggest that our kids become bigots in their own right and fanatics for Christianity. Suggestions of

"If they refuse to repent, bring a small container of paint, motor oil, vomit or dog feces and repeat the process, and organize your friends to flatten their tires or T-P their house until they beg for salvation. "

This is not Christianity. This is another form of Hatred. This is childish.

You should be ashamed.



i just read some of your crap and im amazed god hasnt wiped your so called churchoff of the face of the earth, you either cant read or if you can you cant translate the word of god correctly, you are misleading all of those people and filling thier heads with crap, and when they go to hell you will be right there with them, mistreating children and all of that other crap you are feeding them, oh and by the way i would love to show up at your church and have one of your so called deacons slap me, i would give them a free trip to see god then sue you so called church ( which i seriously doubt god has ever been in ) and tear it down . you better open your eyes you false teacher because you are going to have a rude awakening when you stand before god and he sends you to hell where you belong, i would love to be there for that, watching you suffer for your wickedness, what you need is for someone to put all of you in your place and knock you off of your high hirse

oh and by the way if you and any of you so called christians have a problem with what ive said then be a man and bring it on , you might intimidate small kids but i would love to set you straight

Dennis Tabor






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