Landover Baptist Mail Received October 2002  (unedited and in original form)

I stumbled upon your web site when doing a search for reviews on the Big Idea Jonah movie.

Let me say I am absolutely appalled by your "so called " review by yourself and your comrades. You are absolutely ignorant ranting fools. My question is are YOU stupid enough to believe that a vegetable would survive inside a whale for three days? This is art and art for kids a story telling vessel. This was a creation for kids not pompous 50 year old full of themselves so called "Christians". My Lord Jesus said "Forgive them for they know not what they do" and I pray he will show the same compassion and mercy to you and your slanderous friends on judgment day.

I live in Lisle IL, right next to Lombard home of Big Idea. I know the founder,(he goes to my church) I know he is a wonderful God fearing man with a heart for kids and a desire to bring them wholesome christian valued alternatives to mindless tellatubbies and power rangers.

To tear down a fellow believer is a blatant sin. May you repent and be forgiven.

You must have a problem with sexual addiction and pornography with your references to sexual representations by the veggie characters. You would have to be one very sick perverse individual to look at these cartoon characters and see phallic and vaginal symbololisms.

May God remove you from your high prideful un-educated ignorant ranting platform you have placed yourself. May he destroy what little meaningless church you have left under your control. But most of all I pray that you will lose that God forsaken website that spreads your mindless propaganda and slander against your Christian brothers.

I'd like to look into YOUR lives as you say you are into the Big Idea corporation. Who knows what vile pornographic remnants I would find and expose to your poor doped-up congregation.

May God destroy your life so you may be made anew.

Your brother in Christ,
Brandon Shope


- mimi

Dear landover ladies, I was appauled by the posting that i read about tampons, they arnt santans fingers, how the hell can an inanimate object be evil? and where do you Mrs Crockett, get off pulling a young woman out of a store and threating to slap her for making her own personal choice on what she chooses to use in her own body, if i was her you would be spitting your teeth out on to the ground. Im nine-teen years old, i use tampons, live and sleep with my FIANCE which means we have pre-marital sex. you have no commen sense and need to keep you mouth shut and nose out of others buisness. if you want to contact me my email addy is or i dare you or your damn bible thumping friends to you spineless hags

Kellie Bryan 

Hello, I was recently looking for some pictures for my religious studies work on the internet, when I cam across your article on "Was Jesus a black man?". I read it and became extremely socked at how you could draw a conclusion to this. How do you know that he was'nt a black man? Were you there throughout his life. Geographical population/ethnicity articles seem to support the idea that he would have been more likely to be born black then he would have been born any other colour. I am intrigued to know what evidence you have to 'prove' that he was'nt a black man and to prove that beleiving that he was black was so 'outrageous'. I am a white person from the UK.

Stefan Anderson 

I just got finished looking at your web sight and I would just like to say that I am ashamed that your church carries the Baptist name. I am an Independant Fundamental KJV Only Old-fasioned Baptist. I am glad my children were not around while I looked at your web sight. It seems to me that someone putting this sight together has an unhealthy fixation on penises. First of all, for you to critisize a CHILDRENS SHOW, in such a manner and then have those WWJD Panties on the same page is horrible. Secondly, the disrespect you show to Christ with all the pictures, no the GRAVEN IMIGES on the sight is too much for me. Jesus was not NOT NOT a long haired skinny white man. He was Jewish which ment he had Olive color skin, and Black hair. Also the Bible says it is a shame for a man to have long hair, therefor Christ did not. Finally, Jesus was a carpenter which ment he was muscular. If I have offended you I apologize, the Bible says to speak the truth in LOVE, NOT with the Hatefull attitude you have shown to possable millions around the world who may have stumbled across your web sight. We are to reach the lost for christ, not turn them away by saying UNSAVED UNWELCOME. I pray that God will show you the errors of the web sight and I pray you will do what is right to fix it. Satan can use fanatical ideas such as those upon your web sight just as much as those things which you are trying to condemn.

Teresa Swoffer 

Pastor Deacon Fred,
How dare you say that I am hellbound! I am a loving, practicing Christian. And why did you have to politicize your response? That's not what my letter was about. You twist the words of the Bible into your own political agenda. Doesn't the Bible teach not to judge? Yet you have a whole website dedicated to judging others. And you say I make Jesus vomit? Jesus was the loving, understanding, forgiving son of God. I don't see any love in your website. I listened to one of your sermons and I don't hear any love in your voice. All I hear is hate. And hate is the work of Satan, not a Jar Jar doll. I pray for you sir, for your are the confused, sick one.

Spencer Adams 

Greetings and I am pleased to see the effort you have placed in your site. I accidentally stumbled onto it while looking for worship resources for a Christian Praise Band that I lead.

I was however dismayed to find on your front page underwear dipicting the image of Christ on the front. It seems that the church,.. specifically yours,.. is not immune from the secular call to make money,.. even at the cost of lowering The Image of my Lord and savior to the lower regions. Undoubtedly,.. you justify it as humerous and a way to produce money,.. but please do not forget that Christ himself overturned the tables of the money changers and other people that desecrated the temple in search of money.

Randy Morley 

I think my level of hatred towards you and your ideals is on the same level as yours towards the "presbyterians, and catholics, and pornographers, and homesexuals..." Your Fred Deacon is perhaps the most ignorant, the most misguided, and perhaps the most pitiful of all of you.

Your intolerance, and pointless, utterly pointless hatred sickens me to the core of my soul.

I am a righteous person. I live my life according to the Christian ideals of piety, of respect towards all of God's creations. You however, do not. I believe you are not of God's caliber at all.

My only consolation to all this mess is that you guys will set up a little colony in the middle of the Mojave desert, and die miserably, preaching your hatred towards the sand dunes.

And I'll be there to piss on your graves.

Peter Daniels 

You're a cult. Just thought I'd let you know. Oh and carbon is an atom, not paper. Dumbasses.


I randomly came across you website, and its so called "news" and felt the need to let you in on one of the biggest dangers to Christians in this world. That danger is none other than YOUR site. It is people like you that have seriously tipped my religious leanings towards Agnostic. I know that I should not judge other people, as you have done, because the bible teaches that it is wrong to judge others. After reading what I have of the bible, I still realize that it has been translated countless times by worldy men with their own agendas before it ever graced my bookshelf. After 2000 years after the death of Jesus, all we have left is poorly translated hearsay from people that were around him. Even those documents are composed of what is left of the sad remains of the dead sea scrolls. Despite these well known facts, many people act as if God appeared one day and dropped a copy of the King James Version Bible on their doorstep with the line "Written by God" on the spine. Those people bother me. Even worse is people like you, and those who support you, who go FAR beyond the poorly translated works we have today (King James VERSION.. version implies that there are others, which there are) and are not happy until they see the work of evil in everything from childrens books to the color of the packaging used for printer ink cartridges. If being like you is what it means to be a "True Chrisian", then I want no part of it.

A few things you need to know:

1. In supporting my claim of poor translation of the Bible, your site mistranslates "La Vi da Loca" to mean 'living for the devil'. In reality, it means "The life of crazy" or better translated to "The Crazy Life". Take a language class, it will help.

2. Nazis burned books. You burn books. I'm seeing a connection here.

3. You people "fine" your congregation if their children possess harmless literature. Not once on your pathetically written Harry Potter warning are any specific cases mentioned. Before you get me to believe any of that tripe, I want proof. That proof, as I'm sure you already know, does not exist.

4. here is a quote from your own publication:

Sept. 1 - FREEHOLD IOWA- Landover Baptist Pastor, Ebeneezer Smith used a blowtorch and a sword Sunday morning to demonstrate that Pokemon games and toys are only sugar-coated instruments of the occult and evil.

Earlier this week at Landover's Wednesday evening service, children's pastor Marty Richards told 714 kids ages 2 through 10 that Pokemon is evil and was sent to this planet under direct orders from Satan himself.

To drive home his point, Richards burned Pokemon trading cards and video games with a blowtorch and skewered 14 plastic Pokemon action figures with a 40 inch broad sword. Richards then held the sword with all 14 pierced Pokemon figures over a charcoal grill. Richards' 5-year-old son tore the limbs and head off a Pokemon doll and spit on the dismembered carcass.

During the demonstration, the children chanted: "Burn it. Burn it,'' and "Chop it up. Chop it up.'' "Kill them All!"

I am disturbed by this. Any sane person would have these children IMMEDIATELY placed in foster care to protect them from this madness. You take a harmless game and create a spectacle of violence out of it. Somehow I fail to see how playing a card game is evil while BURNING things, in a church of all places, and stabbing things with swords is good. I'm waiting to hear how many of these children start running around setting things on fire for fun because "That's what Pastor Ebeneezer told us God wanted us to do." Granted, Pokemon was created for the sole purpose of selling immeasurable ammounts of usless merchandise for the sole purpose of getting them all. Whether that is evil or the most creative marketing plan on earth, I'll leave to a trained economist. As for your answer.. well I'm sure you'd find an omen in the hamburger I dropped while cooking earlier.

At this point, I refuse to go any farther with my comments on your website. I do this for several reasons, but mostly because I am a better person than that and would feel ashamed of myself if I ever sank to your level. Also, it would take me far longer than God has put me on this Earth to even begin to explain how wrong everything you say is. Of course, who am I kidding... it is impossible for me to sink to your level because I behave as a Christian should.

So, I guess I'll end my correspondance here. Rest assured though that when I arrive at the pearly gates of Heaven, our true Lord's domain, I'll write you a postcard. Sure, it'll take a long time to get there, but you'll be in Hell for eternity.


you are some sick people to believe and spread the word and ignorance that gay people greet with a special handshake and then later meet in a public toilet. may god save you all from your ignorance, and stop you from preaching and spreading this way of thought. god would not have wanted this.



I just visited your website and read some of it.

I was a little taken aback by your using Hitler in your explanation of how he would be saved if he accepted Jesus right before he died. You see, Hitler's last act on this earth was murder, (he killed himself, broke the 6th commandment), so how can a man accept Jesus, kill himself, and still make it into the kingdom. By the way, I agree the Jews that he killed are not going to make it into the kingdom.

Also, the Harry Potter books. I agree with you on burning any books that aren't about Jesus or God, but don't you think burning the Potter books will just cause the publishers to print more of them?


In Jesus' holy name,

Emile Mistretta

When I first heard about hell house I thought that it would be something that was a good lesson to learn. How can you show some of these things to innocent children? How on earth could you do this stuff with the chicken and then beating them. That is just like child abuse and is very wrong. Excepting Jesus is something that should be life changing not just because there at hell house. You can't just beat someone because their not yet ready to except Christ. Until you e-mail me back explaining why this even a little right I will be doing everything I can to have hell house shut down for good. Just ask yourself how could a real christian could do this.

In Christ,

a concerned Christian

Excuse me.."pastor" but I don't think I have ever witnessed a more hypocratic Christian in my entire life. The point of being a Christian is to glorify God while bringing NON-Believers to know him. You are a sorry excuse for a Christian.

Jordan Aaron Tarlton 

i am absolutely appalled by your ludicrious website! it's is so-called Christians like yourselves who give organized religion a terrible reputation! how can you possibly consider yourseves christians? don't you see the hipocrasy in your statements??? you are a foolish bunch and i feel the deepest sympathy for your followers who have no doubt been brain-washed by your preachings. people like you are responsible for the athesists of the world. no, i am not "saved" and i don't have any desire to be "saved". i can't believe how you can use god's name to carry out your preachings. i feel so sorry for you all......

Laurie Pereiro

Dear Pastor of Landover Baptist Church,

I live in Wimberley Texas and I attend First Baptist church locally, and I don't know how I came upon your site, but when I did I was horrified and sickened that you would write some of the stuff you did on your website! One the Hellhouse you are putting on, takes salvation the total opposite way that Jesus wanted it to be done. Salvation is suppose to be a choice of someone who has noticed that life is nothing without Jesus, not someone who is so scared and wants to leave some place that they say some words to get out! Your church is contridicting all the ways that a christian is suppose to live. How many of the fruits of the spirit does they Hellhouse bring about! I can bring up one that you are showing none of Self control. Also do you believe that we are all unperfect people, if so, a quote comes to mind. "you do not get cleaned to come to God you come to God to get cleaned." I use this because you say you do not want unsaved people in your church but the whole purpose of having a church is to spread the ministry of Christ! You have shown no Love to others which will not get you anywhere in saving people. By cridisizing and judging people when they come into your church you are taking it upon yourself to be judge as well. I'm just crying in seeing your website: It's not something a a lost person would even think about wanted to be part of. Veggie Tale "Jonah" is mostlikely the best movie out and the sick stidistice way you have turned it into something of a porno is ridiculous! "It takes the mind of Christ to see something like that!" I believe you said, which is false. God does reveal evil, but in this case you have judge this wrong! I think that it is excellent that something descent has come out in the theater. It might be telling the story of Jonah as a cucumber but it's not ment for the minds of Adults, especially ones that would take it in the manner you have, but for children who have not grown to that level of thinking. I hope this letter touches something in you, and you will notice that you are not touching people the way God wants you to. As christians we are too be loving and helpfull. Never to be to proud and cridical! Even thought I don't think this letter will do much I will send it anyways.

With love in Christ Jesus our King,

Alex Edmonston,

I would like to know more, if I have misunderstood anything you stand please write me at again thank you for you time-

god is very upset. he doe not want us to feel normal. I have panic attacks so I guess god wants me to have these. Why would he want us to better ourselves? He is also upset that we give skitzo's meds to balance their brain.

you morons! God is a man made idea. Its all about money. If religion was real and true the church would not have billions of dollars. Priests take a oath of poverty but the church is so rich. Think! If there is a god and I hope there is, why would he want the church to be rich beyond belief and yet there are starving kids and adults in America and other 3rd word countries. God does not exist but I hope he does.




I find myself in an anger over one of your quizes that would call me a moron for getting a wrong answer, it would seem that you might as well claim yourself to be infalliable. And perhaps Moses did say to put out the lepers, but Jesus came to heal these, so that whoever shall believe will have ever lasting life. Perhaps it is cliched to use He who is without sin shall cast the first stone, but you guys are like blasting people left and right and if you say you have never or will never sin again then you are putting yourself as perfect and that is a form of idol worship.

I find your arrogance leaving a bad taste in my mouth, it is through kindness and compassion that you win hearts to Jesus Christ...I find that not in your website. Then again, perhaps you carry the same idea that my aunt and uncle do, that only Baptists will see the Kingdom of Heaven...boy are they going to be mad when they see us Pentecostals there.

joshua morgan

"666" - I believe that is your number my friend, years ago I don't know but you might have started out on the right foot. But satan got in your way and you let him in, the bible says its better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. But insted you let the darkness in, Well i'm praying that God will save you from your pitifull sinful life that you lead. And save your soul from the lake of fire. For if you let him in he will bless you and yours and not be dammed, And you can move out of that trailer park where people call you trailer trash, and buy you a nice home maybe out of brick or so!

... signed,.... Praying for your soul..


HEY! Jonah is played by Archibald Asparagus, NOT Larry the Cucumber!


How dare you call yourself Christian. The Jesus I know would not tell people to feed dog feces to children. There are children who trick-or-treat who CAN'T READ YET. I was sick to my stomach to read your words telling children to mutilate their bodies and making the deed of our Jesus Christ dieing for their sins a Halloween prank. The thing with the baby doll. Not even Jesus himself would re-enact that scene.

As for your comment about Jesus not playing host to sinners. I might remind you that he let a whore wash his feet with with her tears. I also might remind you that no man is in their right to judge others. Even with all our laws we have no right in the eyes of the Lord. St. Matthew 7:1-5

JUDGE NOT, that ye be not judged.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in they brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

Thou hypocrite, first cast out out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt though see clearly to cast out the mote of thy brother's eye.

You have no right to cast judgment against anyone but yourself and I for one was appalled to see that a so called Baptist Church leader could think he had the power or right to think so.

After having read some of your other writings, a question comes to mind. Have you ever done your research? Being a seeker of knowledge I have.

The words Witch and Witchcraft appear in some English versions of the Christian Holy Bible. One verse that is probably responsible for more deaths of innocent people than any other Biblical passage is Exodus 22:18 from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). In the King James Version, this reads: "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." These references are unrelated to Wicca. The original Hebrew term would better be translated as "a woman who uses spoken curses to harm others." It is generally translated as "sorceress" in modern versions of the Bible. The original Greek word that is often translated as "witch" in the Christian Scriptures (New Testament) means "poisoner." This has been generally regarded as referring to murderers who use toxic potions to kill other humans by stealth. A more recent explanation interprets the word symbolically to refer to someone who goes around spreading dissention - that is, one who poisons the minds of believers. Both practices, of course, do not apply to Wiccans under the Wiccan Rede: Wiccans do not engage in evil, harmful curses, nor do they proselytize.

These are your words:

"I don't want there to be any confusion or complaints from anyone in this congregation when you hear a knock on your door and learn that Church Security officers have come to take your child away from you. I don't want any tears to fall from your eyes when you find your child returned to you without a tongue, or if he or she is missing an ear or a hand or a few fingers."

Cutting body parts from a child, are you crazy? This promotes fear of a child, not love and understanding. God would not want a child to fear him. Not only that but it's against the law to do so. It's morally wrong my friend. See the light.

Mark 10:14 Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not:for of such is the kingdom of God

Do you really think Jesus would have mutlilated his children? I don't think so. Perhaps you should review the Ten Commandments. #6 and #10. Also read the Two Great Commandments from Matthew 22:37- 40

Thou shalt love the lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the sceond is like unto it, thou shalt love they neighbour as thyself, on the two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Then there is the Golden Rule. Matthew 7:12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

I would like to suggest you re-think your views about how to treat others. There are many bliefs in the world as well as religions. Catholic, Baptist, Southern Baptist, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Jewish, Judaism, the list goes on and on. In your words "sooner or later we're bound to bump into a hell bound Catholic" Again, who made you judge and jury my friend. The people in this Church are no sooner going to hell than you or I.

Teaching Chinese to speak "American"? What is with that? That entire sermon made me laugh. Why you may ask? Because you were casting judgment once again.

Most members of this congregation have never seen a Mooslim in person. You've seen them on the news, blowing up buildings, and in movies, stealing babies and killing Christians. I've seen a few of these so-called "people," up close when I've visited the Holy Land. You don't want to get too close, because they don't use deodorant and they sweat garlic. It's not pleasant. They smell as bad as Injuns. And they're just plain mean to everyone. Now, I don't want to talk about the Mooslim people today. If I were to start, we'd miss this afternoon's football game because I'd be talking for hours. What I do want to talk about today is what the Mooslim people believe. Their jaded history, their false idol "Allah" and his son, Moohummad, and their Hell-wrought quest for vengeance against the true God who rightfully cut them out of their eternal inheritance.

My dear dear man, again with the judging. Does it end? "these so-called people" Not all Mooslim are terrosist.

Find it in your heart as Jesus and our Heavenly Father to forgive and live your life to the fullest.