A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received November 2002  (unedited and in original form)

It's a good thing that the picture of the woman in an Indian dress is a white woman!!!!!! 'Cause there aren't any "injuns" that butt ugly.... How can you profess to be Christian, in any sense of the word, with the racist remarks found on this page????????? Jesus loves everybody, or do you have a different bible that we don't know about?????? I think you are a bunch of Aryan Nationalist using the guise of a church....you should be ashamed of yourselves......... I will offer up smoke and many prayers for you, hopefully the creator will take pity on you...

Leeann Moore 

I am a Cuberland Presbyterian and I am a minister's son. I DO NOT appreciate what you said about other Churches, like the Presbyterians. WHO GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO JUDGE??? YOU SHOULD NOT JUDGE!!! READ THAT IN YOUR BIBLE! PLEASE READ: 1st Corinthians chapter 4 verse 3 and read Romans Chapter 14 verses 1-8. Also read the words of Jesus, Luke chapter 6 verses 37 and 38. Let me tell you something, you should NOT say the things you say about other Churches, that itself is spiritually and morally wrong. I found your site when I was looking up Christian Entertainment, hoping to find some Christian material like Christmas programs for Churches to help with out Christmas program fo rthe Children this year since I am in charge of it. I WAS NOT expecting to find this horrendous and greedy cult posing as a Babtist Church. I know a lot of Babtists and let me say this, you aren't any Babtist that I have ever seen. Southern Babtists are easier to deal with than you are and that says a lot. You have to be a cult, that is obvious. No REAL Church who loves Jesus Christ our savior would charge money to get into their services. I was blown away even more when I saw that you charge $50.00 a person to get into your Church services. That is EXTREMELY GREEDY! Read Luke Chapter 19 verses 45 and 46. Unsaved not Welcome??????? HOW DARE YOU CALL YOURSELF A MINISTER IF YOU SAY SUCH THINGS!!!!!! The only way to save the unsaved is to get them in CHurch and minister and witness to them, and go out to where they live. Jesus often went into some very filthy places and commanded his disciples to do the same. Read Luke Chapters 9 and 10. How dare you charge money for tardiness, etc. Fines for dress code... HOW DARE YOU! That is ALSO greed. You should not be calling yourself a Babtist Church, I don't know what you are..... you are probably a CULT! I do not wish you to email me because I know you will dissagree with me, but I don't really care. I was insulted and outraged enough just by stumbling onto your Fundamentalist website. YOU ARE THE WORST FUNDAMENTALIST I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! AND YOU ARE EXTREMELY GREEDY! Who do you think you are? Jimmy Swaggard? I DID NOT MEAN TO VEIW YOUR PAGE< I ACCIDENTALLY HAPPENED UPON IT WHILE BROWSING FOR CHRISTIAN ENTERTAINMENT!!! I DID NOT MEAN TO READ YOUR FINANCIAL PAGE AND I WILL BE REPORTING THIS TO THE FBI IMMEDIATELY YOU CRIMINAL!

Jonathan Woodliff 

Re:- Your ingrained backwater preaching on the web

History has proven that eventually your blind and brainwashed sheep that sit in your churches will run their course. Pathetic priapic pulpit puking can only lead to one thing. The continuation of hereditry traits handed down from one bigotted baffoon to another, hiding under our makers umbrella. How dare you advertise that homosexuals are sick, and more importantly women are weak. Your highly patriachal and twisted outlook should have been burnt at the stake, not the lesbians. I live a honest life, true to my family and friends, loyal to this earth and it's inhabitants. I do NOT spend every waking moment glued to an archaic scripture that has been miscontrued and misrepresented by mentally defective, inbred southerners like yourself.

PLease, in future, if you wish to preach the real meaning to the word trailer trash, then book yourself in a mental institution, as I am quite sure the poor souls in there would see you coming a mile away. They say the people with intellectual diabilities can spot a fake a mile away.

I'll pray, in my own way, that when you die, our maker will forgive you for your religious blunders while on earth.

Have a nice day, and please for one small minute of your pathetic life, why don't you treat your wife like a human being. I'm sure you have a wife. There must be some poor individual that metaphorically wet nurses your underdeveloped conscious through life.

- Penny 

Your organization says that it is not right to associate with others that are not Christians.

My question:

1. Through out the life of Christ, he dined with and associated with some of the greatest sinners of that time to help bring them out of the horrible true death that they faced. Now saying we are to follow in the foot steps of Christ, how can you say to only associate with Christians?

2. How are you suppose to fulfill your Christian life if you do not go out into the world to save those that need saving!? That was the reason for Christ dieing , was it not!? “Go forth and spread the good news…”

3. How are you going to feel when you stand in front of God and show him what you did and that you saved no one and gave Christianity a bad name.

May I remind you that the apostles were sinners too.

I personally find what you have established as a cult and a twisted self modified version of Christianity and is no difference than the Al Quaida version of Islam.

What you are doing right now is a sin.

Please reply to my questions.

Thank you,


Oh My Good Lord, I am so appalled by your website and particularly your article on Injuns!! As a born and enrolled “Injun” I will let you know that now Injuns are drunk injuns. A majority of my family are sober and I have many cousins and relatives that have never touched a drop of alcohol and besides that it is the fault of the so-called Christians that brought the good drink to our people!!! It comes to my amazement that people like you still exist in our society and spreading the word of God through Love!! The only one that can judge anybody is God! You should not condemn anybody because of who they are, what they look like, the choices that they make, or for anything of that nature. God is the only one that can judge and if you feel that strongly about Homosexuals, Negroes, Injuns, and anybody else that does not live their lives like you, you should let God take care of it. If it is truly that bad and evil, then god will take care of it. He has taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves, so you must have some insecurity about yourself to lead a church that would condemn anybody. The true Christians I know only have good things to say and do for others, they don’t condemn them. You are not a true Christian. That comes from someone who is from a people/race that was condemned by Catholics and Christians and forced to assimilate into their culture, beaten and humiliated for being human but different than them and I can still respect them because it’s not their fault they were raised to hate. We wonder why racism, sexism, discrimination of others will never go away! And you call yourself a pastor!!!

Misty Thomas 

I just wanted you to know that I have been an Christain all of my life and I was raised in the Baptist faith. First of all, I think that your website is appaling (disgusting) to all who read and study the Bible. Second of all, I can not believe that you would be of such an low state of mind that you would find sin in chidren's toys and in the Veggie Tales movies. I have watched some of the Veggie Tales movies and I think that they are an wonderful way to teach an child about Jesus. Thirdly, you shouldn't, if you are an true follower of my LOrd and His teachings, judge people unless you know all of the facts about them that includes all of the different races that my Creator crated on Earth.

I was appaled also at the picture of the so called "Jesus" underware, because I know that He would not approve of His image being used this way. I am praying for you to get to know the Savior that I have known all of my life.

In Prayer.


all i have to say is that everyone associated with this church seems like a self-righteous bastard. what right do you have to tell other people to run their lives? was it not CHRISTIANS that molested young boys in church? what makes you so much better than everyone else? and how do you expect to convert anyone to your so-called "religion" when your website claims "unsaved unwelcome"? personally, i think you use religion to cover the cult that your practice really is. if anyone is to burn in hell for all eternity, i should think it would be you. anon.


youre a stuid freaking retard, all baptists are gay queers, and all catholics are true religiion


What gives you the right to think its ok to hurt other people, such as homosexuals... and why is it that you think TAMPONS are satanic... If you really believed in god, then you would know that you shouldnt judge people for who they are, god is the one and only judge... you are not to say what he thinks... as for the woman who disowned her son for being a homosexual, she should not be saying who god likes and dislikes... for all she knows, he could hate her for judging her own flesh and blood, and putting him on the streets... i would think god would be very unpleased at someone who thinks they are as divine as him to judge others... do you think you are god??? that is what he will ask you as you are standing at the gates of heaven... As for the tampon problem... have you ever seen the movie Carrie? If not, you should... Its about a mother who believes that she is a ! ! prophet of god, and was sent here to spread his words... Her daughter becomes a woman, (she started her menstrual cycle) and the mother shuns her for it by locking her in a closet for hours and makes her pray for forgivness... In the end the daughter goes insane and kills everyone, because her mother drove her to it... her mother judged her and thought of her as a whore for bleeding... that is not right... You must want women going around covered in blood and stinking, because you think the tampon is a tool of satan... you really ought to reconsider the use of them, because they are much more convenient and hygenic... yes there is a risk of TSS but that is only if the woman who is using them doesnt take care of herself properly... it has nothing to do with satan, only the woman herself... I can understand (in some ways) why you could think things like this, but you have to think about it in this way... It is the 21st century... Things are different now then they were in years ! ! before... Churches have changed as well as the people... Priests are now convicted child molesters and Catholosism which is still a religion of god is looked on as evil... it makes no sense... be civil and look at it from a different point of view...


Where do you get off? I was very offended by the "Baptist Ladies Ambush Frumpy Pentecostals With Emergency Make-over" article. You call this a church website. It sounds more to me like a hypocrite website. You should respect our beliefs as we do yours and not make fun of them. So calling us names, how Christian is that? Name calling is a sin. You people are idiots. You should have been arrested for attacking those women that way. Are you crazy? Do you know what you've done? Apparently not since you're bragging about it. Making fun of others is also not right. Jesus would NOT have acted in that manner. Cutting hair and disrespecting other beliefs. You want to talk about someone going to Hell, that's funny for you to say after everything else you said. And your little motto says "The Unsaved are unwelcome", since when did Jesus say that. Jesus said bring in the unsaved and get them saved. At least the Jesus I worship said that. You people are on the wrong track and all I can do is pray for you. Why did you do that to those women though? That's crazy. That's UNGODLY and SINFUL and God definitely didn't appreciate that. That's like slapping Him in the face. You make think you can walk all over the rest of us who don't believe what you believe but you're dead wrong and you will reap what you sew. You WILL reap what you sew. Remember that. God Help You!

John Barnett 

To Whom it may concern, First of all let me begin by saying how Satan-like your school's behavoir was toward Easter, teaching the children that rabbits are sinful. Rabbits too, are God's creation, He did not put them here to face abuse from people who are supposed to be true followers. Then again you seem to be more like Satan's Bullies. Isn't it supoosed to be that you treat all of God's creatures with kindness? As for the article of those poor preschool children who were mauled by your students, something must be terribly wrong with either your students' eyesight or something wrong with their heads for them to mistake little children dressed up for bunnies. Or maybe it was the fact that they were Catholic that sent them into a frenzy. I also suppose that whom ever wrote the article was a member of your Church. My reasons to believe this are: whos business is it if one of the little boys who was attacked was dislexic? Who's business is it if the teacher is divorced, and what difference does it make if she's pregnant? You people seem to do a lot of finger pointing of things that are of no concern for you. Regardless if people do things differently than you, you still are in no position to judge them for their actions. If memory serves me correctly Those who judge others will be judged first. So let me make a suggestion before your church goes around pointing the finger at how people live their lives and what they chose to practice for their religion maybe you should instruct them that you yourselves are no better and that you should clean up your act before you judge others on theirs.

Zohra Jensen 

Aside from the many other unbelievable things I read about your church, this one stands out.

RE: "General Rules are subject to change at any time without notice. Members are expected to find out what the new rules are within two hours".

All I can add is that any faith that attaches 'mans' rules to them is false doctrinarian. God doesn't and will never change His rules, ever for anyone. And what's up with the 2-hour deadline? Where is that written? Rules are put in place by man for one reason alone, that being to 'control' people. So many rules. Not once did I see anything written about the spirit of God dwelling within our hearts, guiding us, watching over us, picking us up, bringing peace into our hearts.

Regarding clothing. What about all the people in poor countries who can afford nothing but a loin cloth? God lives in the hearts of those who believe and obey His commandments daily. Not those who rush out to by "Christian clothes"!!!! Unbelievable stuff you folks preach. Follow the word as it is written, and not to your own silly add-on rules and regulations.


I was looking for costumes today online and happened upon your controversial website while inquiring about the Holy Ghost Halloween Costume. Do you believe in the things that you wrote on your website? I mean the parts about you raising your children to think they are superior to others and to teach them, I quote, "we are going to find some unsaved liberal kids with devil costumes and present them with the gospel. If they refuse to accept Jesus, we are going to tear off their costumes and burn them right there in the street!" Before I even go any further, I would first like to know if this was put on jokingly, light-heartedly, or if you believe in this. I'm not a religious person and I worship nobody at all. I'm neutral to religion. This site is by far the worst and scariest site I've ever visited on the internet. To think there are people out there who think like you keep me and many other people away from religion. It's sobering to read your website and see what kind of evil actually comes out of religion like yours, and how many people are actually allured by your kind of mentality.

dave fisher 

I must strongly protest at this "Christian site". You are making a mockery of the love of God and his mercy!! We are still in the Age of Grace and you and I are no more worthy of the Grace of God! What happened to the love of God? This is no way to win souls to Christ! While I agree that there is a need for strong Christians to stand up and preach the entire Word of God, I think that there is a fine line and your homesite is pushing that! In Christ,

Daniel Vernon

I will start of by saying that you are correct in the sense that some things taught in science are completely wrong and a believing christian should not believe in them (i.e. evolution). But not all science is wrong. I am a christian and I am also a science teacher. I think that it was wrong of you to write that article and attack science with inaccurate and false teachings.

1) science does not mean satanist in Latin. scientia is the latin word for science and it means knowledge or skill. diabolus means the devil or satan. (colossians 3:9)

2) The Christmas tree: yes the christmas tree is green through ou the year, hence the name evergreeen. There is nowhere in the Bible that tells us that he was born December 25th. The "christmas tree" celebration is something new; it was not established when Christ was born.

3)there is nothing wrong with scientist. they have a job just like you and me. Now how they perform their jobs is a different story.

4) Science and God. Thay go hand in hand if used properly. The colors of the leaves do change colors and their is a scientific process that allows that to happen. Evolutionists will try and say that over millions of years through slow changed they developed that way. No that is not the case either. God set the process up, just like he designed the human body.

5) Just because it is outside of the Bible does not make it a lie. There is no proof to this and no biblical backing.

6) Finally, we can understand how ice works. We can see the molecules come closer together under an electron microscope and we can watch what happens when heat is applied to them. What gives those molecules the ability to do that is God.

God set up this world for us to enjoy and to take care of. Yes we can understand how it happens which can strenthen our belief in him. If you think about the complexity of the human body and how everything must work together, you relaize his handiwork. It can go even further, you can understand the earth and how everything must happen in a way in order for us live and survive. (Psalms 19).

You attacked science with no proof, no scriptural background, and without any understanding of science.

Scott Taylor

I was going through the internet finding info on the Blood of Jesus when I came across your site on Dancing in the Taliban blood. Now being a Christian and especially being baptist you would know that Jesus was sent to this world to to save the saved but to save the unsaved, he was not a doctor to the healthy but a doctor to the sick. How can you save the unsaved if they are not welcomed? Jesus says you just have to repent and he will forgive you. So if a convicted rapist repented he is forgiven by God. Also, Jesus came to the earth to spread the God-like love. We are to love everyone even our enemies, such as the Taliban. God doesn't want us dancing in their blood. God wants us to love them. God is a God of justice, a God who avenges those who mess with the believers, so we shouldn't take it in our own hands.

Your website is very misleading and as a Christian trying to save the unbelievers your decieving them by telling exactly what God isn't. My God is a God of love, mercy forgiveness. He is sees us through His perfect son's blood and sees us holy. That is my God that I serve. I pray that your eyes are opened and your heart changes. We are in the end times and we need to realize who the one true God is.

In Christ,

Sarai Baldwin 

I was raised most of my life as a Baptist in Kentucky. My father was a minister. Your website is an insult and is one of the most pathetically wrong sites I've ever seen. You are promoting Hate, you are promoting lies, you are promoting violence with these stories that are beyond absurd. You are no better than those you criticize in your articles. You may have the right to do this, but you are no closer to God than those you are damning. Also, it is people like you, that have made me consider giving up on my faith altogether. Shameful.

matthew akin 

Do you really want the label Fanatic or Fundamentalist you stupid pinhead, or should I say camel jockey.


you should be ashamed of ur website. u r mocking God who is in contol of all things and who created u n me. remember that God does not let n e 1 go unpunished there is a day when we all will be judged. REPENT!

Colleen Hooven 

I find your website to be full of content and very easy to read. Your remarkable insight provides a different perspective to those who are out there searching for the truth. I am quite certain that when the rapture takes place and Christ comes for his people, he will ensure that your staff and yourself will have plenty of experiences from which to pull new "material".

I hope that you are making a lot of money and enjoying yourselves until such time, because obviously eternal damnation does NOT have it's privileges.

I will pray for your people.

Mike Mobley 

what the HELL is this SHIT???? your website talking about people taking medication not to fear the Lord makes NO SENSE!!! you baptists are a bunch of FREAKIN' WEIRDOS!!! try being a catholic and make more sense. I'm catholic, and proud of it. i take anti-anxiety medicine because i need it, and it has NOTHING to do with my relationship with God, but it does help me to handle life a little easier. your website is A LOAD OF BULLSHIT!!! PS, im 34 yrs old and not a freaky baptist and DAMN GLAD OF IT!!!!


Did you pay to have that 10 foot pole lodged up your ass or are you hoping to melt it off by burning all those harry potter books? I'd leave it if I were you because the next thing that's gonna end up lodged in there is my size 14 boot. Fuck you, you religious biggot, just because you came from a place in the gene pool that has since dried up doesn't mean people still care about your inept opinions. If anything you should keep from opening that outdated rot of yours. Just because harry potter might outsell the bible someday or replace jesus in the three most popular western names doesn't make it satanic. I should know, I am a satanist. And before you give me hellfire, remember IT'S YOUR HELL, YOU BURN IN IT.

Michael David 

I am an Anglican Christian and I must say how shocked and mortified I am by your website. How can you say that you are the only true Christians in the world? God has His church within all denominations where the Gospel Truth is proclaimed. If the unsaved really are unwelcome to join your church then you should have no members at all. All people are unsaved before they accept Jesus as Saviour. Furthermore you blaspheme and prove your hypocrisy by presenting your so-called Christian Porno site for people to look at. Pornography is one of Satan's subtle tools to lead people to hell. Those who produce it are really serving the devil. I have to rebuke you in love as a church corrupted by Satan. Betty Bowers calls herself the best Christian in America but I can tell by the things she teaches that she is a fraud. Under the influence of her leadership you are going to hell. May the Lord Jesus bring her and all of you to your senses so that you can repent and be forgiven for all the sinful things on your website and in your general church systems. Please hear my prayer, Gracious God. Amen.

Martin Johnson

Did you see the same Green Mile movie as everyone else did?? Never once was Hanks without clothing, and never once were there any bisexual acts committed in the movie!! I do not understand where your got your opinions?

Maggie Innes 

How dare you talk about my people that way. You have no right what's so ever. If this was your land then why did you need to land here? Oh and by the way the name of the ships were the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. If you wanna talk trash at least get your facts straight. You know nothing about my culture, you know nothing about my people. Know why we killed your people because you started killing off mine. If you have such a problem with "NATIVE AMERICANS" then take your behinds back to wherever your ancestors came from and you won't have to worry about what we're doing. I want you to also know that you will be stopped with all this hatred real soon.


My name is well really unimportant to you. I am complying to your story about the Pentecostal makeovers we all know that is false. There is no Pentecostal women who think that you can not shave off any bodily hair. Hell is hot my unfortuned brother and your headed straight there and your Judy O" Chrtistion which we know thats not her name is really not pretty at all she is dog ugly so she knows no tricks about staying beautifull. If I hear about you using these discriminatory stories I will persue legal actions and if I ever hear about you coming into my town duing your knockdown door makovers i'll find you myself and give you a holy makeover you won't forget my friend. That is not a threat it is not a mean statement. Cause God will help you all I will do is give you a bible study you won't ever forget.


Salutations, After a friend sent me a link to one of your many articles, I decided to see what other forms of propaganda and libel you were smearing all over the internet. And I'm frankly disgusted with what kind of slime was posted on this page. The constant attacks on Jewish people and Homosexual was enough to make me want to vomit, but the extent to which it was taken was the worst. Exactly what kind of messages are you trying to spread here? It's certainly not the type of understanding and love that the bible supposedly teaches, this is a thinly veiled attack on the which you don't understand. The weak-minded people that read and accept this trash are the ones that need "5 Sears Die hard car batteries" and to spend "2 years in a 3-foot wrought iron cage". Or better yet the writers of the horrible content which you call so wholesome. Just for the records now, there's nothing wrong with being Jewish, homosexual, greek, german, british, irish, scotish, italian, mexican, canadian, or any other race, creed, or background. All are human beings! No more or less. It's the day that everyone can accept and understand that, when this world will be a truly great place. Get off of your cross, and look around you once in awhile. I'm proud to say I'm one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. I have high morals, a lot of respect for life, and a kind heart. I'm also proud to say I'm NOT christian, and seeing the smut that you allow to be published on this page makes me swell with pride in that fact.

Shadow Demon 

lemme start off by saying, you are nothing but a cover-up satanism piece of shit church, you have no fucking idea what the bible states, u have no fucking authority telling people how they should dress, what are u some mother fucking amish piece of shit church, god damn u have no clue at all, at the bottom of your website theres a quote "Please note - If you do not have the same beliefs as we do, you are going to burn in Hell forever." aiight u fucking dumbass if u knew anything ud that you have no mother fucking authority telling people theyre not getting into heaven, its Gods decision not yours so get off your mother fucking pedistal and start acting like a real person, if anyones going to hell its your lame fucking ass for worshiping something you made up, AND FININING PEOPLE for doing something wrong LMAO! what do u think u are the fucking police? jesus christ u stupid fucks when will u get some sense, oh and this clothes thing, GOD MADE US NAKED U STUPID FUCKS, IT WAS EVE AND ADAM WHO ATE THE FRUIT AND RELIZED THEY SHOULDNT BE NAKED, GOD DOES NOT FUCKING CARE HOW WE DRESS, ONE MORE THING, I HOPE YOU LIVE LONG, CAUZ YOURE GONNA BE TORTURED WHEN YOU DIE!!