Landover Baptist Mail Received January 2002  (unedited and in original form)

First let me introduce myself... My name is David and I am a Christian.  I gave my heart to the Lord some years age and renew act daily.  I have been studying the Bible for a little while and I don't have all the answers. For example, I did not know the answer to the first question in your quiz.  For giving the wrong answer I was called an "unsaved moron"  How DARE you judge me as 'unsaved'  Do you not know that the rod you hold to others, that SAME rod will be held to you?  Well, this 'moron' KNOWS he is saved by the Grace and Blood of my Savior Jesus.  I try my hardest to follow the law that my God set forth and His Son said on the sermon on the mount.  Because I need forgiveness from my Father in heaven, I forgive you for judging me as an "unsaved moron".
David Meek

200 Million years of Evolution and we have... You? Please do the world a favor and stop breathing =]
Max Conrad 

You disgust me. How can you call yourself Christian, or even human? sex is natural part of growing up so like it or not people are going to masturbate. I know it's unfortunate that the farher saw it happen but if wasn't the doll it would have been something else. As for toy story 2 the 'Viagra' as you called it was infact something completley non sex related Why are you so scared of being human? The Bilble does not mention about sex being bad or evil. I also find it very racist that you stereotype Jews. You should respect all forms of belief wether you believe it or not. This is the 21st century, people should be coming together not breaking apart, how so very narrow minded and dissapointed I am with you. You are the living in the past people who make me want to no longer want to be a Christian. Live a little. Accept it, and above all don't be scared of life.
Oliver Worley 

My name is Taryn Mckellar. I am not yet 18 years old, but I feel the need to send this email!
I just happened to come across your website and read the page about Madonna's wedding! I found it absolutely terrible and unchristian that you should judge a person (people) like that.

I'm a Christian. I believe Jesus Christ died for us all. I believe he is the son of God. And I believe in his word. In his word it says that you should not Judge others (John 8:1-7) but pray for those who have not yet found Christ. In Isaiah 1:18 (and Ezekiel 36:25) it says that Gods forgiveness makes us white as snow nomatter what we've done!! And if you weren't so busy criticising Madonna you could be praying for her (like I do every single day) so she can  (and she will) be saved and forgiven and go to heaven! I think her marriage to Guy Ritchie was a wonderful thing for her, her children and for Guy.

Instead of confessing negatively over their Marriage you should be praying that God will come into their lives and help them to make it last forever. 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone' and I can say with assurance, that not one of you in that mislead congregation is without sin! And, you know what... all sin is the same in Gods eyes. Weather you've told one little lie or done all the things Madonna has done.

There is not one person in the world without sin, just because someone is a celebrity, it does not mean they are Demon possessed!!! I think it disgusting that you try to take away the most precious things in Madonna's life-her children!!  Just because they were born out of wedlock does not mean that they are condemned to Hell for all eternity! I was born out of wedlock... I know for a FACT that I am NOt going to hell! Whoever wrote that piece... I suggest that they SERIOUSLY rethink what you've said and check your facts.

For your general information:

1. Madonna did not change her name to Madonna! It has always been Madonna! From the day she was born!
2. Sting is NOt a HEAVY METAL artist and  I don't really think his records played backward "glorify Lucifer"
3. Just because Donatella Versace brother was gay... It doesn't mean she's a bad person.
4  Rosie O'donnel was never Madonna's lover! EVER!
5. And you know what... Tom Cruise IS NOT gay!!!!
6. And... excuse me... where in the bible does it say that interracial relationships are forbidden??? Are you the friggin K.K.K????
8. Madonna did not wear a see through black sheath at her wedding> it just so happened that she wore a strapless, ivory* silk gown... complete with a tiara and diamond cross around her neck. *it was ivory... not white because even she knows she aint a virgin!!!
9. and the whole congregation was not without their... as you put it "unmentionables"
So... go ahead and take that enormous mother of a log out of  your own hypocritical eye and start to pray for Madonna's and other non Christians salvation!!!!
How can you expect people to give their lives to Jesus if they are not let into your Church!!  Where you present at Madonna's wedding... ummm, I think not!!! So who told YOU that There was any sort of Chanting going on??!! OR did you just make that part up for effect!? Ooh I think I hit the nail on the head there! And that nice little picture you have on the page with the subtitle "Madonna's Anglican wedding"... well that's a scene out of the movie "Eyes Wide Shut"!!! Oh but you wouldn't have seen that.... or would you? You are (excuse my unchristian Language) one sick little FUCK!!!!
I am disgusted... and I'm sure that God is too! So... call her the "Great Whore Of Babylon" or whatever (I'd hate to think what name some people could come up with for you), but one day (thanks to me) she'll be a follower of Jesus Christ. As will her children and Husband. It's not them, but you who should be condemned to an eternity in hell for distorting Christianity like that. You should know better... she doesn't!

Taryn McKellar 

To whom it may concern,

Keep your fantasies to yourself regarding our President of the United States.  You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a man of the cloth?  A Minister? A Pastor? It is a sin to gossip let alone put it out for the world to see.
Do unto others as you want them to do unto you!

An American, A Christian,
Eunice Malcho 

     i am an unsaved soul seeking salvation.  I found your website in hopes that someone would lead me in the right direction.  I always thought that christians loved bringing lost sheep back to the right herd.  However, i see that unsaved people are unwelcome on your page.  Thats okay, SATAN says that i am welcome on his homepage anytime i feel like it.  Sincerely, and piss on landover baptist,

Deicide - Jesse mardis

I am a born again believer and you are NOT !   How dare you blaspheme again my Lord and Savior by taking His name in vain betimes.  Swearing in a so-called sermon (Deacon Fred).  Much bigotry by which the Lord NEVER was.  Did you ever read John 3:16  "so loved the world".  That means Blacks, Chinese, Cuba folk, and all the others.   Tell Deacon Fred to read his Bible over, he cannot preach lies and blasphemy and be called a saved person.  And by the way, demons are not in hell yet and those angels that are bound by chains can't escape through a pipe line because Christ put them there.    I am sick because you are sending more people to hell with you than you realize.
G. Greg & Deana

Do you know what that sounds like?  "I've got a heart on for Jesus."
You can't be that naive even though it sounds like you live in the Victorian age.Sex was created by God but you associate it with everything evil. Then you use that heading which is a blatent double entendre.

I am a baptist and I don't think you would be allowed membership in our church because of your warped views that are unsupported by the scriptures.Maybe your interpretation of it but we all know words can be twisted to fit anybody's agenda.

Just thought I would let you know some liberals are baptists and as for supporting "Bush", good luck with your new deficit producing administration. I bet you nearly went nuts when Clinton was in office producing a surplus that it took only months for "W" to squander on his useless tax cuts.I sure hope the "Enron" affair will show all Americans what a corrupt bunch the Republicans really are under the guise of religious pontificates.

Have a nice day.
Don Soper

I came across, your website and found it blaspheming Allah and His Prophet and Messenger Muhammad (PBUH),

Sir, you are completely mistaken in what you write, Hagar was a House Maid for Abram and Sarai, and as according to God's plan she bore him Ismail. Ismail, was promised a Great nation according to the Bible. Muhammad was a name Arabs, never had before his advent, it is derived from the word Ahmed which Arabic and Aramaic (Jesus's language) for the Praised One or the Promised one. In the New Testament Jesus like other Old Testament Prophets before him prophised the coming of the promised spirit, who talks not of his tongue but the words of God(that came to compose the Qur'an).

Muhamad, the promised one, came and spoke the words of Allah(the Qur'an). The devil is shunned in Islam so is polytheism. Islam preaches monotheism(One True God and even teaches against the Trinity). The word Islam in Arabic is derived from the word Salam which is Arabic for Peace, it also means Submission and Faith to the Will of Allah(God). The words Muslims, means those who believe in Islam as opposed to munafiq(Hypocrites even talked of in the New Testament) and Kafirun (Polytheists and unbelievers). It does not mean believers in the Moon.

Islam distinguishes clearly between Gallatic entities, satellites, planets, the cosmos, stars and their Creator Allah, kindly visit for a proper understanding of Islam.

We muslims believe that the fiirst Prophet was Adam, followed by others like Noah, Abraham, Moses, Lot, Jacob, Aaron, Joseph, Jonah, Job, John The Baptist, Jesus etc and the last of all being Muhamad. We believe that God, loved Abraham so much for his being faithful (he believed in the oneness of the unseen God and even constructed a House of Worship for him in Makkah(biblical Bakkah) with his son out of Hagar, Ishmael), all the people among whom Abraham domiciled including his father, were idol worshippers (Just like Muhammad almost all the people including his family were Idol Worshipers).

Because of God's love for Abraham, He blessed His Progeny with Prophethood, Solomon, David, Moses, Lot, Job, Jesus, Jacob, who were descendants of his
wife Sarah and came from the Jewish race.

But, the Jews became disorderly and even attempted to kill God's Prophet Jesus (Isa in Islam), God removed his favour from them as earlier promised (in the Old and New Testament)and passed it to Ishmael's(Abraham's son) descendant, Mohammad, the non Jew. And that was the Seal of Prophets. He Preached a good message he was not an evil man. Some people do bad things in the name of Islam and Allah but some of these are condemned by even Islam and are very punishable. If some Muslims are not clean, I think you find this in all humans of all religions. But Islam teaches cleanes and we have to wash atleast five times a day.

Thank you for being so kind to read my message.

Nkutu, Faisal 

I'm Baptist and my dad is a Baptist Minister. I do not believe what you are putting on the internet! UNSAVED UNWELCOME????????????? WE WERE PUT ON THIS EART TO BRING THE LOST TO CHRIST!!!!! NOT TURN THEM AWAY! I'm sorry but I will not "burn in hell" for not believing exactly the way you do. I'm saved but I do not believe we should turn away the lost and dying world..they are the ones that WILL go to hell when they die. YOUR goal in life is to help direct them to God, and Jesus Christ. So that they can be saved and go to Heaven. I hope you have a good day.


i just stumbled apon the site and i read the article on the movie "Dinosaurs" and how it inflicts subconsious sexual motives onto children. I was offended. I am filled with shock that the Church would go about and manipulate something as simple as an egg in a nest to perverted images. Yes, Disney has just recently obtained it's reputation of having some perversions in there movies, yet, the picture of the egg would in no mind be pictured as that of what you implied.... no mind except that of a Christians. You sick people... very very sick. You should be ashamed of yourselves. And the barney thing... youre inciting that God does not welcome "sissies" or "gays". We dont all have to conform to your twisted, disgusting ideals. I dont think people of your stature should be allowed to represent the church in this manner, nay, at all. Isn't it kinda funny how an "evil" pagan "witch" like me has so much more compassion, understanding and unconditional love in his heart than you... you who call yourselves disciples of the messiah. I bet if there was a heaven he would be looking down ashamed at you. Your nothing but social critics. And i want you to write back... just to hear your pitiful excuses.

zack kamper 

Well,.......I hate to say it, but I am VERY disappointed in your articles about Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Right now I am reading your "Lord of the Rings Cock Rings merchandise" article, and I VERY strongly disagree with it. First of all, Tolkien was a very strong Catholic, and the last time I checked, a catholic would never write something as explicit as what you are saying. If you can email me a page number and a quote directly from the book to back your theories up, then send them to me and I would be glad to go over them and see for myself what you are talking about. Secondly, this Lord of the Rings Cock ring thing you are talking about, you say it's from McDonald's? Well, I don't think that McDonald's would EVER do anything like that.  That is just disgusting and degrading. I truly pity you, you say you are a "Baptist" church, and all you can put on your website is trash like this? I don't think so.  I come from a real Baptist church, and I know for a
fact that they do not act like this. As for the picture of Gandalf that you have on the "McDonald's"'s called a STAFF, but then again, you would probably think that was just as evil, right? Have you actually even read any of the books, or seen the movie? Well, I highly recommend this, if you are going to be such a critic about it. It seems to me that you have nothing better to do with your time than to find stuff to complain about...and make up explicit degrading stories that aren't even true. The only reason you are doing this is to get attention for yourself.

Your quote under your banner on your website says "Where the worthwhile worship. *Unsaved are not welcome. (As Jesus Commanded.)" Well, for one thing, Jesus himself spend most of his time on earth preaching to the unsaved. If you don't preach to them, how are they supposed to come to know God? Can you show me the exact  verse where it says that Jesus has commanded such a thing?

Moving on....Harry Potter. What you say about Harry Potter is absolutely NOT true in any way at all. Have you even read the books? I suggest that you read
them before you make such rash comments on them. It's true that they use the word 'Witchcraft' in the book a number of times, but they don't actually do "real" witchcraft. They have a "wand" that they use. I don't know about the area that you live in, but last time I checked, there was no place that sold real, genuine magical wands that actually work the way they do in Harry Potter.  Plus, they have brooms that they fly on. Can you provide any evidence where some kid has actually learned how to make a broom fly? I don't understand anything you say about these books. I've read all four of them-twice. And I absolutely LOVED them, I have found no fault in them whatsoever, and I am a Bible believing Christian. I don't count myself insane either. I know you are probably thinking that I've been brainwashed by Satan or something, but I can honestly say that I am the same person as I was  today as I was before I read the books a year ago. And another thing, in your article about Harry Potter, at the very end of it, you have said that you have  evidence that the 5th book will revile that Harry killed his parents
with a  butcher knife?! Can you please tell me where you came up with this idea? Because I, personally, would not think that he would ever do something
like this, because even though he didn't know his parents, he loved them, a lot, as was proved in the 3rd book, if you have read it. Besides, even if he did kill his parents, which he did not, why would he kill them with a butcher knife? Surely he could have found something better to use!

I am looking at your merchandise pages at this moment. I  am disappointed in the shirt that says "Get your ass to church." It may be just me, but if someone came up to me and told me to "Get your ass to church," I wouldn't think much of you, because a saved person would never witness to a person and say that!

And also, your article about Ricky Martin. I just want you to know, that I do not like him in any way whatsoever, but again, I do not agree with what you
have written. Under his picture you have written that "Living La Vida Loca" translated to Living for the Devil? Well....I hate to tell you this, but Living La Vida
Loca is Spanish for Living a Crazy Life, not living for the devil.

I am by no means trying to be disrespectful to you, or your opinions, I am just trying to show you that they aren't entirely right. I am interested in your views on these matters, and I would like it very much if you would send me an email back showing me, in the books, where you have seen all of this stuff. Just tell me the page number, and I will look it up, and see for myself


blasphemy is what you stand for .. thats about it .. you guys should check yourselves .. i doubt your salvation totally

God Bless you pastor,
I am a woman, a woman with a soul and fortunately I don't fit into your category. You see, my Bible tells me that God said (Genesis 1:26) "let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness, let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth." (27) So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. That was the first stage of the completion of Man, and of course God wouldn't be talking about forming man at that stage because His image and His likeness are not fleshly, but spiritual. Flesh and Blood can not inherit the kingdom of God. Then down further in the second chapter verse 7 it goes on to say that the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. You see, the only thing that man did before woman was become a living soul. He received his flesh first, which thus explains why the dilemma of man has always been putting his flesh first. I can not believe that God would place the responsibility of bringing forth life through a soulless being. Each seed produces his own kind, therefore anything that woman produces should be soulless, including you. As far as the women are cursed issue, God didn't curse Woman . According to Genesis 3:14, God cursed the serpent, in verse 16 He told Eve that He would greatly multiply her sorrow and conception, but no curse was involved. Then to Adam He cursed the ground for Adam's sake to ensure that Man would have to work extremely hard to take care of his responsibilities. Just like Adam did (the first Man) by blaming everything that was wrong on Eve when God instructed him, not Eve, to leave the tree alone, you are following the heritage of your ancestor. When God held Adam accountable for his actions, the first thing he could say was "the woman which You gave me, she gave me of the tree and I ate it". If woman was considered an animal, she would have received a curse and been doomed for eternal damnation just like Satan is. But because the channel of life is through the woman and because the woman is also a living soul, God put an in-bread hatred between the woman and the serpent, all the way down to her seed. He didn't instruct Eve not to eat of the tree because Adam became flesh first and he should have had control over it. Eve was designed to help Adam, and because of no self control, she helped him to sin. However when Eve was questioned by God, she owned up to it by saying, "the serpent deceived me and I ate." She acknowledged that she had been deceived by Satan and that she was responsible. But God didn't instruct her not to eat, therefore no curse was deemed justified. Once the Lord breathed the breath of life into the nostrils of man, he became a living soul. Animals are living creatures. You see, out of the ground, the Lord God formed Man, and every beast of the field and every bird of the air, but the woman was taken out of Adam, not the ground. Hopefully you will reconcile your misleading and shallow opinions before you are held accountable for misleading God's Children. You have offended the Lord by saying that His earthly mother had no soul. Sorry to tell you that God has no respect of persons. The woman has played a very important role in history and I just can't understand how a living being with such compassion, emotions, intuition, patience, reverence, importance and strength could  be the mother of all living, and have no soul, (which by the way is mind, will and emotions). You're very incorrect. God Bless.
Vanessa Streets-Townsel 
P.S. The passage that you are referring to in Corinthians about Jesus said? Jesus' words are in red ink, and they stopped coming in the Gospels. I think you meant to say Paul said.

Les escribo porque no acabo de dar credito a la cantidad de sandeces que acabo de leer en su pagina de noticias. Para ustedes todo lo que concierne al mundo del consumo es pecado, porque en el fondo ustedes crean una reaccion contra las empresas grandes sobre las que dicen falsedades. Pero ese no es el motivo de mi carta el motivo es que me parcen ustedes unos grandes hipocritas. Sino recuerdo mal Jesus dijo: NO MATARAS. Y que yo sepa las armas solo tienen una funcion matar, o es que solo tiran al plato. La asociacion de armas que ustedes tan alegremente "linkan" a su pagina, presenta en su home la foto de un niño de 10 años, mas o menos, apuntando al lector con un arma. Bravo. No tengo palabras para demostrarles la poca confianza que tengo en ustedes. Y si se pararan a pensar un poco, en vez de hablar y hablar, se darian cuenta de que lo han interpetado todo de una manera erronea, La Palabra de Dios incluida. La vida loca, no es la vida del diablo.Solo es lo que dice.

Tania Merce 

You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

This is not fun....this is absolute abominable and anyone who is unsaved and goes to this website and doesn't get that it's guys have a lot to answer for.

I am not shocked that someone would think of something so evil to if there isn't enough going on in the world.

I do not find this funny or even entertaining.

It ticks me off to put it bluntly.

Tonya Poole