A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received January 2003  (unedited and in original form)

I have been a Christian since I was five. You are very crafty in your quoting of scripture. But you don't believe the whole Bible like you say. I must ask though, what about Jesus' admonition for us to love our enemies? (Matt. 5:44) It is sad to me the way you are portraying Christianity. I feel lower just for looking at your sight. Your website cannot be a blessing to anyone because you curse everyone but yourself there. I don't know what god you serve... wait, no, I do know your father. But the God that I serve is not the same as yours. There is no love, joy, peace, patience or kindness in your fanatical fringe religion. You spew your own opinions and with those opinions come hate, and much of it. Your website is sick, and that is only the beginning of what can be said of it. I had hoped at first that the whole thing was a joke. A very poor one indeed, but I was seriously nauseated when I realized that you seem to be for real. I still hope against hope that I'm wrong. But your site is not Christian. Your teaching is not Christian. There is no hope in your message if you have one. No serious or reasonable person could accept what you're saying.

After seeing more than enough, it is clear to me what the purpose of your website is. It is nothing more than an attempt to get attention for yourself, whomever (singular or plural) YOU are. You may get the attention of a few of us, and I truly pity those few who have unwittingly stumbled across the useless rubbish on your sight. But you've gotten the attention of God and the Christ that you claim to serve. For you, however, I pray for something better than a swift journey to a very hot place, as you've wished some of the other visitors to your site. I pray that you will come out of this deception, and that you will truly come to know the love of God expressed through Christ. You would do well to read Matthew 9:10-13. Jesus himself sits and eats with sinners. May you come quickly to truly see the path before you. It leads only to destruction. Stop fooling yourselves and dragging clueless people down with you.

God Help Us all,



How dare you people who believe that anyone who does not believe in Jesus will burn.........You are a disgrace to the word Christian AND Religion. You call others sinners???

By my very life I would report you to the government for single handedly provoking mass histeria.........

Racist or Baptist what's the difference?

White Fang

I Hate You


I have recently read your article entitled "The Make Believe World of Harry Potter Is Driving Children to the Edge of Insanity!" I was extremely disgusted that a church of your stature would target such an author. I have read two of these books and these allegations you have stated are very farfetched. As a Christian, this article makes me want to vomit at the thought that it is your belief that the Catholic church could be considered a cult. How dare you attempt to brainwash people into thinking that by reading Harry Potter they will be sent to the depths of hell. Another thing, these fictitious claims that children are stealing yellow crayons and eating dinner in closets are very unrealistic.

If you are targeting questionable writing, why not Stephen King, and what about all of the demonic movies that children see these days. This is obviously an excellent example of what a church SHOULDN'T be. Also this is a good example of using religion to manipulate people for political gain.

After all, I thought this was America which is governed by the constitution and our constitutional rights, such as the freedom of speech and action, and now you are telling people they will be fined if they are caught with the book, and their children will be taken away from their parents, to be sent to Russia and be brainwashed even more.

I would like a response to this e-mail that states why you feel it is necessary to infringe on the constitution and use religion to manipulate people.

A concerned citizen.

am a born again christian and I am very hurt by your web site. You Have turned these movies into something they are not. And your quizes are wrong. I do not understand if your are tring to people to the Lord or scare them away. But there is one thing that I know. My Lord is a loving God and would not turn anyone away. And for you to put all Jesus all the time unsaved not welcome. that is wrong. I pray that God will change your heart.

You all are so wrong. I can not believe that you are telling people these lies. You are mean to everyone. This is not how Jesus wants His children to be. We are to love one another. Hate the sin but love the sinner. There are wonderful people who love Jesus all over this world. Baptist, Cathlic,Pentecostal..ect. I am a Assemly Of God member. I think that what you are doing and what you are saying is wrong. You have to change your heart and love the sinners and the ones who are unsaved. Please e mail me your answers about all that I have said.

My e mail address is xxxxxx

My name is Lorelei Dignoti

God Bless You

Hello, I just tried to access www.weatheroffice.ca and it was forwarded to www.landoverbaptist.org. I never even noticed any Canadian weather forcasts on your site. Just wondering if you were going to start a weather site on your page or anything?

If you've got no intention of starting a weather site then why do you have the site www.weatheroffice.ca set to your site?

Stephen Inkpen - sinkpen@xxxx.ca


Tracy Willett

Though your letter on the Ice Age was, for the most part, true, it was however poorly written; without "true christian" spirit and without "true christian" love. I encourage you to visit the website: www.hikingthetrailoftruth.com

Thank You,
M.S. Taylor

After browsing you “church’s “ web site recently I came to the inescapable conclusion that you and all of you congregation are truly “mad” , insane crazy fanatics and as such should be “put to the sword” without mercy. Maybe, just maybe the real Christian God will forgive you. After reading your article on the movie The Two Towers it is blatantly obvious that you are a raging, flaming, closet homosexual yourself. Please for your own good either repent or take your own life immediately.


“Be not deceived; God is not mocked…” Galatians 6:7

As a firefighter/paramedic, I have seen many men die. Without repenting, you will immediately be humbled as you leave this earth in fear. Unless you turn from your wickedness and mockery, you will find your final moments on earth a terrifying beginning of a hopeless eternity in the lake of fire. However, maybe another paramedic will turn to Christ as he watches you recall a life spent mocking the God that gave you life. Read your future…..Proverbs 1:24-30.

Tom Garra www.direcway.com

I browsed your article just briefly as I didn't have time to read it throughly just yet, but anyone who thinks the Bible is too violent for our children should look at the tv shows they watch, the books they read, the toys they play with and the language some use.

I'm guessing from what I have glanced over that you might agree with this idea. Anyway, feel free to write back or disregard this as you see fit. I just thought people thinking the Bible is too violent should be paying attention to what their children are really seeing and reading.

Best wishes


To whom it may concern:

I am e-mailing you to personally condemn your closed-minded and hypocritical website. I feel very strongly that you give Christianity a horrible name, and also that your website, values, and beliefs are very displeasing to God. First, the banner present upon entering the site states "The Unsaved Are Not Welcome." A major part of a Christian's life should be reaching out in the name of Christ in order to help those who have not yet received or accepted His Word. You, however, close the door and your hearts to those who may be seeking the Truth, allowing the "unsaved" to feel that if they have not already been saved by Jesus that there is no help for them and they are filthy rats that Jesus will burn (as you ignorantly burn books- destroying America's freedom- but that's another story). They are NOT filthy. In fact, they are human beings just as "deserving" as any Christian, just as deserving to hear the Word of God, and it is people like you- foundations like yours, that make people hate Christians, and even worse, the religion of Christianity. I hope that you find it inside of you, inside of your Bible, your heart and through prayer, to make yourself less hateful and more open to the thought of other people than yourself. Although this may be one of my less Christian statements, I mean it with my entire heart: I hope you feel absolutely ashamed of yourself for being such a disgrace to Christians everywhere and moreso, to God.

Steve Wilson

Sir, I live in Chicago and I have been a Christian for several years. I have some personal behavioral problem that I will live to have treated by a Christian hypnotist. Please I really need some help from above. Can you introduce someone you trust to me in the Chicago area?

Thanks and God Bless.


you know i was reading the thing about boys being sissys and how you treat them and i just want everyone that thinks like you and does those things to those poor kid should be punished you think your trying to help those kid not to be sissy well i dont think thats the way to go you people need help i mean come on your hurting the kid if a a boy wants to play with girl things let them it's not right or wrong your lucky that no one has reported this to anyone over there i know if i were around there i would report all of you to the cops i would think a church would understand but i guess not your a bad example for all baptist churchs everywhere i think you should stop what you are doing and start trying to help the kids and not make it worst for them i went to a baptist school for most of my life and i know that they wouldnt stand for what you are doing and i pray that you change your ways before anything happens to those kids and if you dont like boys to act like that well then dont let them go there it is not your right to say if a boy can or can not play with girls things it is really up to the parents and if the parents dont mind them doing those things well then to bad you just have to live with it but i guess it doesnt matter to you even if the boy is being torched as long as they dont act like a girl right who cares if they grow up with alot of emotional problems because of you as long as they dont act like a girl that what you people think right who cares what happens to them later on in life because of yall just as long as they dont act like that around you it's not like boys like that have any feelings right well you should really think about what will happen to the boys before you act the punishment might be worse then what you think how would you like it if someone did that to you you should put your self in the kids shose and see how it feels i dont think you will like it one bit everyone that doest what you do should be sent to hell just for hurting a kid




I would just like to thank you for writing the very offensive article about Converting several hundred thousand Jews to Christianity. Just when the world seemed to becoming slightly better, I was able to find people who can still chastised other religious beliefs, even though the basis of their religion came from that.

And what you called the "blasphemous" high holy days are actually of the most holy on the Jewish calendar, and completely dedicated to the pursuit and love of the holidays that don't occur during the normal Christian year.

And just when I was very angry and repulsed by what was said, I noticed that you decided to reward those converters by inviting them to a hog roast. That only goes to show your own disrespect for our father. It was he who ordered man to not eat certain foods, and it makes me sad that you threw that back in his face in such a high profile way.

Justin Shaw

Pastor When a friend sent me the link to your website I read completely through the Dating tips for Christian men. I must say that I thought this section was simply unbelievable. It is extremely hard to find the words to describe the revulsion I feel for the beliefs expressed in this article. That a church community could be so backwards amazes me. I pray that this isn't what you are teaching your children. May the Lord God watch over and guide us all.


Gods Child

Follower of the one God - Harman Matthew M


I perused your sight with great interest but I must admit some confusion. While I would like to be saved, I guess the path to salvation must very tortuous. Since I was raised Catholic, I cannot have one of your members recruit me, lest they be fined $200 for consorting with folks of my ilk (as per your rules). I had thought that maybe I could just visit your congregation and experience the true meaning of being saved personally, without placing one of your members in danger of being fined, but I found that you have a restraining order against me and "my kind" so I guess that route is also out. Please tell me how I might experience "being saved". I look forward to your response soon.


(P.S. I thought it quite interesting that your restraining order was signed by a judge in a county that, according to the State of Iowa and the United States Census Bureau ... does not exist. Following on that logic, I would say that your whole congregation does not exist. Please provide evidence to the contrary. While I can have faith in the Lord, the internet is rife with too many false prophets)

To Whom This May Concern:

I have come upon your website and as ill as it makes me I will not act unchristian like. I am offended greatly with your slogan "Unsaved, Unwanted" What kind of church are you running? How can you do the work of God if you aren't leading anyone to the knowledge of Jesus Christ? If all you have are so call "Christians" in Landover Baptist Church then who you preaching to. Where is the harvest that God spoke about in the bible. You won't even associate with them so how to you reap the harvest. Even Jesus ate with the publicans and the sinners. God's greatest commandment was to LOVE one another as Christ has loved us. You really aren't setting a very good example of how Christians are suppose to act or treat others. With the garbage that you smear all over this website no wonder people don't want to be Christians. I would not want to be part of your group either. What does the bible say about judging other people? I am not here to judge you, but to hold you so call Christians accountable. Through the grace of God, may this website be removed. I would hate one of my children to run across this no better yet I really hate for any unsaved person to stumble across it. I do pray that you get yourselves together though because I am afraid at the day of judgement he will say "Depart from me I never know you" . May God diligently convict your hearts and turn you to him.

Melissa Williams

Oh, oh, oh! This is wonderful! I love this website! Finally, a website that will badmouth those awful Republican, Christians.

I'm a die-hard democrat and couldn't be happier with the lies and hatred you are dishing out! We democrats have always been low, dirty, and without respect, but you... You are our leader!

Thank you "Pastor" for this fake website!

We're sure to finally get a president elected now and our low values will spread all throughout America! Now we'll each have an intern named Monica!

Democrats Rule!


I am in the process of studying women in the Bible and inadvertently came upon your website answers to a quiz regarding women. No wonder there are so many people who despise religion and "so-called Christians."

Shame on you!

Kay Green

I was browsing the internet for Scooby Doo things for my daughter. I have to say, this is the most appalling, ignorant article I have ever read. This cartoon is a harmless television program for kids of all ages. I watched Scooby Doo when I was a child and I can safely tell you, I am not a follower of Satin. Everyone has there own view of God and Satin. That doesn't mean you have to voice it through innocent things such as this. In Today's society, we have advanced in our technology with telephones, television, and computers. This cartoon doesn't partake in devil worshiping anymore than you and your church does advertising beliefs on the internet. It is sad what this world has come to.

Chrissy Tamez

Your Website is total Nazi-lovin Jew hating Trash!

First you think that the lord of the rings it totally gay!, but tell me preacher boy in what chapter of the book does this hidden gay theme introduced? Oh yea and Ice Age! surely a Satanic movie! i mean if thousands of Scientists say there was an Ice-Age and one dumbass preachers says it didnt! Hey! we better re-write the history books! In conclusion if you have anything against other peoples relgion such as the Jews, read the fucking Bible dumbass, Jesus was a Jew. To End.......Fuck you!

Gregg Bell

I am an Independent Baptist, You are not. The Bible says Do not Judge. You judge constantly, Like calling those who disagree with you "DYKE" "SLUT" "WHORE" "HELL-BOUND." You all need some serious soul-searching. Tell me where in the Bible it says "I must belong to the Landover cult to go to Heaven?" You look to nit-pick anything you can, You are a complete disgrace of God. And you do not have the power to "REBUKE ME!" Why don't you try it and see? I know on Judgment Day I will end up in Heaven with my Lord Jesus Christ! I can't say so for you, Knowing that you lead thousands to hell daily. You twist the Bible to mean whatever you want it too. I also would like for you to know I have turned you into the FBI, And you are under their surveillance, Jesus loved little Children and would not dare "STONE THEM!" So what I am saying is that I hope you will find the true Jesus and your Satanic cult will crumble with the fire and brimstone of hell like Sodom and Gomorra. And don't tell people that Jesus is kicking them from the Heavenly cliff to hell, If that were true you all would have been in hell long ago. It is not to late for anyone, Until Judgment that is. So if someone "REBUKES" Landover, Don't Judge them, they did the right thing. Sincerely.

Trying to be the best Christian I can be.


You guys suck more than anyone ever sucked who walked the earth.


I have no reason to quibble with you over your errant thoughts and philosophies on your website. I simply have this message, from the God you claim to worship: the God Jehovah, King, Lord, and Ruler of all that is, was, and is to come; thus speaketh the I AM:

You have forgotten who you are and forgotten Me. You have rejected My truth of Love, and embraced the accuser's lie of hate. Change your ways, walk in the truth of Love, and come to know Me, or you will surely all perish.

If you would like to respond to this message, I ask that you respond to bairjon@xxxxxx, as I am unsure of how long I will have this outlook express address. I welcome any comments from any saint willing to be broken before the True God.

As to your offer to change any e-mail to make it look degrading on your website: "I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues which are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city, which are written in this book." Revelation 22, 18-19 NASB

Laughter is the surest sign of intelligence. Are you laughing?

Jonathan Bair

You guys are so smart and original. Hating Jesus Christ and His followers. That's really a novel idea. You are truly following the flock.


Lee Higginbotham