January 2007

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Letters To Landover: Pastor's Mailbag

A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

I was just wondering if you all really believe all that stuff your talking about. Do you? Becuase some of seem so out there its almost hard to believe that anyone can feel the way you do. How can you call yourselves christian, and take the name of the most loving person on the planet ever to live, and then sit around and spout out words of hate. I mean, the whole michlle Jackson thing in your who would we let in our church thing, was just awfule. Serioiusly, learn to hate the sin, not the sinner. And stop lieing about God would you. He isnt nearly the asshole prick of a vengful, and hatefull being that you make him out to belive. HE LOVES EVERYONE, NOT JUST YOU GUYS. So get over yourselves. By the way, look up the history of the bible. You guys werent the first church around the block, so who the hell are you to run around and tell every other church they are wrong. I believe us Chatholics were the first church? Yeah, I know you dont belive me, but trust me, its true.

PS. We dont WORSHIP Mary, so stop saying we do.

William Madden

It's pretty sad when a so called Christian can even screw up a Veggie Tale - it's a pickle for crying out loud not a penis. You radicals have to blow things out of porportion, does it make you look better? Where are these Christian psychologists who say kids expect to see a talking asparagus and giant tomato to greet kids at the pearly gates? It just amazes me how stupid people really can be. I am ashamed of you. Virginia

Virginia Williams

I am writing to let you know that you have 48 hours to remove your playstation 3 ad from your website, before I report it to the FBI for fraud. How can you call yourselves a church when you are teaching children to steal and lie? It is absolutely disgusting and is nothing but blasphemy. You should be ashamed of yourselves and hope that when you reach judgement day, God is kind to your sinning souls.

Stephanie Lewandowski

You people are corrupt fools. Your rob people of their money and declare them trash not worthy of God. Your creation science or whatever you guys call it is also made up bullshit. You deter people from your church rather than want to save them. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Money should not matter at all, only faith in Jesus. You should stick ur own cult in the worst religions, bunch of racist homophobic nutheads

Peter Chai

Jesus came to save the sinners. Apparentaly He doesn't need to come to your church. Your members must be the most self rightous people on the face of the earth. Read your Bible. Quit deceiving people. Do you know the Lord? Does He know you? I will pray that lighting strikes your chuch and ends the way you are falsely leading God's People. Shame on you.


"Let's hit these Homo Jews out in Hollywood where they live" How does it feel to be a complete and total hypocrite? You obviously don't realize that the Bible teaches acceptance, forgiveness, etc. You are about as far from God as you label these other people to be. On the other hand, you're an idiot for writing that. It just proves how ignorant you really are. If you honestly believe a word of what you've written there, then you need to be slapped with a little reality, i'm serious. Wake up. If you were a "Right thinking Christian" you'd realize that the Bible is not 100% correct, realize that Muhammad, Hailie Selassie, Buddha, etc had excellent ideas too. Also realize that Jesus was Jewish, so, you hate Jews, that also means you hate Jesus Christ, how does it feel to be proven wrong in every aspect? You probably won't reply to this, out of fear, ignorance, or just the straight fact that you've been proven wrong. And if you do reply, it won't be intelligent, just some freakout on how I don't believe in the perfection of your religion, or how I think you're a moron. Yeah, so, let me lay this out, I dare you to write me back.

Huge Sombrero

To Whom It May Concern: My loving and fatherly God would not be very appreciative of your blasphemous website. What is the purpose of Jesus Thongs for women? That alone is blasphemous. I really hope that this whole website is just a joke. If not, then I really hope that MY God, will do justice on your souls. My God and the same God that you are supposedly following loves all of his children. Your beliefs are that of a cult. Whatever happened to "Thou Shall Not Judge"? God is the only one who can rightfully judge us. You are worse than Hitler if you ask me.... even if this is a joke. Even making a public gesture such as you have done is a SIN!

May God Have Mercy On You,

Kat Taylor

i have read what is surposed to be in your book and i personally am very insulted, you book puts forward illegal discrimination and you know nothing of what you writing about, everyone has the right to a religion, you dont see me sitting around slagging off jesus do you so i dont see what gives you the right to say "wiccans are blood sucking satanists" because frankly its insulting,rude,immature and frankly quite sad so i suggest you do something about this before i personally cause a public out cry about this and have your site and you book removed from the net.

Terry David

I love the Lord God with all of my heart and soul and to see what you people actually believe makes my heart ache for you. I am honestly about to cry right now because i am so hurt by all the lies you believe in and you really think that Jesus is pleased with this? i don't know what to do, i will just have to pray for you, but the knowledge I have about your "church" that i have will haunt for the rest of my life. That you are so busy making up rules and adding nonsense to the Bible that you cannot grasp the Love of Jesus Christ. I truly truly ache for you. My heart cries out to you and i pray, if you read this and want to email me back, please do. I will pray for you specifically. Don't let the ideas that you were taught when you were a child hinder your opportunity to really know Christ. Please, I beg you, stop this now, please email me back if you have any questions or just want to know more about truly living the life that God intended us to.

I love all of you and the Lord loves all of you, but he is not pleased with what you're doing. You must stop, for the sake of yourselves and your children.

In Christ's Holy and wonderful name,

Katie G.


RE: Good News For Christian Video Gamers! Unreal Tournament 2004 Bible Based Maps and Characters are on the Way!

I'm a independent agent writting for UT News. We were wanting to do a Interveiw with Mr. Huxton and follow the work he's done so far on this and whether or not the project was completed. And if not we'd like to be able to offer some support in some of the areas as far as PR goes. Please let us know if this is a possiblity?

Signed. Steven A Lundberg

Ok you fucking sicken me so badly. it makes me ill how can you know a little boy is gonna be gay he is like 4 and he isnt allowed to play with dolls as a teenager i came out and people like you is why ill never be able to marry and have a kid of my own do me a favor shove your foot up the devils ass seeing as your already kissing it you pathetic piece of shits. in the bible it states every sin is equal first off being homosexual isnt a sin and if it were youre saying a child molester and serial killer is so much better than being homosexual youre pathetic and if i could actually meet you i would smack the fucking shit out of you. study the bible and stop being in the kkk you fucking blithering idiots

William Maddy

Your sex quiz site is as obsurd as the rest of your sites. It call people that you have never met and don't even know unsave morons because they get a wrong answer. How is that Christian? And how dare you critisize Cathlics in the face of that. You barbarian. You deceive yourself. You fool me not. I have heard that the devil is a very nice guy and deceives many. I spit on your ignorance. May God save your soul.

Catherine Calahan

You have no right to state on your website the statement "If you don't believe as we do, you will burn in hell forever" . Sounds an awful lot like you are judging others and you will certainly get into trouble for that! As far as your church goes...sounds to me like it's all about the money!!! I can't believe that you are demanding that people pay fines for not dressing properly or conduct....can't you see that church is for all believers and that you will push more people away by these silly rules? Once again, it's all about the money....how we dress isn't going to keep us out of heaven! You have some severe problems and you need to take a serious look at how you are promoting your church!! May God Bless You!!

Keith Wilson

Hello. What server on WoW is "Convert or Die"? The links I was given aren't opening up on my system. I was about to hang up playing, but heard about christian groups that make a better environment for those that are wanting to play without all the greed, and negativity.

Frank Andrews

I am looking for Bible based information on sex to discuss with our 5th grade girls, do you have this available? I would appreciate the resources.

In Christ,

Sandra Tudor

you people DONOT warship God...for this reason ALL LIVING THINGS ARE AN CREATION OF GOD AND GOD TREATS EVERY LIVING THING WITH LOVE which obviously yall dont see or know nuthing about

may the Lord forgive you all...


In Reference Too:

Christian Doctors at Landover Baptist Hospital's Homosexual Reparative Extreme-Psycho-Stabilization Ward have put together a handy list of preventative tips for concerned parents with newborns or toddlers. Please print out these Godly reminders and pop them in your purse the moment your water breaks for handy reference

I cant believe what I just read and you are supposed to be someone who believes in Jesus Christ and God.

How hypocritical this place is "God loves all in any form or fashion" so what God do you worship anyway, certainly not mine!

This is completely total garbage and you actually call yourself a Christian shame on you!!!

I pray that the lord will have forgiveness on your soul at your journeys end and enlighten anyone who is following your ridiculous way of teaching about the Lord our Savior.

Are you sure you aren't a left over from the followers of Charles Manson?

I'm sorry but you should not consider yourself a Pastor you have a lot of nerve and how dare you. You certainly have offended me.

Its people like you and your Congregation that makes people stop going to Church completely because of the garbage you preach.

as I said shame on you,


Pastor fred, Never have I heard such hate from a pastor (or anyone for that matter) as to what I read from you on your view of catholics. I look at your picture and and see a very bitter looking man. I grew up in a Catholic family and and I can tell you that never once has a priest tried to touch my wiener. In fact I never heard of such a hideous thing until a female childhood friend of mine confided in me one day that her Baptist pastor had tried to molest her. For me to say that all pastors were perverts however would be just wrong.

I can not speak for all Catholics because I don't know what is in their hearts. I can tell you however that I have never worshipped Mary, I did however once ask a priest if I should be. His response was that we should worship God and God alone. He did say however that it is ok for us to ask Mary to pray for us the same way that we should ask our neighbors to pray for us.I might also add that he did not try to touch my penis at any point in this conversation. My grandmother had eighteen children in her time. After the first one the doctors told her that it wouldn't be safe for her to have any more. My grandmother however believed that for her to tell God that she would only raise up one of his children for him and then have a Doctor make her sterile would not be right. If God did not want her to have any more children then he would make her sterile. It was for her love of God that she made this sacrafice and lived in pain most of her adult life. Everything my grandmother did was for the love of God and the love of her neighbors. She would probobly even love you. Can you say the same about her.

It is interesting now that I am married to a very strong Christian protestant woman. She is the leader of the worship team in the protestant church in which we attend. She has been teaching the congregation a lot of the Catholic songs which I have grown up with and that she learned after we got married. She often hears comments such as "Them are such beautiful songs,why haven't I heard them before"

I have always felt blessed for being able to learn about both the Protestant and the Catholic faiths. Both groups for the most part are only there to praise and worship God the best way they they know how and the way that they were taught by their parents (Honor thy father and mother) There are those, however that are so full of hate that they simply can't give love a chance.

In closing Jesus died for my sins and I am not going to hell because I am catholic.I am going to Heaven one day and I am going to see my Granmother there.

God bless

Ray Hartman



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