A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received August 2003  (unedited and in original form)

I am a new christian. I NEED to know if this website is for real. If it is...I will pray for YOUR salvation. Please reconsider your extreme viewpoints. Remember your responsibility to others and to SERVE others AS JESUS COMMANDED. Remember: Matthew 23:37-39 NLT Jesus replied, "You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself. MORE IMPORTANTLY Matthew 7:1 "Stop judging others, and you will not be judged." I hope whoever reads this takes that to heart and prays for God's will; I know it is not a website which drives others away and states "Unsaved not welcome...Jesus commanded!" Jesus DID NOT command us to judge others, condemn and drive them away from his teachings. That is just what you have done today.

Amy C.

I must say, I've read about some vile things, and I've met my share of idiots, but Pastor Deacon Fred takes first prize in the category of Moron's of the Century. It is very hard to believe that a human (for I hesitate to call one who would viciously attack a widow and mother of six children a man) could rise to the possition he currently holds. If the hell that you as baptists preach about so much exists, then he certainly would have a reserved seat there if this sort of cruel and childish behaviour extends to other aspects of his life. Grow up Pastor, or get into another line of work. Since you enjoy judging people so much, might I suggest something that involves a suicide cult?

Psy Peterson

I cannot believe you people are so ignorant and judgemental. And you call yourselves women and men of God. Seems more like hatemongering to me. "Let he who is free of sin cast the first stone." I guess you missed that lesson at Sunday School. I guess you also missed the one on loving thy neighbor. You're probably too busy hating others to turn that finger at yourselves. The most ironic thing of all is those children you try to "de-sissify" will bare the scars of your ignorance the rest of their lives. If they weren't homosexual before you did that they most certainly will be later. Hey and just for kicks, you guys might have pushed a few over the edge into suicide....how's the for God's work??!! Ignorant fools, you project your fears onto others and miss the real message of God. My God forgive you for your ignorant and cruel ways and may he enlighten these kids to overcome the scars you impart upon them.

Grean 2001



Jesus Generation Days of Joel

Dear Landover,

I fuck your mom, and this church/cult is ridiculous, you can't be a serious church, no fucking way. Is this website for real, you are a bunch of cavemen rednecks who hate blacks, you might as well just admit it. Your a group of radicals who fuck each other's cousins, you need to stop falsifying the good word, and start to send me all those ugly whores you got so I can cum on their faces.


Praise the Lord!

I just have a comment to make in regards to one of the Bible quiz answers. Why some are naturally bald..................it goes on to say that, some are naturally bald because of their evil.........well, what is your answer to them that are born bald? They were evil????? Well, the Bible says that we were ALL born into sin, those of us whom are true followers of Christ, know that SIN is evil. So, in this case, why were'nt all of us born bald! I have nothing to say about Gods word, or against it, but, I will say this, get more understanding of the scriptures because some of the things I have read on your site, is a result of not having much understanding of the scriptures and false interpretations.........and this is dangerous for one whom calls themselves teachers of the Word of God. Souls could be mislead and will be if they do not refer to the Bible themselves. God Bless you!

Just a followup after reading more - We are no longer in the segregation days........" Acting like a negro " . This is completly ridiculous, and embarassing. " Acting like normal people? " Some nerve. I don't know whom you serve but, it certainly could not be the same Jesus that I serve. Your site is completly racist, and I am sorry that I even wasted my time on it. Good bye DeniBur3

It says in your "Who we are and what we believe" section of the front page that you believe in the bible. Yes, well, if you believe in it then why don't you try applying it! First of all, how do you expect to reach the lost, as Jesus has instructed in the bible, when the top of your page says Unsaved Unwelcomed! This makes me furious and I know it makes God furious too. Jesus came to this earth to save the lost and not to condemn them or turn them away as you are doing!!! I hope you have a deep fear for God because you will be punished for lieing under His name. You better hope and pray that nobody that's not a Christian comes across this site for your sake! What you are doing is defenitley not under the Jesus Christ I have known......it's of Satan for sure...


to who it may concern,

i was wondering what you did with wiccans after you caught them?

Star Falling

and what kind of a church are you running? where you would so fully misinterpret the Word of God that you would actually call Himl viscious. how can you justify that? i don't understand that at all. and to have such a reply on there as "wrong, you unsaved moron" that is inexcusable! how DARE you presume ANYONE is unsaved by their answers to a stupid internet quiz. salvation is between YOU and God. NO ONE else! what are you people doing there at Landover Baptist??? please write back, I'd love to hear your reply.

jezus_is_lord - Willems

To whom it may concern, I was just emailed the letter that you put out about Klingon's and Muslim's. Can I say that not only am I blown away, I am amazed that a God seeking church could put these two things together and go so far as to teach it to the younger generation.

With that said let me go on to say that. I was raised in the church. Both my grandfathers were Pastors. I was raised that GOD LOVES EVERYONE. No matter color, race, or sex. That he loves and wants us all to call upon him and give our lives and heart to him.

Gene Roddenberry had a dream and he took his dream to TV shows. It has been watch by millions of people for years and will be for years to come.

I speak not only as a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN (member of East Bay Fellowship church), but also as a Klingon, Yes that's right I am part of a sci-fi group that is Klingon. I am a member of the Midnight Dagger Ship. My Klingon on name is K'Elana Kordas. Being part of the Klingon ship is about getting dressed up for the different actives that we do like, Sci-fi conventions, charity events, children's hospitals, movie premieres, etc, and having a good time with out breaking any LAWS. We have all races getting dressed up as Klingons.

EACH AND EVERY CULTURE HAS THE BAD APPLES IN IT. But that does not mean we have the RIGHT or the privilege to condemn the whole culture because of it. I believe that I can truthfully say that you are raising the next generation to be Judgmental and Prejudice towards Muslims. If I read the bible correctly then GOD and ONLY GOD has the right to JUDGE, SENTENCE AND CONDEMN PEOPLE.

What is the BIBLE verse that says LOVE EVERYONE AS I HAVE LOVED YOU, LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF. What is the golden rule taken from the bible and told to everyone " TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM TREAT YOU"

I pray that GOD will open your eyes to the truth of the show and what Gene Roddenberry made it for. And that God will guide you into teaching our kids about Drugs, Gangs, Sex, Respect of themselves and others. And the Most important One to teach our KIDS is that GOD LOVES EVERYONE AND DIED FOR EVERYONE.

May God Bless you greatly.


You know why? You are not showing people the love of Christ! AND SAYING THAT CHILDRENS' CARTOONS AND MOVIES ARE PERVERTED WILL ONLY DRAW PEOPLE AWAY!!!!!!! I'll be praying for you to see your wrong way to approach Christianity!

Kristin Rayz

Dear Sir, I was extremely upset with your perverted views on the movie "Finding Nemo". You mentioned in the article that all fish are green. Well, anyone whose smart enough to go to the aquarium should know that the world beneath the sea is EXACTLY as colorful as portrayed. Also, where exactly in the movie did it mention Marlin's homosexuality? I'd love to know, cuz i missed it. Also, the fact that the "reliable" pastor who gave the sickening sermon DIDN'T EVEN SEE THE MOVIE never ceases to amuse me. If he had, he would've seen that Marlin actually HAD A WIFE, and the poor lady clownfish died.

You also made a mistake with the picture caption on the article. That blue fish IS A GIRL, you sick bastard.

Go burn in hell, you cunt-sucker.

Celia Higinbotham

Can you explain the energy behind such a WEB site? Why anger God in this manner? Where is your reward? May God have mercy on your soul!!!!!!!!!!


Brian Passmore

Okay, I REALLY used to think that Christian people who thought Harry Potter was evil were stupid, but your Finding Nemo article really takes the cake.

Let me quote: "This film is about a young fish boy from a single family fish home. He rightly runs away after finding out his daddy fish is a flopping homosexual. His daddy fish wants him to come back home and live with his boyfriend! If that isn't enough to make you throw up, there's more. This homo-fish intends to marry outside of his own fish race by taking up residence with a male blow fish."

Okay, I've seen this movie a total of 8 times, and I really don't remember that happening? Do you mind telling me WHEN in the movie that happens? And even if it did, do you REALLY think that the movie would be rated G?!?! And come from DISNEY of all companies?! If you really think that Finding Nemo is evil for having something that wasn't even in it, then I suggest you think again. You made that all up, and YOU'RE gonna be the one going to hell for thinking that, AND killing fish! (and did you know that god would be so hurt because you're killing his creations???)

You know, this article is SO ridiculous, I'm not sure whether this site is for real or not. Part of me thinks that this is just some stupid comedy site, but who knows. Though I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was real. Yes, if this was the next level of complete stupidity for Christians, then I wouldn't be surprised.

Oh, and just incase you're wondering, my name is NOT Jim Mikolay. I'm his daughter. Just too lazy to get to my own e-mail account.

Jim Mikolay

I just read your article "Ladies of Landover discover depraved cult in Utah". At first i thought it was a joke and now i'm not so sure. I live in Utah and that article is not acurate. Do you people still live in the dark ages? Is the world still flat where you come from? I'm a Mormon who grew up in Nevada. I had a friend who was a Baptist. I hope that this article is not what you preach to your people. You are in charge of helping them stay on the road to God not fallling of it. You have read the Bible where in it does God tell people to lie and spead untruths about each other? I think that you need to know what you are talking about before you preach.

J Wall


Standifer Willie J Jr CONT NNSY

I stumbled across your website while researching an assignment on the internet, and read for hours in the news archives. At first I couldn't figure out whether it was all a very sick joke, or you actually believed what you were going on about. I thought Christianity was about love, peace, acceptance and equality, I was absolutly disgusted with the hate and evil that your church preaches, some of the articles even made me cry because of their utterly horrible and hateful messages. How can the world ever be at peace with people like you and your congregation promoting such obvious hatred to anyone that isn't a little Nazi in your church? With the racial predjudice and religious contempt you hold for those who arn't of the Landover Baptist community, I can't understand how you could ever even for a moment think that you may be going anywhere but Hell! Do unto others as you would be done by, but obviously you think you are so amazingly superiour to people who are actually doing good for the world, rather than promoting hate, violence and evil.

You should be ashamed of yourselves, espically for bringing children up in that sort of atmosphere, no wonder so many of your articles mention your good Christian children as total psychos, which you try to make victims blaming anyone but yourselves.

I am hurt and disgusted that such evil people live in this world, and try to make themselves seem so righteous and saved. You're not. You're evil.

Kim Morton

I seriously can not belive that this is a true place with true beliefs. This is a joke! I can not belive how insainly wrong this whole webite is. I can not belive that this is what GOD belives in. Anyone who blieves this stuff is sick and will be condemed to HELL! GOD is Great. You are sick assholes!

Jump Master

dear pastor, i don't know where you come up with these quizzes but it is offensive to me. most of my answers show that i am not a true christian. i have been a true christian since i was 10 years old. i am now 30. there is more to being a christian than just knowing and doing what the bible says. it is about having a relationship with Jesus Christ. on your quizzes you make God out to be a mean god who zaps anyone who sins. everyone sins. the God i know is a loving, kind, compassionate, and forgiving God. i also happen to be a gay christian but i am saved by God's grace. God created me that way. as a matter of fact i am going into the gay ministry because so many gays out there are hurting because of christian fundamentalists like you. if you are a pastor you need to tell people about God's grace not about his wrath. that will turn people away. i have seen too many people get hurt from religion. Jesus commands us to love one another, to love your neighbor as yourself and that includes sinners which we all are. i also did not like being called a moron. God bless you.

Christy Tucker

While I admire your stand and your undaunting dedication to the cause of Christ, I have a problem with your website and its precepts.

Beliefs page:

First item: "be ye not unequally yoked". While this is true, was not Jesus Himself a person who in matthew 9:9-12 ate with tax collectors and sinners? Was it not also He who said "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick"? If we have no contact socially with sinners, they will not be able to "see your good works, and glorify your father who is in heaven." Now did Jesus become a sinner because He was around sinners? no. In fact, the Bible plainly states that "all have sinned and fall short of the glory if God." We all are sinners. We can do things with the unsaved without falling into sin. But then again, are we not all sinners? If you continue to have an arrogant "holier than thou" attitide (which not even Jesus Himself portrayed), you will only push the unsaved away. You should instead welcome them in. No one's asking you to change your worship style or preaching style or anything else, except your condescending attitude.

Also, your attitude continues to be condescending. "opens up the hearts of other Bible believing Christians so that they will adopt the same Bible-based policy that has kept our church strong for nearly 217 Godly years." First of all, you make it sound like other Christians aren't following God as closely as you are. Who are you to judge the relationship of another person with God? Their actions will demonstrate this, true, but again you sound condescending. James 4:6 say that "God resists the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble"? Also, James chapter 3 says:

13 Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him shew out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom.

14 But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth.

15 This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish.

16 For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.

17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

18 And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

First of all, you sound wise, yet you are foolish because you are not meek. James says that the wise show it by their works and their meek attitude. You stir up strife by your actions. James says that the wisdom from above is FIRST pure, THEN peaceable (imagine that! peaceable! to not stir up strife!). It also says full of mercy, and here is why: we ourselves were sinners, then we were cleaned and saved by the blood of Jesus. But let us not remember that we are human and were once sinners. We should have mercy and pity on sinners, and teach them Jesus' love, not scold them for being who they are (for they don't yet know the better way of salvation).

Besides all this, the fruits of righteousness is sown in peace. If you are righteous, show it by your fruits of peace, not the stones you so eagerly throw at fellow human beings.

If you "believe the whole Bible", then you cannot deny the above scriptures.

Another thing is your mandatory attire. First of all, I do believe that we should both (male and female) dress to not cause our brother/sister to sin through lust. However, I would also like to remind you that the human heart "is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked." Lust will happen whether we dress "appropriately" or not. Are you going to tell someone that if they don't wear a suit and tie that they are sinning? If you would, you should very carefully read the bible, for in no such place does Jesus or any apostle or saint command us to wear a certain thing. The idea is modesty, true, but nowhere does it specify what we are to wear. Truly, if it were in bible times, we wouldn't be wearing a suit and tie, for they had not yet been invented. Besides, I could always have my suit tailored to show off my shoulders and muscular build, so remember that it's the person's desires that cause them to sin, not necessarily their attire. What someone wears does come from their life philosophy, but what makes it sin is the desires of the heart themselves. For example, it was said that the love of money, not money itself, is the root of all evil.

And another thing: a person's desire to go to church is up to themselves. You dare you, a non-profit organization, try to fine someone for not attending? This is such pathetic hypocrisy! Where in the Bible does it say you can fine someone if they refuse to show up to church? Are you now adding to the Bible? Isn't sin and a clouded relationship with God enough? Isn't it God's place to punish the believer and not yours?

Your organization is becoming nothing more than a cult that hides behind its own sense of morality and adds to the Bible. I hope your website is a joke, for honestly if you believe what you say there, you are nothing more than a cult. You worship rules and laws, and not Jesus who died for all men. --

Robert Delahunt

Were I think it is great that you are preaching against all bad in the world, I don't think it is such a great witness myself to see you using the word "damned" in your writing. Ain't that like saying its wrong for us to use this word and all but its quite alright for you to use it? Read the Finding Nemo and you will see were I am getting it from. Also if the lady does smack her grandson, YES it is her fault. That is just like saying beating your child is right instead of telling him what is right from wrong. Also, clown fish are orange and white. I have gold fish, sliver fish and black and sliver fish in my fish tank now. This tells me that not all fish are green. Before you type something you better check your info.

And before you say that I am going straight to hell, hate to tell you, But I ain't. I believe in God the Father, Jesus His only Son and The Holy Spirit that lives in me. But I do think it is wrong that you send out the wrong info. God tells us to teach the people NOT SMACK them.

In God's Love

Curtis Roach - D. D.

You evil son of a motherfucker…. You are clearly taking your religion far to far to the point that you are a maniacle hazard to society. You and all your followers should be locked up in prison cells, or better strung up by your testicles. You are the ones that will go to hell you intolerant gits. As for the pastor that claims to be imagining gay sex all the time… perhaps he should be reconsidering what his sexual orientation is. How dare you discriminate against people because they were born coloured, or homosexual. You disgust me.

Stu Cross

"Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoeverye do, do all to the glory of God." I Corinthians 10:31. How does masturbation bring glory to God? You people are the most disgusting freeks I have ever heard of. Why don't you read a little bit of the Bible before you give a retarded commentary on its beliefs. Furthermore, the Levitical Law was for the Jews, not the Church. They are two separate entities. Therefore though what God says is wrong is wrong, this does not mean we go around cutting people's organs off. Also how do you bring some one to a saving knowledge of Christ when you do not welcome them? Oh, and since you believe your pastor is the Master of the world, has your master read I Peter 5:3. You people are the epitome of I Timothy 3:1-9.


Regarding "Perversions of Creation Science" I am sincerely trying to figure out if the subject of this article is a hoax, some kind of joke, or truth that can be confirmed through other sources. Could you help me?