August 2006

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Letters To Landover: Pastor's Mailbag

A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

Okay is this site a joke? Why don't you follow the Bible instead of making things up yourslef? Like honestly?

Shelby Ells

You sick bastard child-beaters! You are full of shit including charging fines for commiting 'sins'. I am proud to be an agnostic and you will not convine me otherwise with you're insane propaganda. You will all die in concentration camps you homophobic,God-fearing,hicks!

Tracey Coverly

seriously. you honestly think you can prevent a child from turning homosexual. are you that retarded?! you need some serious psychiatric evaluation pastor. children are not gay by choice. its how they are. and not as children either. you cant prevent a toddler from being gay when they dont even know what that means. your worthless so is your website. you probably should be a nazi. go to germany. cocksucker.

Alex Anderson

As a Psychologist and Scientist I am horrified of your ignorance and abuse that you are imposing on your kids through that barbaric Middle Ages kind of Inquisition treatment of Homosexuality. Your ignorance of Biology, Psychology and Science can only compare to very primitive individuals. Your antinatural, antibiological and antihumane mathod of "preventing"homosexuality is nothing but the most pervert act of child abuse. You are not better than the muslim terrorists in that sense.

Do you have the slightest idea of what Genetics is?
Is you want to know a little more about Genetics please link to

Depriving a child of the so much needed affection, care, and touch by his parents is a proven fact NOT of Homosexuality but of sexually repressed children who will eventually become the sex offenders and criminals of the future.

If ther were not so tragic your "recommendations" were a laughing stock and the best example of brutality, ignorance and illiteracy.

How sad must be the kids living under so harsh treatment.

Mr Pastor you are not preventing homosexuality you are creating potential criminals.

My sincere advice: You should visit URGENTLY a Psychiatrist. A person who has those weird and nonscientifical ideas is either an ignorant or a mentally ill patient.

Dr. Johann-Hans von Vandertbrauch
Psychologist and Biologist
Wissenschaftliche Höchschule Deutschlands

Is this for real? Also I would like to see more pictures of the living conditions and the children housed therefore before considering this. Please email them to me.

Richard Franzen

I am frankly disguisted with some of things that I read on your web site. How on earth do you expect to completely separate yourselves from the unsaved. God has an expectation of the saved to win the souls of the unsaved and bring them to God. How do you do that when you isolate yourself from the unsaved. In order for the unsaved to be exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they must have contact with he who is fluent and believes in the Gospel. The unsaved are the people who the saved need to focus on so that they may also reap the blessings the most wonderful God. Why should the saved be the only ones who hear the Gospel. That's like the expert teaching the creator. The creator needs not be taught what he has created. It is the ignorant that must learn!!!!

LaSonja Washington

I just read an article written, and tied to you, about Spongbob Squarepants being gay? Impossible. Number one anyone that could think any of the things written in your article to be gay is either gay themselves or a hatemonger. I am a straight man and a Christian and I couldn't disagree with you more. He and Patrick are best friends and very childlike, I see little boys holding hands all of the time at the summer day camp at the Y.M.C.A. where I work out and I never once would have suspected them of being homosexual. Sponges are asexual creatures that reproduce by budding, and Sppongebob makes note of that in the Pressure episode. I do not agree with homosexuality between males at all but would never suspect a cartoon as promoting it. Who knew TV -G stood for gay? Spongebob's character is very childlike and innocent and I'd be surprised to learn that the creators or writers even have him knowing what gay is. I hate the fact that gay has become as tolerated as it has, but am not about to start hating things and people for 'acting' gay. What does gay act like? Gay likes kissing and sleeping wityh the same sex, and shouldn't be tied to high voices and tight pants, although those things are gay. No man should not sleep with man but women, that's a different story.

Brothers in Christ,

Ira Fox

Dear right wing extremist Christian, I am a Atheist and I am proud to admit it. According to the 1st amendment in our constitution I have the freedom of speech and religion. I would like to take this moment and thank your 'god' for giving me those rights because I'm spooked by your christian laws of 'damnation.'

Science has prooved many things such as...The sun isn't pulled over the horizen by a man with a couple horses, the world is not flat, evolution...What's next?

To not listen to reason and follow faith blindly has led to ruin and destruction, especially in Iraq today.

-Happily an Atheist

Jason Danti

You people are half backed, no, I take that back, you are totally baked! For starters, you are hypocrites! Your own website is proof of your hypocrisy! On one web page, I find The Landover Baptist website is not intended to be viewed by anyone under 18, but if you scroll up near the top, you find a section called "just for kids"! So which is it? Not to be viewed by anyone under 18 months, I presume?

I cannot understand how there are people out there in the world who can believe in God, the way you do! You are all a bunch of sexually suppressed horn dogs! Deep down inside, you desire to have sex, and it shows in what you write about! And it isn't normal sex you want, its sex with children and animals that you long for!

It's okay to rent a prostitute, as long as the money goes to the Christians. I guess anything is okay as long as the money goes to the "Christians"...the "Christians" being, mainly you! If I go and screw a horse and film it and put it on the internet, and make money from it, then it is wrong in your eyes, correct? But let's say I give every penny I make off that flick to you? Then you'd say it was okay...right?

Maybe if you engaged in some normal sex with your spouses more often, some of that fog might clear out from your brains. I know what it are all byproducts of incest! We all know how that can twist a persons brain. This is the outcome of people inbreeding within their families. No wonder sex is dirty and wrong...because it is!

I think I see why the wheel is spinning, but the hampster is dead! I once knew a person, who was a child born from a brother and sister who messed around. She was/is just like you people! Sex was dirty to her, yet she screwed any man with a wrinkled up noodle between his sacred legs. She believed that her period was her sins being purged from her body. She was also schizophrenic too.

I now understand what is going on here, and I hope that this email helps others understand it too. They are sick (in the head) people, who can really use, and need our prayers. They will never ever see what they are doing as being wrong or demented. Let's leave them alone and let them have their place (away from other people), to do what they feel is right. It's better for them to have their own little spot together, than to be out spreading their word and getting themselves killed. I really don't think that they will be able to convert many followers either. So we don't have to worry about them taking over. The ones I feel sorry for are the children being brainwashed at an early age, to be in this cult. But maybe, since they also have incest genes, maybe it's what is best.

I think it would be pretty hard to convert a normal person, with half a brain, into believing this bullshit! Yes I said it! BULLSHIT! (Sorry God, I had to vent).

God understands these people. He may not agree with them, but He still understands and loves them. Amen

Ann Glenn

In your description of the "Hell House" production you appear to relish the depiction of human suffering. If you are indeed exposing children to these displays then you are guilty child abuse in addition to whatever other social and spiritual ills you apparently suffer from.

Aside from the excuses you hide behind to indulge in your dark fantasies, I don't see any difference between your need to express your obsession with gore and suffering than any other hollywood film maker of the same genre.

I'm sure you believe I'm missing the point. Far from it. I see the point very clearly and you are deluding yourselves if you think this is justified action for a greater good.

It is so obvious that you enjoy these images or you would not invest so much energy in them.

Step outside of yourself for a moment and read your descriptions of the event from an honest place. It's very revealing of the true nature of your soul.

Stop kidding yourself or hiding behind the "saving souls" theme. You're not fooling everyone. There's a part of you that enjoys suffering, regardless of all the good you might lay claim to doing throughout the year.

I don't care how much you want to indulge in this garbage personally, but at least have the decency to leave children out of it.

Perhaps a petition to the FBI to investigate your organization for child abuse is in order.

Meantime, I pray you get the help you need to heal your heart and soul.

B. Angela St. Peter

your website and its contents are like a horrible car wreck, as much as I want to look away...I can't. At first I thought it was a joke, but sadly it is real. Your nonsense is taught to poor young children who must grow up thinking God is like the wizard of OZ, someone to be feared. It has however been a real learning experience for me. It has helped me understand why the highest suicide rate in the country right now is among gay teenage boys. It has helped me understand why children are shooting up schools. It has helped me understand why cult leaders like David Korresh had a loyal following. Your "church" is truly fucked up, and i'm sure I can place all my chips on the fact that all of your "members" or future inmates are all former drug addicts, alcoholics, rapists, child molesters, con-men (or women) , ect. ect. who suddenly found Jesus.

Mr. David Oliveri

It was a disgrace to stumble upon your webpage. Myself and others have found your content, doctrine and approach f many issues almost laughable to the point of thinking it is all a practical joke. I am a Baptist from the UK, and perhaps my understanding of what American Baptists are actually like has been wrongly informed.

To list a few observances: In your quizzes the answers you claim to be correct have no contextual consideration. Where in the bible does it mention that as son as you are converted you must wear 'appropriate attire' shirt and tie etc. Jesus refers to the Pharisees as being fools wearing different clothes to 'show off'. Fines??? For sleeping in a service. Are you claiming to be better attention holders than Christ himself who when a man fell asleep and fell out the wondow he treated with kindness? You charge for people to hear the gospel of Christ and yet he never did. You are only a 'tribute band'. Your pastor says that being a Christian is the easiest lifestyle in the world, why then did Paul struggle for the gospel, why then does Christ call us to partake in His sufferings?

I am 20 years old, brought up in a Christian family and everything i have read has rung so untrue with what the bible has been saying to me all these years. I pray that your 'church' is right and that i am wrong, so that all the hundreds of people you have following you (not Christ) will be saved.

Samantha Durke

I stumbled across your site today. I just wanted you to know that I'm an atheist homosexual. I'm also a liberal! Just wanted to tell you that your lord jesus christ and god are faggots too. Sorry to break the news to you. Keep up with the good work, it is very entertaining to me and my gay friends! Fuck jesus christ and your god, they do not exist. Bye Bye you redneck ignorant sister-fucking toothless fat asses *kiss*

Randy RG

My name is Kayla I am 22years of age. I live in Alabama. You people are disgracful,Idioctic,discriminating bunch of people. My son is 4 years old,he sits on the toilet to urinate,colors with bright crayons and or markers,oenst eat everything on his plate,He doesnt eat every little thing on his plate,he eats corn,hotdogs,and sausage,he plays with his cousins dolls,he wears sandals/flipflops,He watches cartoons when he wants,He calls me adn his father mommy and daddy,he does pout and cry sometimes,and he does skip and prance around the house. My son wont turn out to be gay. Belive what you want but it is the most stupidest,rediculous thing I have ever heard of. Yes I am Christian and I am against my beilfs on homosexuals. I have homosexual friends and I treat them and love them as equal as I do the rest. Yes I support gays and proudly support them. But your acknowledgements are wrong and are not proven right. Stop trying to put it in other parents mind that if they do that then tehre child will not be gay. If the child grows up being around gays he might be gaya nd he might not be. You cant prove it. My friend Blakes brotehr Matthew is gay and Blake has beena round him for his whole life and he is 16 years old now and he as straight as a board. I hope relize your acknowledgements are wrong and you stop trying to put it in peoples minds.


Kayla Norris.

I don't know what kind of sick bastards you are to tell people to beat their kids with a bible for something as stupid as not eating their brussel sprouts or some little thing like that and you think you are more of a christin because of this beating you all are so stupid and I say the hell with you and your stupidity I am a christin too but I will not beat my kids just because they don't eat their brussel sprouts

Stephen Marby

Dear Pastor, or whoever you are,

I have just received the shock of my life while looking for our congregation's new web site. I somehow wound up looking at a sight that has nearly overcome my senses. I am refering to your awful, sick, sinful web site. How dare you to pretend to be of the same faith as myself and others of us who believe in the power and the glory of the one God? You spew hatred and filth and call it God's word? You are not Baptists; you are more like Catholics but I don't think you even rise to that level. I have alerted Reverend Langley this morning. He has never heard of your church and he is a very learned man. He has promised me that he will do what ever it takes to remove your filthy lies from the world wide web. What must foreigners think of us when they see such nonsense? No wonder we are despised throughout the world. I know that once the governing authorities become aware of what you are doing you will be shut down and possibly imprisoned. Until then I will pray with all my might that you will awaken to the light of His word and be brought forth from whatever maddness has overtaken you. I fear you will receive eternal damnation for your sins, which are many. I remain,

Yours in Christ,

Judith Windsor-Lynch

I took the quiz about women in the church and etc! This was a really stupid quiz! every time that I answered a question and it was wrong it said you wrong you unsaved moron! whatever! you need to seek God yourself! Women have every right to speak in church and be a witness for our savior! We are wonderful human beings that should be treated as such! God would not approve of this quiz! WE ARE HIS CHILDREN! God loves women! He loved his mother and told Mary to go tell others of his coming what does that tell you that SHE was told to tell of Jesus so no we are not made to be quite and set back and let men run over us! Are you crazy! you need to seek God yourself! I'm a pastors kid and I was brought up in a very strict Southern Baptist Home! I was never told that I could not speak in church and could not take part in Church gatherings and to witness to others about Christ! I will pray for you and your change of this stupid quiz Concern for your heart!

Tina Watts

I found your site accidentally and I am freaked out. How come no-one's taken you taken off the internet yet? You’re racist, homophobic, misogynistic… You’re complete shit, basically. And you call yourselves clergymen. Your children’s page defies belief. Please tell me you don’t believe the following, from the kids’ page: "Revelation tells us that Jesus' hair is like wool and that his skin is bronze. Before you become too alarmed by this description, remember that the Lord came to Earth to suffer for our sins – and what better way can one suffer than to be mistaken for one of those Negro-type people? The point I am getting at is that Jesus was created in the image of someone in the Middle East. In other words, he must have been pretty (and pardon the French here) "damned ugly!." " If you do, damn you, damn you to hell. Jesus didn’t judge people on the colour of their skin, remember the Good Samaritan? Or do you not read the Bible carefully enough and just go around spreading your stupid lies? I'm repulsed, properly repulsed. You’re homophobic, you suggest the oppression of women is right and you seem to advocate brutally spanking children for not eating Brussel Sprouts. What kind of crazy madness is this? But when I had reached that page, nothing you guys said amazed me anymore. You belong behind bars. The only thing I’m still surprised about is that you’re not. How can you say you follow Jesus??? I believe, and I reckon most other people are with me on this one, in freedom of choice: that means you can choose your religion, sexuality etc, without a load of weirdos like yourselves saying we're all going to burn in hell. Pastor Deacon Fred - what a joke. He talks th biggest load of crap I ever heard.

Do us all a favour and take the site off the web.

Aliki Pareas

i hope you all die a pain full death you sick fucks

Robert Lodge



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