A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received January 2006  (unedited and in original form)

I have never sent in an email before to a religious or service organization. I was browsing sites in general and your site popped up. It caught my eye and I read the presentation. I am a Christian, and a practising Catholic. I must tell you that before I realized who you were, I thought I was reading and endorsement for the Ku Klux Klan! Your position on the origins of people with colour, denial of science with respect to the ice age, and reducing the whole concept to an acorn gathering squirrel, poisoning the minds of young Christians was disturbing. It's an animated film. It was meant to be fun! The accuracy of the depiction of the squirrel was no more factually based than the talking sloth, mammoth or sabre tooth cat. It is called entertainment and it does not corrupt, poison nor foster demonic thought! I think dress code any any institution is a great thing. Why have you isolated your dress and deportment code to women only. Why wasn't your policy representative of both male and female. Why the double standard. I know you will not agree with my position and I see that you have already put in place a system to weed out any self respecting free thinking individual. You will simply brand me a sinner and by doing so, will discard my opinion. Your exclusive policy of unforgiveness and exclusion of the unsaved will surely take care of that. Except for some caring words of Christianity, your doctrine holds many similarities to the German Third Reich and the KKK. I do believe in your right to exist. I only hope that education and intelligence will prevail in preventing the propogation of your thinly veiled intolerance and condemation of others who do not see life through your eyes.

Interesting how you impose and enforce your policies on the minds and bodies of your flock by using techniques like boycotting and and internal threats to achieve your end. What does it tell you, when the rest of North America has chosen to tolerate your abhorant behavior and even opened up the airwaves for you to spew your message? The question is; Who is tolerant, and who is not? Who accepts whom? If society operated by your rules, you simply would not exist.

If I have a fear, it is this; The extremists that you have the potential to pervert and send out will themselves be a source of some incendiary devise that will directly or indirectly cause a callamity on our society. And the real big shame, under the name of Christ! Shame on you!!!

Brian Furlot,
British Columbia.

PS: If you wish to enlighten me, and point out how I have so badly misinterpreted your message, I welcome any response you may have!

Can one of your pastors please explain to me how you justify all the blasphemous things you post on this site? WWJD thongs? and Free PS2 if you ask Jesus into your heart? Say you hate your parents and want God to be your daddy? and tell children to get their parents credit card number? The list goes on and on, but I'll stop here. Tell me what in the world you think you are doing?

Nathan Lewis

You are telling me that because some kid found apenis on his Grinch doll,the kid was punished and his family was fined/tithed? I am a Christian and i find that pretty messed up. I don'tknow what is worse, you people punnishing this family, or those idiots letting you control them. I'd like to see you try that crap on my family! People are looking for leadership in christ and you give them some demented self-serving line of crap. Oops! I didn't capitalize Christ. I guess my kids will be punished and I'll be forced to give you $5,000.00 bucks. I cant wait to hear your named called when christ comes back..... Maybe it will be your turn for punnishment. If what I read is correct, you are an ass, and your followers are retards! Wish you luck on judgement day! I'd like to meet you one day. If you don't understand the bible, have somebody translate it for you. Pastor is the wrong name for you... I think NAZI fits. I'll pray for you to lose your flock, and for Gods wrath to bring your CULT, I mean ministry to its knees. Really you can't be serious.

Shalene Thomas

The drunken ramblings of "MURIEL" Hemingway? Why not just say Woody Woodpecker? Looks like "Muriel" is'nt the only one knocking back shots in front the typewriter!! Bottoms up you racist moron, wait I should'nt call you moron, that sir, is a insult to MORONS and thier children! I'd like to know how 'intelligable' you are, but I dont think you can spell I.Q. I'm pretty sure this email will thoroughly piss you off, that is once someone else tells you what it means.

James Krautstrunk

Y'all have a very radical viewpoint to christianity and are stumbling blocks to the world. Your church is worse than the pharisees! How can you claim the Baptist name? I pray that God will open your eyes to the true meaning of Christianity, love and forgiveness. Your beliefs remind me of the insane beliefs of the puritans.

John Woodruff

I can only feel sorry for you. You area protagonist of hate speech This world would be a better place with you and your kind. I believe that you should be reported to the anti defamation, The fact that you get off on verbalising this, shows that you are morally decrpid. I am lucky that I live in a country where we have no tolerance for an individual like you, I will try to pray to The one and only G-D for your soul, if you have one. And hope that a satanic reprobate like yourself will be redeemed. Regards with total disrespect. A very proud JEW

Dave Wailer

Have you heard the quote"judge not lest you be judged?" Where on earth did you get your highly distorted facts?The native americans were here first and we anglo's brutalized and cheated them at every turn.You sound like Aryan Brotherhood,which in my opinion is a belief system based on hatred and fear that should have died along with Adolph Hitler.I am stunned by your ignorance and your distortion of Jesus' messages.Your web site should be charged with hate crimes.

Susan Blum

I recently just read one of your articles, concerning the Rugrats cartoon. Now i have to ask you, what the fuck is the problem with adults who spend there time checking cartoons? If something was wrong with the cartoons, do you not think that the people who run the channel would take it off the air? You do realize that this series is over 10 years old right? People have different views at times, you can't judge people on things that happened in the past. It's people like you who call Spongebob a homosexual. Do children see this? No, and why should they? Just because a cartoon laughs and does odd things, doesnt mean they are gay. People like you have too much time on their hands to ruin cartoons for younger children. If there was something on tv that i didnt want my child to watch, i wouldn't let them watch it, simple as that.

Joe Swartzman

Pastor, with all due respect.

I am qouting from an article on your Church's site linked here: http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news0105/wow.html

"I'm also in one of the largest Christian guilds on our server," he says. "I think the reason so many people are open to hearing about Jesus in the World of Warcraft is because the majority of people who play the game are lonely kids who don't have any friends. I doubt any of them play sports so you can pretty much guess that there are lots of gay boys and fat little pale-faced Wiccan girls on the servers who hate themselves and escape into virtual characters so they don't have to deal with their pathetic lives." end quote...

(I followed an "e-mail" link on the page with the article which opened this e-mail)

I mean no disrespect, Father, but this bothered me a great deal.

Is this how you plan to attract people to your message? By blatantly insluting 4.5 million people?

Do you have any idea how dishonest and uninformed this is? I could go into how most of us are well adjusted, productive member of society, and how many of us are not kids.. but you should already know that.

People like the author of this article give Christianity a bad name, and do more to drive people away from it than attract people to it. You have turned what I would consider a worthwhile, despite somewhat cheesy (but bless you for trying), effort.. into a complete joke with an uninformed and ignorant article such as this one. Christians are having a hard time keeping up with the modern world this is a good lesson on why.

Last time I checked the mirror, I wasn't a "gay boy" nor was I a "fat little pale faced little wiccan girl" nor are the large majority of online gamers, (wake up!) but I respect either one of those more than any individuals who work to lower our collective IQ with such idiocy.

I feel this is a souring of what could have been a great concept, helping people find faith.

Bryan Carter

Dir Sirs; Your web site quiz is unbelievably offensive. You have not developed and are ignorant. How dare you judge others. You are the moron. How can a 'Christian' be so cruel. There is a place waiting for you in Hell. I am not a vegetarian, but an offended Christian who now has lost their faith because of you. Live with that, you hypocrite. You are a horrible witness for Christ and probably obese and not taking care of your Holy Temple. You have committed an unforgivable sin with your uneducated and narrow minded attempt to attack and hurt others. You are what is wrong with religion. Are you insecure? Cafeteria Christianity? I will never go into a church again because of you. I grew up Nazarene and apparently read a different Bible than you. Jesus would not have set up an ignorant quiz as you did. You should be ashamed.

Judge not.

Chef Wendell R. Fowler

I think this is one of the most outrageous websites concerning christian circumcision I have ever seen. To give one a home made procedure to cut themselves with a kitchen knife to look like Jesus' p---- is deplrable.

I am going to pray for you that this website like many others do not send the wrong mesage to our children.


Hello, to whome it may concern; I was reading your article recently, and I have to say that it sounds like your coming down on a good time that many people enjoy a lot a nd quite freakently. Now it seems to me that giving oral sex is harly big doeal, I mean come on do you really believe that God himself looks down apon oral gradification? I also can't see how "The good Lord saw fit to poison oral pleasure," or that we are battling for our souls. I find this information to be quite silly and lame. The information you are selling people here is ridiclous, just because Mr Williams gave some seamen from his own son to a bullfrog and some vaginal fluids to a cat is insane. Let me say for one that that is sick thing to do to inicent animals, and getting it from your son in the middle of the night are you crazy? Further more do you even know the annatomy of both animals are so different from that of a humans, and that our genetic make-up in our body's are nothing like a cat or a frog. Why don't you give a sample lof that liquid to a women and see if she dies instantly or with in fifteen minutes. I would like to know personally that this information is for real and not some crap on the internet. I would like to know from Dr. Jonathan Edwards himself that this information and expieriments is infact true. Some of this information seem a bit skepitcal to me. But if it is true i think that you all should stop feeding people such junk. To finish up I enjoyed reading your artical it was rather intresting, so in closing i hope to hear from someone it would be very helpful to know more and if it is true. Thank you

Matt Korba.

i was disgusted when i read your website. you are telling people if they arent saved they are not welcome in your church, and that JESUS said that. Jesus tells us to come as we are. I was so appolled by everything you said on that webpage that i truely don't believe you are really a church, and if you are, you don't serve the same Jesus i do.


Dear Pastor,

I read your article and it is sad that you preach this kind of nonsense. The truth of the matter is Europeans, Caucasians, etc. WANT to be black. Since you are the MINORITY and since you are different from all the other people who have MELANIN, you try so hard to be like us. You risk getting skin cancer to become black because you want to be like us. We ruled this country (Melanin people) before you came out of the caves of the CAUCUS MOUNTAINS. Before you even knew how to cook your food and before you learned how to walk instead of jumping from tree to tree.

If you would teach the turth you would see that JESUS was black and you would also see that the PAGANS AND HEATHENS ARE YOU. The European. If you would also teach the truth you would know that the bible is nothing more than astrology, which was stolen from an earlier account from the ancient egyptians, who were black. Isnt is something that the calender has twelve months and Jesus the son of god is really the sun of god. Whis is there 12 deciples and Jesus? Jesus so called birthday of December 25th was actually in celebration of the sun god.

Ancient Africans praised the air, water, sun etc, because we respected it. Now the european comes along and destorys the earth by pollution. But your time is coming, the ozone layer is thinning and anyone that does not meet the heat requirments (HAVING MELANIN), WILL BE DESTROYED.


I am confused somewhat as to what grounds you have for your beliefs. As if you didn't, in the Bible it also says that we are not supposed to judge others. What exactly are you doing?? We are supposed to accept others and try to teach them about God and his miracles. Do you really believe in God or is this a political publicity stunt. My 5-year-old nephew knows more about God and going to Heaven than you ever will.

Sincerely and May God Bless you and forgive you of your sins,

Alisha Renaee Murphy

I have never in my life seen such a nausiating intolerance for humanity. your church website pages are truely the most offensive words i have ever read. i cannot even fathom the evil that surrounds your prejudice, incestual existence. I know that it doesnt even bother you to tell you that you hate everyone because you are proud of it. You people are so blind. You cant even see the beauty of God's creation all around you. You would rather build yourselves up and shut the world out. Your frail psychology fascinates me. I'm sure this is result of an undiscovered mental illness. Let me just say that Jesus Christ is frowning on your "church" (not that you are even worthy of that title). He would NEVER condemn one of His children to Hell if they wanted to learn about his teachings. He would NEVER slander his neighbor; regardless of sexulaity, class, race, gender or religion. He would witness and be a positive example and rock for His neighbor. You very much resemble Satan. Not the Lord I know. Let me leave you with just one more thought. I read on one of your pages that you believe women are subserviant scum to your precious men almighty blah blah blah! You people are SICK. Women are God's children. Men are God's Children. We are equal beauties. Both wonderful in His Grace. Dont You EVER EVER believe that women were made to be your little sex slaves. Put here on this earth to bake your apple pies and do your ironing. DO YOUR OWN FRICKING IRONING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spit on your whole entirity. Next time read the Bible a little more carefully. Like the passages about love and forgiveness and respect. If you dont knock it off, you people will be the ones in Hell.

Cheryl Lestat

I cannot Believe what you did in response to Hurricane Katrina.You merely sent worthless bibles.That is exactly the response I would expect. The Religious People do more harm than good.I cannot believe you follow that F*** Piece of S*** God of Yours.I wasted a lot of my life in your Churches completly miserable. You people deal in misery.These poor people lost everything and what they got instead of Food and Shelter-they got a bible.

I just wanted you to know that not everyone is blinded by your ways.I have found a true path.A path of Freedom and Joy.I follow Satan Now and he has supplied all my needs.I'm not ashamed of being a Prostitute like your movement made me feel.I'm not ashamed of Living Life the way I was made to live it. He has made me realize my own true potential.Your Members of your Church I Hope will be as Lucky.


Victoria Cine

Dear Pastor of Landover Baptist Church,

I have just arrived from England to live in a faith community in the US and want to know if we could review some of your children's books in our Christian Community magazine Lantern. Someone gave me this email address and told me that you have some interesting titles on Genesis, interfaith dialogue and the path to a balanced Christian lifestyle for a readership between 5 and 12 years.

If we could have some review copies I would be most grateful, or if you could let us have them on a loan-only basis we will return them to you as soon as possible. Our magazine has a wide readership over three states and is issued free. We would be glad to send you copies if you desire.

Address and details will be forwarded upon your favourable response.

Yours sincerely

Gregory Hirst

yeah, I've got a question. I'm an atheist, and I guess I'd just like to say that I read your article about stereotyping atheists, about how we're pale, and fat. When indeed, that is not true at all. For example, I'm hispanic-so I'm tan, and I'm certainly not fat, and don't walk around, constantly shoving cupcakes in my mouth. I'm not trying to be mean and attack you or your site or anything, but I just thought it was kind of rude how you stereotyped us. Also, I have a question. Why is it that you want to hound us so badly? And why would we be arrested for being an atheist? I guess I just don't understand, since we ARE people, but we just believe something different. So, being people, shouldn't we qualify for 'freedom of religion'? By the way, I'm 15, and I read that note/warning thing, about how you post people's personal e-mail adresses, and I thought that was kind of unthoughtful as well, but go ahead and post mine if you want. If you could get back to me on why we should be arrested, that would be great. And like, I said, I'm not trying to attack you or your site, so don't take this e-mail the wrong way, I just want to give you my opinion and ask a question.

P.S.- hopefully you won't change this e-mail around and "modify" it, as you say...because that would just show me that you're afraid, not us. Not wanting to show an e-mail as it was written is ridiculously preposterous.

Marissa Stachura

I'm sorry you wasted 30 years of your God-given life on trying to bring about satanism from a fictional cartoon about a group of ghost hunters. And in case, if you did not already know, satanism has nothing to do with satanism, you closed minded bastards. Please go get your gun bc apparently you support the NRA and place the barrell in your mouth and pull the trigger to save us all the torment and ignorance that baptists have bestowed upon this earth. You are only here sucking up my oxygen. Fuck off, bitches

Ty Dobbs

I'm not surprised you are so reluctant to receive emails! What a shocking site to which I was directed by a dear friend who is worried about the errors peppered throughout your website. Your banner is amazing in its unscriptural sentiment that the "unsaved" are not welcome at your "church". Since Christ founded only one Church, and since salvation is only to be found in its fullness within that Church, the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church which we now call the Roman Catholic Church, you had better get yourself under instruction as soon as possible or you'll be in the ranks of the "unsaved" if you are not so already by your outrageous judgmentalism. You appear not to have heard of the mercy of Christ which is a pity, cos it would seem, humanly speaking, that you're going to need it!

You are in our prayers, because, of course, as Our Lord intended, we reach out to those outside the boundaries of the one true Church, hoping to bring you into Mother Church, and out of your little man-made religious group.

God bless and enlighten you - soon!

Editor of Cathoic Truth

You are a disgusting example of human kind. I have never seen such a load of uneducated bullshit in my life. Hanukah is about celebrating the miracle of oil from the temple lasting 8 days when it should have lasted one. It has nothing to do with killing Christians or worshipping Satan. Get a fucking clue, I hope some of your educated Christian brethren shut you down, and if not, I hope you all burn in the deepest pits of hell. Assholes.


Dear Pastor of Landover Baptist Church,

I stumbled upon your site this evening and, as a very fervent believer in Jesus Christ AND someone who God has called to work in Hollywood, to minister to people there, and to use the medium to communicate God's truth, I am quite concerned by your adament prayers of destruction. I too believe that Hollywood as it is needs to fall, but praying for devastation and death doesn't seem very Christ-like (it's Old Testament, true, but aren't we living in the New Testament?). I'm concerned with the seeming lack of 'loving thy neighbor' and of grace that your site seems to have.

I don't wish to cast jugement or blame, and I realize that a website can often not show all sides of a company or organization as it really exists, but I am concerned about the very strong sense of pride that exudes from your site. I would just ask that you search your hearts to see what ways may not be God's ways in your midst. Because the Jesus who saved me is a Jesus of grace & love, and I don't see that shown through your site.

Please know that I respect you and what you are doing, your mission to be Godly, Holy in His sight and to uphold the Bible as a whole text. To keep it as God intended. I just felt I needed to express my concerns about where your congregation, as represented on your site, seems to be, perhaps, in the wrong.

Thank you for your time, and God Bless you.

Your Sister in Christ,

Kimberley Maurice

do you remove tattoos still?? where are u located i have one on my leg, i spent alot of money that i don't have trying to get this thing off, i did four laser sessions, but it is still there. some came off but not all, i am a new christian, i got saved 1 yr ago, never have i seen that scripture on tattoos being offensive to GOD, @ the time in my life when i did it i knew nothing of him, but now i live for him, so i want to get this thing off. it is very expensive, and not guaranteed, please let me know if u can help,

jamie boutte


I have a question, but before I ask it I have something to say. I was/am appalled by the rules of your church. There were so many things that I read that were jaw dropping and there is much I would like to say but it would take too long. ( such as the masturbation thing of being widowed & over 65. You say nowhere in the Bible does it say masturbation is wrong but then you pretty much say it's wrong until you're 65????? I've never read ANYTHING like that in the Bible. You just picked an age out of the blue and then went on to say that a man should think only of God while doing this SEXUAL act.) I disagree with pretty much all of your rules and no, I am not going to hell because I don't agree with you. I believe in God's word and have faith in Him. He is my salvation and I don't believe He cares what I dress like as long as it does not defile His name. Which leads me to my question. When you get up in the morning, hair messy, pajamas on, does God not recognize you as a follower until you put on your suit and tie? Or is the suit and tie only to be worn when you go to church? Sounds to me like high school all over again- you're not accepted until you dress accordingly. God knows what's in our hearts. The only way to God is through Jesus Christ, not Jesus Christ and how we dress.

Thanks for your time and I pray God will show you a different way.

Don and Mary Ann Jones

I stubled upon your site and the article u had on boys who show no intrest in sports to embarrass them is wrong. Where does the bible say a young boy is Gay because he is not interested in sports. and by that article that one of your staff members wrote is hypocritical if he follows the Lord because you mightve forgot Not Judge Unless Ye be Judged, Also your Church doesn’t accept the unsaved. Your site is by far the worst Christian website there is and where is your church located because I would never set foot in a place who twists the word of God as much as you have Ill Pray for you

God bless and you seriously need to learn Gods word better


Ryan Coleman

You have to be completely messed up in the head to even have the audacity to make outrageous claims that you make at your website. As far as im concerned I will report your church to be a cult and get you shut down you stupid fucks!

Justin Kirkvold