February 2009

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Letters To Landover: "Pastor's Mailbag"

A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

Jesus sees people not the Color of there skin

Dear Harry Handwick    I am a lover of Jesus and a Baptist I just read one of your sermons online and I must admit It really bothered me that in 2009 there is still Pastors like you Preaching such HATRED in front of people looking to live there life the right way for God. Your Sermon about Kobe Bryant really pissed me off I am a Black Man who loves Jesus and try very hard to walk in God ways and follow his command. I am in my 3rd year of Discipleship Class an one day I will Be Preaching. There is no way I will ever give satan that much glory like you have. If you check the records JESUS is more my complexion than your. I am very sure God didn’t give you that word to preach because God has no room in his heart for ministers who talk like you. You called him some very bad names that sound more like the devil was preaching than Jesus. God will judge you for what you said to the members of Landover Baptist Church. The devil was happy to hear you God was not, because sin is sin and you preached about HATRED taught HATERD God is LOVE. Jesus died for all men not just for WHITE men and Women. There is white people and Hispanic people in my church thank God my Minister doesn’t think like you. As a man of God it really makes me mad that you would use Gods Altar to preach like that. But remember on judgment day you will have to answer for what you said and called Kobe just like he will for what he did. I agree no means no he was wrong got by because of what he does for a living. Yes he got by he didn’t get away with rape because he will reap what he sold, just like you will reap what you sold for thinking like you do. And preaching to others, who probably don’t think like you do. Your job is to tell us about the goodness of Jesus. Not to glorify the devil. But you live in Iowa where there aren’t many blacks so you fell like that because that is the way you were raised to think. God doesn’t want us to preach like you calling people names like you called him in your sermon. I am black man who is mixed with Black Jewish and Native Indian blood what would you say about me. I love Jesus will one day preach about the love of God and that Jesus saves. Not like you bringing glory to the devil. It is sad that you preach about HATERD and skin color. Oh by the way we are not COLORED any more. Maybe you are to ask God to forgive you because if I read it how many others like myself have. Think about this Jesus was born in the part of the world where most people are DARK the Bible doesn’t say he had blonde hair or blue eyes. Kobe was wrong but you are just as wrong because you called him some devilish names and call your self a Pastor. I wonder how your members feel knowing you hate Blacks. Because if you don’t hate us your sermon sounds like it. I love Jesus I love to praise his name, study the Bible. My Bible tells me that your are a HYPOCRITE.  

A Concerned Christian Blair Scott Sr

I am not sure what's up with your website.  I am an 18 years old, and I can promise you beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is real.  I can't hold you the evidence in my hand or give you a photo of Him, but I talk with Him every day (seriously).  I don't care how rediculous you think I am or how stupid you think my words are.  What you think about me deosn't affect me or change what I know.   

Whoever is reading this email.  Forget about all the people around you for one second who are talking smack about Jesus and just hear me out, because you know what I got to say is true.  You are messing with GOD.  Think about tha for just a minute.  I honestly would be scared if I were you.  This is not a threat, but a warning.  This God loves you, he really does,  but He is also just.  The wages of sin is death.  And if you don't turn around this sickness, that is what it will get you.  

Concernet about you,

Summer (Katy)

I visited your site and I am so impressed by your teachings well I am interested to translate your ministerial literature so with this literature our Pakistani Church will be also blessed and we can win the lost souls through this awesome and precious work of Lord. I will wait to hear from you.

Aliza - [shelter_fgod@yahoo.com]

WTF are u stupid faggots. Do u really belive that if you do one bad thing u go to hell forever u stupid wankers which btw is something else you can't do I mean why the fuck not it's yours why not play with it. U are depriving children of there youth. U are teaching them things like racism towards another human being like president Obama. Jesus was black and if he were alive today then u wouldn't give a second thought to subject him to discrimination. Use seriously need to open your eyes and see that what u r doing isn't pleasing god at all it's just plain stupidity. Don't take the bible by every word it says because that isn't what it was meant to be for. Ur religion is total bollocks and u r just waisting peoples time and there lives.

Uve got it all wrong I'm afraid

If you feel the need to reply email j59joycyj@yahoo.com From a devoted catholic family Sent from my iPod

Dear Landover Baptist,

My name is Andrew James Phelan, and I am in the U.S. Army. I read your many articles and found them to be interesting in many different ways. The first one I came across was the peice on Spongebob Square pants. I found it to be the dumbest thing I have ever read and couldn't stop laughing. I also read that you believe that women do not have souls, thats just retarded in itself. I came across an article that states you fine your congregation for different violations. I also read, and I quote, "if I do not believe in your believes I will burn in hell forever". Whats that all about? Before I came to this E-Mail I received a message saying you could use my E-Mail address and slander this all over a book you may write in the future. Please use this E-Mail, and don't forget to write this one sentence I am about to write now. You say that you beleive in the ten commandments, well what about number 1, I have spent 3 tours in the arabic countries and everything you believe is was is tought from the word of Alah. Tell me is that the God you want to worship because last I checked they are not christians and neither are you from what I can see. You slander the word of God to make money in his name, and you punish kids by throwing them across the room when they watch a harmless cartoon "rendering them unconcious" as you so put it. Oh and by the way that article is going to be seen by the police and you will have a child abuse investigation on your hands. Where does it say in the bible that it is alright to beat children? You fake christians make me sick and I know when the judgement comes you will looked at and I pray to God you get whats coming to you tenfold.

Andrew Phelan

bob. fearn

i just read your web site and you have it all wrong. wicca is a peaceful religon, they belive as we do in god and they do not drink blood. you really need to update your page so it dose not scare people, wicca belives in naterale healing and not on science. they dont wear makeup to make them look pale and they are not satan worshipers. they dont wear long black robes either. they dont have percings all over there body, they do not belive in disrupting what god gave them to protect. they are under no conract with anyone on what they have to wear either. and wicca is not a cult, it is a coven that worships like you and me (they worsipe god). and wolfs bane is not a perfume it is an herb they use in makeing as you would call it potions, but they make herbal remidies to help people that dont go to doctors. they do not cast spells to bring good grades there is no way to do it. they dont even pray on people, they love hanging around people even if they dont belive the way they do. and they dont smock pot. and i have never known a wiccan that has been unclean, all that i do know have been very clean. and they dont put people under trances. and they dont kidnap people. so plese update your site so it dont scear people in to thinking we need to start the witch trials up agian.

maria. shears

To whom this may concern,

Being a believer I feel strongly that the phrase [the unsaved not welcome] is inappropriate. Is it not the unsaved that jesus came to seek and save?Or is the group you represent not evangelical?Maybe congregational?The church has hid behind its doors far to long! Jesus holds his hands out to the world dispite their condition.The baptist have long been evangilistic,we should have all our doors open so we can fufill the great commision!                                                                      

thanks, roland

Please tell me this website is a very sick joke. It really isn't that funny, it's actually quite offensive. Besides the fact this site elaborates very overly religious and offensive views. It slanders the homosexual community with lies and uneducated (and most likely made up) "facts",  it also forces gender roles on how a male and a female "should" act. This site is condoning stereotypes, which is a base of racism (like the comment about the huge "negro" penises), along with sexism and homophobia, which leads to abuse and hate crimes, Stereotyping is the cause of a lot of hate and misunderstanding in the world, and it is views like the ones expressed in this website that cause so much trouble in the world.

Justin Buyukozer

Dear Pastor Deacon Fred,

RE: http://www.landoverbaptist.org/sermons/dangcatholics.html

I read your letter about the Catholic church. I agreed with what you said. I feel a compassion or mercy for the Catholics of our day. They serve a religion ....PERIOD... Most do not go any farther than what the priest says. They do not open bibles, or have open minds. They go by what is said to them. They trust their church.  Maybe they like belonging to the Catholics...." like a Club" and there is no real hard rules, you can drink, you don't have to read the bible, heck you don't even have to go to church.    I was brought up Methodist and then went to a Lutheran Church for several years and now I go to a Non Denominational church for over 13 years. I think what bothered me about your letter was that you seem to speak from ANGER and because ANGER is not of God how can I listen to anything more from you. I have always believed that it is the BAPTIST that are the plowers of the bible. Just like John the Baptist who got a lot of people on the right road of getting Baptized.  Baptist really learn that bible and memorize it ....THAT IS COMMENDABLE. However bringing people to GOD must be done with Love the way JESUS did it. NOT with Hatred. You see many people run from people of your type because your sales pitch does not match the message.   All we hear is someone cutting down others, mocking them, presenting a platform of "Our religion is righteous" and many other strong condescending words. You see I believe in that old wise tale that you can get more people with honey than with vinegar, It sounds to me that the Catholics have really gotten to you....   That is not good.    If you really really really know that bible you would know that you need to forgive them.  I think if Jesus was standing here right now he would be disgusted in all of the separations of Christianity. I do not believe it was ever intended that way.  I went to a Catholic church recently for a memorial service of a friend. I analyzed the service to the best of my ability. You see I heard the bible spoken to me and I heard the love presented. I did not like the rituals ...they seemed like robots, and the fact that most were unfocused about the sermon and service bugged me.. In my mind I felt sorry for them. If they only had that feeling of praise music that is sweet sounding to the ear and loving. But there also was much attention on the beauty of the church in a way it made me feel this awe feeling of reverence to God. I went away thinking that the Catholics have done a lot right. I feel like their best quality is their WORKS!!! They live like Jesus wants them . (or at least most)  They work hard and help others.  I listened to other messages on your website. I was the girl that through school I was popular and just really stayed out of conflict unless I was passionate about an issue. I feel like when I hear your message you are like the Smart kid cutting down everyone because you think you are better than everyone.(the bully)  Maybe it is an insecurity you have???? NOT SURE. Whatever the case is, Educating people on the bible is a must and THANK YOU FOR DOING THAT...but people will not hear past the tone in your voice UNLESS THEY ARE ANGRY TOO, THEY WILL LOVE YOUR CHEERLEADING SPEECH. Misery loves company.  

I don't usually get involved in stuff like this...But I love Jesus and GOD and feel the need to talk to you.   I felt like you were cutting down God. Even if Catholics were the first church to be a Christian Religion and they were formed from Pagan beliefs (worshiping people and idols)  where would we be without them today. We needed them to do the ground work.   What if Jesus comes tomorrow and he asks you about all the judgmental things you have to account for and all the people you influenced .....will you be able to say you did it out of Love for him or out of self righteousness?  

I will pray for you!!

Carol (Toledo, Ohio)

I happened to stumble across your website, and got led to an article about science titled  "Science doesn't make any sense!"

Now I imagine you get a lot of emails about this subject but I'm not really that bothered. I'm going to have my say anyway. Let's go through your rather bad article shall we?

1) Why are Christmas trees green?
Well for a start, pine trees, or other various Christmas trees of the same nature, are pagan in origin. Look it up. It started mainly in England, who had pagan festivals and were then converted to Christianity, and made the even Christian itself.

As for why they are green, it has nothing to do with Jesus. It's called evolution (oh yes, the big bad 'theory'). They evolved so they in fact shed their leaves either every few months (so in fact more than the common tree) or every decade or so. Ever seen a brown pine tree? Put it in google, and I'll bet you'll find something.

Oh and lastly, it's not only pine trees they are evergreen, so it has nothing to do with Christmas. They have them in the tropical jungles as well.

2) Science Fiction
Again, you've played a blinder here. Science fiction has nothing to do with real science. It is a fictional genre of media designed to entertain and generally has to do with the state of technology and science in the future, usually with a point to make at the end of it. Nothing to do with with Science being fictional.

3) We already are passing off science as truth.
Because 99.9% of the time it is, as long as it is done well. Where as your lovely pseudoscience is, well, rubbish and unprovable.

4) We are made with carbon
If we were made of dirt we would merely crumble to pieces. That's a stupid suggestion. In fact we also have water in us too! Quite a bit thinking about it.

5) Scientists in fact DO have different specialities!
Yes, the evil and mean scientists are in fact trying to trick you by giving themselves different names! Sneaky, eh? Well no not really. It's because they are good in one particular science that they get these names. I hope you never have to go and see a doctor for anything, as they are scientists too! Unless of course God is going to save you. I'd say not.

6) Scientist does not come from the same Latin as Satanist.
It comes from the Latin scientia, which means knowledge and skill. Satanist comes from the Latin satago. Bit of a mistake there no?

7) Jesus taught to get knowledgeable.
I think you'll think Jesus taught that action will grant you knowledge. I can't recall a passage where it says people shouldn't learn or study.

8) Bible total truth
Biggest lie here? Everything in the bible is 100% true? Really? Have you actually read the bible recently? I mean the obvious one in the creating of light and 'dark' before creating the thing that actually gives you the light. Played. Psalms claims that the Earth doesn't move, which again is very silly. We all know it does, that's how the whole day, night and seasons work. God even calls everything he makes 'beautiful' on a number of occasions. Yeah, those cancerous cells sure are lovely! I'm sure you'd love some of God's sweet cancer. Also a child couldn't tell you the bible is completely true if he has never been taught the bible.

Now I know Christians do love to kill a good turkey or two for dinner, but imagine how many families their are in America. Now imagine how many turkeys there are around the world. I've noticed that there are a lot more turkeys than American families! Wow, so Jesus didn't magically put them there! Well, that's a surprise isn't it. You think Turkey farmers just kill all the turkeys in the world, then come back the next day with loads more? No, you retard, they keep loads of the things. Let's not forget the turkey's in other countries as well! Also black people probably have asked for food. Most of them are Christian because you went and imposed your religion on their culture. I can see it really helped.

10) You managed to get phase transition wrong.
They don't 'huddle together' as you put it. They lose energy, from being cold much like a human would. Once the small particles stop moving about so much they then become a solid. God isn't constantly telling stuff to freeze or dissolve or what not. It is a proven scientific action. And if Christ walked on ice, I'm not really that impressed. I can walk on ice too. It's not too difficult. In fact I can one up him by skating on it as well. Me 1 - 0 Jesus.

11) Who the hell is Nino?
I have no idea where this Nino bloke from Peru came from but oh well, they do know where rain comes from (clouds you dozy idiot) and how hurricanes happen. It's caused by a lot of condensation, heat and gravity, as well as other earth mechanics which strangely were not put into the Bible. They must have forgotten to include that bit.

12) Oil and coal didn't just come from fern trees.
It came from all the living animals and plants that have died, decomposed and been compressed in certain sort of conditions.

13) Food appearing at supermarkets.
I have no idea how I can even possibly explain the idiocy behind this statement. They order the food from people and put it on the shelf! It doesn't magically appear! You don't have to be a scientist to work that out. It even happened in the time of Jesus. I think even he has some logic behind him.

14) Gasoline making cars "go"
Put so nicely. Invented by scientists (well I hope you don't use cars then, they might try and kill you), it works on the combustion engine. It is the combination of high pressure, hot air and fuel. Hydrogen cars work in a different way though.

15) How houses get warm during the winter!
People put the heating on. Deary me. Tell you what, take out your windows, heating and any insulation from your houses and tell me how warm it is during winter. I'll lay a bet down it won't be as warm as my house.

16) Light bulbs.
They work on heat to light energy transfer, much like a solar panel. Of course that is only one type. You can get neon bulbs and halogen bulbs as well. And the glass, it's made from melting silica and then moulding it into the desired shape. Watch some one do it one time, it's quite fun!

17) You don't have silly truths or bizarre mythology!
Another big lie. You say that, stealing someone else's quote as it's rather good: "A cosmic Jewish zombie who is his own father will make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force in your soul that is present in all humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree"

Wow. That makes perfect sense! There is also a lot on God loving animals sacrifices and being obsessed with fat and other things. And that gigantic statue of gold which would have taken most of the gold in the world, which has mysteriously disappeared, and a giant flood that there is no record of killing everyone except some people on a boat that was so big and so well laid out and so water tight it managed to house two of every animal in the world. And it was all made out of wood they chopped down! No bizarre things here at all.

18) I've seen clouds, there is no Jesus.

So if I wanted to go to heaven, I just need to go into the clouds? Well I've done that on a plane and nothing was there. I think I would notice someone who was constantly wiping his brow to make rain. Surely if he keeps doing this the whole world would have flooded anyway? Also I didn't know God was human like and farted to cause mass destruction, although I find the concept highly amusing!

Daniel Edwards

in opening there are the comments about middle eastern people. refering to them as being responsible for the twin towers. it is wrong to kill christians. muslims are wrong for thie beliefs yet you openly declare war and murder upon any ''witch '' upon your campus.  

regardless of what your good book may say, you are both delusional and incompetantly musinformed regarding the workings of a witch. how any sane and normal individual can claim of another to be using toads in the mouths of children to incur demonic possession is at best ludicrous, and at worse decidedly irrationally imbalanced bordering on mental ill ness. is this website a joke, or are you chillingly serious ?/ maybe more good would be done rescuing children from paedophilic pastors and priests than chasing non existant devil worshippers. by the way. we dont beleive in the devil, this thing was created by yourselves to exert control over the masses.    

    go in peace, walk lightly upon the earth, and keep your hands and mouths free of the blood of innocents.                                    

  anna   practising witch

First of all I would like to say that I'm a Christian & believe in our Lord Jesus Christ.

I also believe in telling the truth to your parents. So when I read this story about a girl who tried to hurt her self over a movie, it made me upset to see how her parents treated this child like if she was an animal not a young person. What I mean by that is. Yes, she shouldn't have gone to see the movie without her parents knowing about it. But, for them to treat her like that and call her names was wrong in my own opinion. If a child lies to there parents is because they can't talk to them at all. I have seen the movie. It is just a movie. It's not real! The parents should have tried to explain why she should have not seen the movie. And told her that her heart should be with our Lord. That is where the parents & roll models go wrong. I do have a child. So before, you email me back. I do know how it is to rise a teen child. I am glad that I'm nothing like those parents or you! Also I believe she tried to hurt herself not because of the movie. But, by the way her parents abused her!!!!!! The parents should have been arrested for child abuse. The lord loves each and every one of us. He dose not bring harm to us or our children. He teaches us to be forgiven and to have compassion for one another. You posted your opinion. This is mine.

Concern parent....


Your website is horribly racist and is anti-Christian, i was reading what the republican children say about President Obama, DISGUSTING! children do not talk like that and it is disgusting how you call yourself Christian. What is on your website and what you are preaching is racist, i don't even believe what is on that website. Despicable!

PS: Global Warming will kill us quicker and is a sin! So don't expect to see Jesus, my lord and savior, anytime soon!

CJ Moon



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