A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received May 2006  (unedited and in original form)

Dear Idiots,

If found your website by searching on the web. At first I thought it was a joke, but then I read on a see it's real!

I just read your artical ďOutreach Ministries Closed in Observance of National Prayer Week.Ē What the hell are you thinking? You canít close shelters for a whole WEEK! Were are these people to go? Iíd have had on times occasion to stay at a shelter and it snot like you can just get up and go somewere else for a week! Where are they going to sleep. These people donít have anywhere to go. You call yourselfs Christians, but youíre the ones that should be out on the streets. Then maybe you would thing twice about screwing people like that.

You say that people should pray if they have an emergency?!? I think I donít need to tell you because you already know that's were you'll end up, but GO TO HELL!

Mick Remondino

I came across your guys site. Ya'll are bat-shit crazy. I dont give a damn what you do with this letter, you can take it and wipe your ass with it for all I care. I read your beliefs and you guys are freaks!!!! I am a Christian woman and love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You guys are all hypocrites. People like you should be sterilized and not able to reproduce. Your site sickens me to know that there are people like you in the world.



P.S. May God have mercy on your souls.

Do you really think this site is in any way is pleasing to god? I am very sadenned that you chose to put such blasphemy out there.

Dianne Alderton

landover baptist church i am a bapist myself and i am so freaken mad when i saw your web site. You are the devil itself and i hope you have a eternity in hell. you dont deserve to call your self a baptist church.your rules and regulations are bull crap.you get a fine for listing to rock, how gay can you get. what do you listen to freaken classical music all the time. I have long hair wear black pants with chains and zippers everywhere, i listen to death metal and i still am a baptist. It doesnt matter what you look like it matters how you serve god, wich you have failed to do. I want you to read this email to your entire congregation so they can see how stupid you all realy are. pleasee reply if you have the balls to.

Ian Williams

Hi, been reading your website. I must say that it was certainly interesting as i'm a Christian. What i found most interesting however was that although i am a christian, i can definatly say with all clarity that you certainly are not christians, just american self-glorified, racist idiots. Who obviously misunderstood what the bible says and the historical significance of having an old and new testament. You are a disgrace to Christianity, and i do sincerely feel sorry for you, as you are obviously sick and twisted individuals. You make me sick. However based upon your own teaching i would like to say, enjoy the barbecue cos you'll be the ones cooking, and we'll try and enjoy the show from above. Good day to you and i pray that you recieve true revelation to show you that you are not doing the will of God. May God forgive you, and through the grace of christ restore you.

God Forgive you

Steve Robson

From what I've seen in your churches beliefs and the beliefs of other baptists, you don't even open your bibles to read what the word of God actually says. I don't even know where to start, really. You hate gays, you objectify and discriminate women, you slander the word of God, you falsify Jesus' teachings, and you disgrace the name Christian. What happened to Jesus' teaching of, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." I'm so frustrated and so taken back by your teachings that I can't even think about what to say. I'm very disappointed. You need to read the bible again and really read and study what its truly saying because as far as I can tell, you haven't read the bible at all. I hope and pray that you can find the errors of your ways and truly find and know God. And having a clothing line of thongs doesn't help your case at all.

Jordan Meaders

Your site has satan all over it. I have never read more crap on the net than this. i guess your Ignorance is bliss.

Malisa Price

Your web-site Is the sickest thing I've ever seen. You call yourself good christians and promote the ruthless beating of children in the name of 'GOD'??? If your GOD is so mighty and powerful then it stands to reason HE should be the one to dole out judgemnt and punishment... NOT YOU!

How dare you post publically how to abuse children and HATE people who don't follow your doctrines!

It's organizations like yours that give organized religion a bad name.

May YOU burn in hell for YOUR sins against children and the human race.

Jacqueline Bosley

Hello Pastor,

While your website seems to be very well put together, I would highly suggest you regenerate your quizzes. When I got an answer wrong, a box popped up that said, "wrong! you unsaved moron! Your score is now: 3"

How appropriate is that? Not very. That can turn someone away from the Lord very quickly and I think that you should say, "Not quite! You'll get it next time" (or something similar to that) in your pop up box instead of what was stated above.

Who am I to tell you what to do, even if you aren't in charge of the website...but I would highly reccommend you change that because, as little of a thing that it is, it can still poke a hole in someone's heart. As one fellow Christian to another, we are all supposed to be welcoming and fruitful to others who are just now discovering the fruits and power of God, this quiz was pretty helpful but those pop-up boxes are extremely unecessary. Just a suggestion!

Meredith Musten-

dont who you guys are but if i find out that you are going on "witch hunts" i will contact the FBI and press charges for religious persucution....havent you guys Murdered enough "witches" in the Burning Times? You people need to open your eyes and quit persucuting wiccans and pagans...we dont bother you so quit posting shit like "fall witch hunts" as i believe your persecuting my religion in general altho im not wiccan. Thank you and modify this all you want as im saving a copy for myself so i can prove im not making any threats.......

Thx Kindly

Jim nobitch

How do I obtain a copy of the surveillance videotape of the Virgin Mary appearing on a teeter-tooter during Christmas last year.

Re: http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news0100/mary.html


Jay Reilly

Your church will never win souls for Christ by some of your Doctrine, by you telling someone that they will go to Hell is a sin because it's judging. Trust me I believe in giving construction criticism when needed, but I will never tell someone where they will spend eternity, because that's not up to us , it's up to God. Try telling about God's love before you tell about God's wrath. I pray that you will change because I promise you not to many people will come to Christ after reading your web site. Also, I'm about as conservative as it gets, and I find your web site a bad description of The Father and Son


To whom it may concern,

That article you have on your web page is complete rubbish. How can you honestly think that all atheist's should be locked up in jail for not believing in god? That's completely asinine. Your making an ass of yourself by having that on your web page. Atheist's are normal people who are too smart to believe in something as stupid as religion. Why waste your time praying to someone that does not exist? Nothing good can ever come out of religion, EVER. You say that we are the threat to the United States when you and your god fairing people think that all non-believers are worthless and that we should be sent to France, the homeland of atheism. This is so ridiculous that I actually laughed the entire time while reading this article. I thought it was a joke, and then I realized that the people quoted in the article are jokes, like our president, and then also realized that you were being serious. That is really messed up and I think you should remove your anti-atheist bullshit from our Internet. You think we corrupt people and make them not believe in Christ? What is it that you think you do when you preach to people like this? To make them believe in god and think that one day they will be saved, when in reality life just ends. You should be disgusted with yourself, I know I am. Since when was it in the constitution that religion and government go hand in hand? I thought that there was a separation of power and church. Meaning that the church no longer had a say in government at all. Your views are pathetic and sorry. I feel bad for you and anyone who is dimwitted enough to believe in you and god. People have their rights to believe in what they wish. You do not see other people like me going around trying to get people to not believe in god do you? No you do not. We did not start a web page saying that all religious people should be sent somewhere else. You should really check your statistics too. I'm positive there is more than 300 atheists in OUR country. But, there is a lot of idiots who should be banned from owning a computer or having any access to media. People like you. I'm proud of my own views. Not what people have told me to believe.

respectfully yours,

Nicholas W. Saad

I just read your "poopy" advice article and that is exactly what I believe it to be. Jesus would not watch children eliminate! I didn't see one Scriptural reference at all, except that strange "Bible poop quiz", which Jesus discarded in the New Testament. Even when potty training my own children, we did not dwell on the functions or physical parts that are important for those things. I believe that helping Angels more likely battle the demons of curiosity and carnal knowledge as our Nation's children "go". God is always watching us through his messengers, which is why I hang crosses everywhere in my house and make sure my kids know I am watching. On the other hand, thank you so much for answering a little one's question, especially about such a touchy subject. I really don't know why these kids ask so many questions!!!

Terri Sims

I just read your article about the Mormons what year was this that it happened? We have a home in mesa Arizona which is full of Mormons I believe its the second highest out of salt lake city. I truly believe they are cult and this is even weirder than anything I have heard. Yes I am a Born Again Christian.

Thank you Kathy Peterson

You are the reason so many people hate Christ and anything to do with the Christian "Faith". I truly hope that you NEVER sleep at night and that all the animals that you have murdered and are advocating the killing of will stay with you untill the day you enter the hell you so 'lovingly' like to toss into our faces. You are only another reason that I am what I am, and that others like me view you with utter disgust and lothing!!!!!! As I said, may you spend your "afterlife' in the company of all those non-'humans' you have killed for your own perverted reasons (some call it 'food')...


Vegans for Ever!

Christo & Lelane Strydom


I would like to become a demon hunter but i need help. How do i find demons? where do they come from. How can I get started for all this. If you can e-mail me at [removed].

thnak you,

gary forbes



I was browsing the Internet when I came across this statement. nation's 33,347,718 Negroes took enough time away from filling out lottery tickets Monday to file a class action lawsuit against Disney, parent company of ABC, which broadcasts the wildly successful "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" The crux of their complaint is that the program discriminates against blacks by asking questions only people with an education could be expected to understand, much less answer.

I feel that alone is a prejudice statement. Are you insinuating blacks don't have an education. This statement will not go unheard. You call yourself Christians. I am so glad not to have any affiliation with you. I suggest you really learn how to appropriately write your opinion. Yes this will get forwarded to every christian organization I know. Let's see whose educated after that. I will also forward it to a lawyer.

Daryl Washington

Hello there, I have just recently read the article about the subliminal messages within Nickelodeon's Rugrats. I am personally discusted with you lot. How suzie has teeth missing to portray her sexual role. Its called benig a toddler and naturally loosing teeth.Dil Pickles sucking on everything, ALL BABIES DO THIS!And im lost as how a cute little red haired kid promotes homosexuality.Furthermore, i occasionally wear head bands, im into my sports, i speak loudly and regulary converse with women. I am female and not a dyke. And if any of you had really watched the episodes you do actually see the toys that Stew makes. And the names.....Pickles for a surname is actually common and the nick name sprout is just a nick name! i have a friend who has the nick name squiter that his grandfather gave him, so what? And since when has the word food been an euphemism for sex? YOU lot are the ones so focused on sex! turning everything, food, names, apperances everything into sex! they have no connection with it! To hear all this stuff sickens me and unproud to be a christian if this is what its priests tell us. If anything by comming up with this stuff it seems like you lot have the problem. Next thing u know, everything will be used as another word for sex. " i am sitting on the couch." what sick thing are you going to turn that into? Well, i think i have made my opinion relitively clear. And may god clear your unpure thoughts.

Grace Carter

you ppl are so old fashioned and boring

Marc Buckly

Hey you self-righteous pigs. Your website is a joke. Your say you love Jesus but you do not reach out to the lost. Jesus command us to reach out to the unsaved. I would hate to be in your shoes because you are leading a lot of people down a road of destruction and when you stand before christ you will have the blood of all that you lead astray on your hands. Some baptist church you are. I Pray for anyone who is a member of your church because if you don't seek Gods face and turn in a different direction when you die your going to bust Hell wide open.

Concerned Citizen

Stephanie Lee

I am so sickened by your perverted interpretation of the Veggie tales. Only a sick pervert would see something like a small green penis in a large pink vagina instead of a childs story of Jonah and the whale. I guess when your mind is so corrupted with perversion its easy to see anything and everything as being something sexual. I believe that you really need to seek God help in these serious matters of perversion that really seem to fill your every waking moment.

Me and my kids have seen almost all the Veggie tales movies and not once was I able to make anything sexual out of any of them. Guess garabage in garabage out. I really wonder what you've filled your mind with.


A common since christian.

Allen Roach


YOURS TRUELY, Clay Bergman

What sort of Ignorant Assholes are You.

I am Jewish. A proud Jew. I'm not going to inslult you, because then I would just stoop down to your level.

I unfortunately stumbled onto your site while searching sites about Scooby Doo for my five year old daughter. Your article is by far the worse piece of written thought I have ever read. To think that you wrote something without even three minutes of research and then you had the stupidity to post it on your site really shows how ignorant of a person you are. The article itself sounds worse than your description of a "feces roll"! Did you just wake up one morning and surf through a few channels until you ended up on Scooby Doo and decide it was evil, homosexually based, full of bull-dyked feminist, and herion users? Not to mention if you were at least a semi-intelligent person you would have tried to spell the characters names correct: Thelma? No... Velma. Daphney...wrong again moron it's spelled Daphny.

And since your article has absolutely no actual facts I thought I'd do you- well mostly your readers the courtesy of including some:

The start of Scooby Doo can be traced all the way back to Fred Silverman, the head of daytime programming for CBS.The 1960s (which by reading your article it seemed that you were totally unaware that this was the time period the show was created and based in) was a time when the cartoon world was pretty much dominated by super hero shows and other shows of that nature. In fact, a number of parental watchdog groups, namely Action for Children's Television (ACT), (which are not wack job homosexuals either!) were concerned about all the violence their children were observing! Silverman wanted to change that.

The real name of the show was actually going to be called the Mysteries Five, but the reason for the change was because Silverman didn't like the ring to it. So while flying home Silverman, while listening to Frank Sinatra's 'Strangers in the Night', heard the scat phrase Scooby Dooby Doo and decided to change the dog's name (yes... G O D spelled backwards) from Too Much to Scooby Doo. Not until this time was Scooby Doo even a big part in the show, so I don't see how homosexuals could have produced, wrote, and named the show after some sick fucking idea you have in your head.

Just to add that I could probably be considered a feminist myself, and that I am a beautiful, intelligent women who doesn't wear glasses - and no one has ever compared me to a hippo and I have yet to be called a bull dyke!

I hope you all some day wake up and realize how completely ignorant you are, and, for everyone's sake including the Almighty Himself, please end this bull shit you continue to put on the internet .

Cathie Lee