May 2007

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Letters To Landover: Pastor's Mailbag

MAY 2007
A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

You are so sick that you need to be locked up in a psychiatric ward forever. Your computer that host your website at needs to be crashed with a very harmful virus. I hope your site gets hacked and defaced. You are such a hostile and an ugly asshole who is completely insane. I hope you die a painful death for what you preach.

I just turned you in and reported you to hatewatch at Bryan G

your article I just read on BEATING children is sick and humane and dersevers JAIL for life

Never in my lofe have I seen soemthing so HATEFUL MORBID and SICK towards children

I would be an athiest before I ever followed your cureul inhumaine saddistick

and you have the nerve to speak of Jesus in this way

BEAT the sick bastard

P. Sage

Most judgmentel, site my eyes have ever read. You've broken all of the things God hates in Porverbs 6:16 I will never call myself Baptist again, which you've sure made even the devil look good phalse prophet.

Doug Tebutt

Ok I was looking for churches in the area and stubbled upon yours, and Im sorry but I am disscusted with your thoughts on how to prevent a child from going gay. Im Not gay and nether is anyone of my family members and nether will my children be, but how ever I use to love to color when I was young and Im sorry But there is not one freaken thing wrong with it. Oh and as far as watching cartoons I watched them when I was little but not as mutch into them as my family was, and were not gay, oh so the cartoons that we show at church, and our animated cartoon movie of the story of easter is going to turn us gay, i think that you need to know more about what your saying befor you preach it. And if this is what you have tought your congagation then im sorry for the poor kids that have miss out on there childhood, because of someone sick like you

!!!!!!!!!!!!! Signed,

Pround to have watched!!

Ian Brumbaugh

if you have any balls to read this than thats about two more than i figured you had. What the heck is wrong with you people!!!!! I hope you all burn to a crisp in hell!!!!!!!!! That is not the way God wants his message delivered! with gun camps and using kids to charge money on their parents credit card to get a new play station you stuoid idiots! I hope you all die of AIDS

Frank Harden

I would recommend something. READ THE BIBLE. The bible that God wrote, not some crazy sin filled translation. i pray that you seek the real answers before Christ comes back. Or Hell is awaiting.

In the name of the true Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Jordon Travis

I just couldn't resist writing and telling you people that you are are just plain sick, mentally, spiritually. There is a pay day for people like you. God is patient while He keeps an account of your deeds. You will stand before Him and give an account. You think you are funny but it will be He who has the last laugh. You obviously aren't afraid of the possibility of God being real and the Bible true. However, you are a free moral agent and you have chosen. So be it.

Jimmy Fore

You guys really pist me off with that Atheist Report of yours. I believe in God and all and I do want to be saved but you are treating Atheists like criminals and it's wrong. They are your brothers! Treat them with respect. It's not like they were devil worshipers. Even if they were devil worshipers deserve the same respect since it's the LAND OF THE FREE.

All I needed to read to find your website very offensive and extremely ignorant of Dr. Seuss as well as the Bible was your heading!!!!!! THE LARGEST MOST POWERFUL ASSEMBLY OF WORTHWHILE PEOPLE EVER TO EXSIST. UNSAVED ARE NOT WELCOME. Where have you been? Have you ever read the bible? God would never NOT welcome unsaved people!!!!! As a matter of fact those are the people he went in search of!!!! Those are the people he congregated with!!!! Look at the background of the apostles!!!! Isnt the whole point of being a minister to bring in the unsaved and minister to them so they CAN be saved. You should spend more time judging yourselves!!!!! Let God judge everyone else!!!! He did not make you judge!!!!!! I know he's not satisfied with how you've turned out!!!!!

God Bless You Anyway!!

Tonya Orban

P.S. Maybe your affiliated with the church of Satan!!!!

Certainly not the God the bible speaks of!!!!!!

You people call yourselves Christians? When I read your section on "Catholic worship of Mary" the whole passage was full of disdain for Catholics and full of ignorant comments (especially about ALL priests being pedophiles) 99% of Priests would be the LAST people to do harm to a child.

Catholics DO NOT worship Mary, we venerate her.

You seem to take joy that Catholics are "going to hell". Your words don't sound very Christian to me.

You also DON'T see any Catholic sermons, websites or books etc. lambasting Protestants or talking BAD about another religious sect. WE LOVE EVERYBODY!!

Michael Mahoney

I am a Christian. I am over 18 years of age. And I have to say what I feel is right.

Your web site should be gone. The Bible says we should think of lovely, pure things and that is not lovely or pure. It is filled with hate and filth. Do you realize how much time and effort you put into looking at Sponge Bob upside down to analize his nose and eyes??? The Bible says that people look for evil and this is a perfect example. I could read my Bible right now or my hymnal and make it perverted if I want to. As a child, I attended a Christian school, that like yourself, looked for evil at every turn. I want you to know that almost every one of those students don't attend church, and don't want to have anything to do with God or his people. Why??? Because of this stuff. There was evil, sin, murder and all kinds of perversion in Jesus day and where do you see him focusing on individual sin and condeming them???? No, he said," I came not to condemn the World, but save it. Even, the woman at the well, who was a sinner, was not condemned. Please, Please before you turn children away from God, please preach love, forgiveness and trust not this hate and condemnation. You will answer for what you focus on.

Love in Christ.

Cherie Chapman

I hope you know that if you were really Godly people you would try to help those even who aren't saved. If my pastor were to read all the nonsense you people produce here he would probably pray over your mistaken souls. Shame on you, hopefully God will forgive your stupidity. Pray to be saved!

Rebel NY

I just read the article about your "children" killing rabbits and, subsequently, seriously injuring other children. You people are insane! Oh my God, you're unbelievable hypocrites. People like you make me sick. You belong in prison. I seriously don't think God is going to applaud your efforts. Good luck securing a spot in heaven; it simply isn't going to happen. You are sick pigs that the rest of the world laughs at, but also realizes that, thankfully, you are but a small and vicious, weird cult.

I feel so incredibly sorry for the babies who are being raised in the environment you have created. Those poor children will never know what it is like to be loved and cherished. They will never know humility and empathy for their fellow humans.

Please don't write back; I have no interest in anything you have to say as I find you disgusting.


Dear Pastor,

U stupid piece of shit. U know aint nobody in their right mind sending your big ass on a plane anywhere. U are so big and completely ignorant. Yeah spiderman's racist because he has on a black suit and he's appealing to the negroes. No body says negro anymore so man u bitch and say nigger. U fat stupid ass bastard. Another thing god never told anyone to hate anyone.

fff bob

In reply to your post to Timmy about his question about whether his dog Scruffy would go to heaven or not.

What is wrong with you? How can you say such a thing to a child, especially when there is no biblical references to such a thing. You need to take this off your website, for God will deal harshly for those that claim to be his leaders and teach things that are not from the bible at all. Poor, poor Timmy. I will forever pray for him. You owe him and his parents a huge apology.

You also owe the Chinese an apology. Don't you know many are christians? There are other parts of the world where God's message has not reached. How can you give Timmy and others your thoughts that most in hell will be Chinese. Again, you are quoting your ridiculous thoughts and not scripture. You need to stick to scripture

Lynda Smetana

if god punishes the overwight people how come fat brother harry is still breathing.


I just visited your site, and well, I think you are the sickest bunch of "humans" I have ever heard of. You will rott in hell where you were meant to live. Oh and I just love the article about giving your child a good christian beating. You are sick fuckers and I will pray for you to live in hell. Good luck living the American dream assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber Mathison





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