A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received October 2004  (unedited and in original form)

I believe that your website is unfit to be on the internet. I cannot believe that you are telling kids to hate their parents and to steal from their parents. There is no way that this website could ever be supported by real believers of Jesus. I have taken the time to report you to those of higher authority with the internet. I hope that they see fit to remove you from the internet and to prosecute you to the highest extent of the law.

~Signed one pissed off parent and a true believer of Jesus

stop judging others, that you may not be judged. for as you judge, so will you be judged,and the measure with which you measure will be measured out to you. why do you notice the splinter in your brother's eye, but do not perceive the wooden beem in your own eye? you hypocrite, remove the wooden beam from your eye first; thenthen you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brothers eye


As a Christian it is really upsetting me to hear people call them selves Christians and display and pervert the word of God. Take a close look and your web site and the things you have written about Noah and his son. Then at the bottom of your web site you have an ad for a pair of thongs that say What would Jesus do?

If you are a Christian what kind of massage are you trying to send to people?


As a Harvard graduate with a masters in theology. You know that chrisianity and it's sister myths are a "New" 4 to6,000 year cult. That earth based Religions that can be verified by archiologists date back as far as 40,000 years ago and have still survided after centuries of murderus christian crusades, Killing miilions. Your book burning is what Hitler did to keep people from haveing choices. How sad and scared you must be. You can only prey on the unedjucated, poor, and ignorant, TBN as all prior christian leaders truths are revealed. There are no "Christian" peddlers in Beverly Hills, Bel-Air or other affluent communities. As we we taught by watching the audiance members whom appeared to be scatterd about soon to return to their trailer homes. But to prey on the elderly shame on you. What comes around goe's around. Thank your god for 911, The Collumbine killings, Charles Manson, Jerry Fallwell and now Paul Crouch a homosexual pulled out of the closet. Your New Religion is now legally known as a Cult. You can get help find a good deprogramer and read some modern books on Theology from a University like Harvard, U.S.C, or Yale. Your show is slipping.

Michael Christensen M.D.Psy.

In my 52 years, I have never seen such an ungodly act by a so-called Christian as what you have wrought with your "Hell House". To think you are perpetuating such an ungodly, unchristian, and unamerican act on our innocent children is dispicable, demonic and totally devoid of any Christian values I have ever heard of.

As pastor, you have a special responsibility in guiding those that come to you seeking personal enlightenment and salvation. You are failing your mission and worse: you are instilling our young, not with Jesus's teachings, but with the manufactured manipulations of hate created by the likes of Tim LeHaye and others like him.

What you fail to see is you are leading your flock down a path of ruination, not only of this country and the world, but also of the souls entrusted to you. The Bible warns specifically against following false prophets, and you sir have a special responsibility in this matter, given your chosen position as spiritual advisor. I don't know how you can look yourself in the mirror. May God have mercy on your soul (though the Bible clearly indicates He will not).

I can only hope that through providence, the young lives you mislead and mistreat will some day find their salvation in the words and life of Jesus, undoing the damage you have wrought. My advise to you is to get down on your knees and plead for your own salvation; you need it.

Regretfully yours,
Kip Humphrey

Though I find deacon Fred hilarious you people have to think before you speak. Its obvious you are a bunch of clan members calling themselves Christian. I will truly pray for you, that the holy spirit comes into your heart and teaches you to love. The foundation of the ten commandments is based on the ability to love the father and your fellow man. And oh by the way if you are a Sunday keeper than you are a in-law to the Catholics because if you read your history books they are the ones who changed the Sabbath to Sunday not God.Read up on emperor Constantine and emperor Justinian and see what they did to lead the masses astray front Jesus' true day of worship the seventh day. And I quote " the seventh day is the Sabbath of the lord thy god" ----- I am the lord thy god, I do not change.----- Blessed are those who keep the commandments and the faith of Jesus Christ. As long as you are a Sunday worshiper, you are no better that the papacy itself.

I will pray for you,

Sincerely ,

Mike Webster

To Whom It May Concern,

I am not sure what has happened to you in your lifetime. I am not sure if you had fanatical Baptist parents or a bitter experience that has caused you to feel the way that you do about the Word of God and Jesus Christ. Whatever it is I am sorry that you feel the way you do. And I am sorry that you live your life, every moment of everyday wasting away with mocking God and His Word. It is not God's fault that there are people in this world that use Him as a battering ram. Whether you believe it or not, God is real and He took the form of man to come to this earth and suffer and die for you that you may live eternally. And each day as you mock Him and splatter your garbage in His face, He is pleading with you to accept His invitation to live forever. Whether you like it or not, He loves you. It is apparent to me that you've never experienced this truth first hand. And because of that I am sorry. I pray that you will not spend the rest of your life believing the lies that you are trying to convince everyone who reads your site to believe. I pray that you do not waste your entire life trying to make a mockery out of God and His love for you. I would truly love to know what your point is in all of this. What are you trying to prove? Just how completely ignorant you are? How sin-sick and wretched you are? Or is this a cry for attention? Because, honestly, someone who has devoted years to a website like this, in my opinion needs some kind of professional help. I see this whole waste-of-time website a deep, inner cry for help. You may use this email to make fun of me, say that I am a religious fanatic, or even try to sling some more of your garbage with it. And you know, that is absolutely fine. Jesus said, "If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you." (John 15:18) So, I don't care if you make fun of me, or mock what I am saying. But, I am going to defend my God. I know who I believe and I am confident in Him. On the day that He comes back to this earth and you and the rest of the people in this world who act the way you do, realize the mistake you've made and realize that now for eternity you will not have eternal life, instead you will die for eternity, then maybe you will think twice about all the "dung" you have splattered in the Lord's face. Whatever it is that you are trying to do, give it up! It is not worth dying for eternity over. Tell me, why do you not want to live for eternity? Try to overcome your immature, and childish ways. Be a real man!

-A Servant of Christ

I am appalled and hurt at what I just read on your websight! I was looking for anti-halloween information, and saw your site.

I am a born again American CHRISTIAN whose family is from Armenia, which is modern day Turkey.

Are you people CRAZY??????????? Taking corpses, some of who may have been relatives of mine, and BELIEVERS ALSO!) and used their bodies as a witnessing tool?

There must be something done about this and I am going to lead the crusade against such evil doings.

How can you justify this?

DO you people KNOW the Lord Jesus personally?

This is just the beginning!

How dare you people think that you are going to get away with this CRIME!


Your site is one of the most fowl and disgusting sites I have seen. I'll pray for you. The LORD is coming soon some day you will understand the TRUTH.

Shannon Yates

You know what? I feel great knowing I can allways find a good laugh at your web site when i'm down. All I have to do Is bowse for a few minutes and I find a article that sends me to the floor laughing uncontrollably. Even your note about e-mailing you is a riot. It basicly says "we can change your message to make us look good." :) I just get such a kick out of reading things like your ab toner masterbating article... I would like to know however why was the child able to stay up till 4' am to watch this infomercial? And why where you looking at his penis if he had a hardon? And why in gread gastros name what medical profesional would cut of a young boys penis just because he had a hardon? Uncontrollably large or not, they would have given him a sedative or something not cut the bloody thing off! Ohwell looking forward to more of your absurd and outlandish articles to give me a chuckle. Goodbye


My 17 year old son is as strong as a christian teen as I have seen. He's not perfect but a very good kid. He also wears sandals and flip flops on occasion and this does NOT mean he is gay. He also wears boxers and this does NOT mean he is gay. Boys who play soccer, although mine did not, are NOT gay. I am shocked by the article on your website. Yes we should promote healthy heterosexual habits to our children, but we need to be very careful how we associate certain practices with homosexuality. Especially in children. If certain children get it in their minds that certain practices mean that they are gay, they can be very cruel to other teens and children unnecessarily. If children are raised in a happy healthy heterosexual setting with loving parents, THIS is the best education.

My son has surrendered to the ministry. I'm very glad in our faith, that he will not be judged if he has on a pair of sandals as associating he is gay.

I am also shocked that President Bush would allow such material on a Bush supported website. I will also make my concerns known to him.

Shari Herron


I think that the Hell Houses are a great idea,and I wish there was one close by where I live,BUT, You need to be a little more loving toward the unsaved. God is not willing that any should perish,and has no delight in the punishment of the wicked,and homosexuals are human. Some of the things I was reading didn't sound loving, in fact,it sounded harsh. People are lost and in need of a Saviour,and they need to be told in a loving way,and they are not to be treated as a second class citizen,otherwise,it will drive the unsaved away. I would never tell an unsaved person that he or she wasn't allowed in our church,I would invite them in and hope they can get a clear understanding of the message being preached. Jesus wasn't a snob,and we are no better than the unsaved. They need our love and not to be made to feel like they are nothing. Remember,we were once lost and headed to a devil's hell,and God wanted to save us and He did when we called for Him to save us. Hell was made for the devil and his angels,and God will not want people to go there,and they will not go there unloved. I don't think that He will hate the unsaved just because He has to sentence them to hell. The bottom line is,be a little more loving when getting your message across. God Bless,


Good afternoon! My name is Alecia Davis and I live in North Carolina. I just read the alleged article about the women who visited the wedding in Utah. I just wanted to let you know that I am a Mormon and this woman is clearly lying! Her story is absurd! I had to laugh when I read it! I could not find one factual statement about Mormons in the article. It says that John Smith was the founder of our church. Joseph Smith was the founder of our church. I am wandering if maybe she has the Mormons mistaken with another religion? Perhaps it would be the "Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" that she is mistaken us with? I am not sure exactly what the "reorganized church" believes or pratices, however, I know that the true Mormon faith does not condone any of the statements or allegations in the article written. I know that I am a Christian. I believe in God, the Eternal Father and in His Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost. I know that Jesus Christ died for our sins and that if I live worthy that through His Grace, that I will be able to live with him again. I am very strong in my faith, and I actually date a wonderful baptist man who is very strong in his faith as well. I appreciate all religions and believe that all religions promote good. I can assure you that the true Mormons are not a cult and they are good people who all believe in and worship God the Eternal Father. We believe in the King James version of the Holy Bible. We also believe in the Book Of Mormon which is another testament of Jesus Christ. We believe that the Bible and Book of Mormon go hand in hand. I am not upset by the article by any means....I am just merely floored that anyone would make these untrue statements. I am blessed to know, however, that God loves each and everyone of us and he forgives us as well through repentance. I would strongly urge these ladies to study the Mormon the religion to get the true facts of our church. However, if they would like to learn about the Mormons, go to a Mormon. (if you wanted to know about a Ford car, you would not go to a Chevy dealership would you?) I will be praying for these ladies that their hearts may be soften and they will quit spreading untrue statements about a faith dedicated to God. Thank you for your time, and thank you for spreading the word of God.

With Love,
Alecia Davis

Dear Landover Baptist Church:

When I saw your Hell house on line, I thought it was a joke. I hoped it was a joke. I cannot see how you even attempt to call God's name after having such an evil spirit living in your heart. . How could you talk about a man like Kerry or any man like that? Have you ever met him? Your heart must be evil. God will hold you responsible for every person who see your description of a another human being, Mr. Kerry being protrayed like that.

Does God even know you? You better make sure he does not end up seperating you and saying depart from me, I never knew you! Purge yourself and return to God while you still have time. He will forgive you. If you do not, I am afraid what you see for kerry, will be your fate. REPENT NOW!!!

If you are a republican, why are the most of you so mean spirited? God is neither republican or democract, He IS GOD all by himself?


Dear Pastor of Landover Church and others to Whom this May Concern,

I am a Christian, growing more and more in the grace and mercy of our heavenly Father and His Son who was sent to us for our sacrifice once and for eternity for our sins.

I happened upon your web site by chance through a search on a couple of topics and their relation to Christianity.

My first reaction was confusion ...... was I looking at a Christian web site, or a worldly one ..... perhaps it was a worldly one poking fun at Christians. As my perusment of your site increased, I started looking at your "beliefs" since it appeared you were indeed a "serious" Christian web site and church.

I put "serious" in quotes because I was amazed and astonished at your site. Some of your small "illustrations" border on pornography themselves. The tampons things was ridiculous ...... God cares about our hearts and souls, not whether a woman is using tampons. I was especially amazed at the advertisement at the bottom of a couple of the pages for "What Would Jesus Do" women's panties?????? ........ what if a young man seeking out God comes to your site? Is he perhaps going to think that he can be a Christian and enjoy seeing women in their panties with "WWJD" on them? Is this what you are recommending that women wear to church?

At this point in this email, I fully expect you to possibly just trash my email and not get a response. If you really are Christians, perhaps God will speak to your hearts. I will pray that he does. I already did as I wandered your web site.

Your "beliefs" are tantamount to cancelling out the substitutionary work that Christ's death was intended for. You speak of the Levitical "penalties" you impose if someone does not dress right, or other such things ..... this is what Israel's problem was and why God sent His Son ...... they just didn't get it ....... they made the law more important than God's saving grace. There is so much other "stuff" that is more worldly than it is Christian on your site.

Your "beliefs" speak of not allowing non-believers to your church ........ how to you expect to lead anyone to Christ? I am a pretty hard-nosed Christian when comes to some of the things you are talking about ..... like associated with unbelievers, dress code, etc. Ask my wife ..... she was brought up in Baptist churches and knows strictness. We go to "Cedar Ridge Baptist Church"; but, our salvation does not depend on those things; and, the way you have presented these will turn people away from God. I don't intend to suggest "seeker-friendly" ...... there is way too much of that. Your beliefs seem to be a combination of extreme Baptist / Old Testament Covenant with Seeker Friendly. God JUST wants us to spread His Gospel ....... Jesus Christ, His Son. Read Romans and Corinthians about food and how we are not to make judgments on other believers just because they eat different food, or dress a little different (yes, modesty is necessary). There are other examples of this as well.

I can't believe the "things" you are offering in your online store. How do most of those items glorify God? How does gambling at your "casino" glorify God? Do people go to your casino with the intent on worshiping and glorifying God, or to gamble to hopefully make some money? Perhaps there are some that you have made THINK that their gambling at your casino is going to a good cause, but you are taking them away from time with their families and devotional time with God. ......... Do you remember what Christ did in the temple when he overturned the marketers and money changers, etc. ...... sorry, but God HATES gambling. There are so many other beneficial things that you could be doing with money that you spent on a casino; and, you are blurring greatly the line between Christianity and the world. God says to NOT be of the world.

Your web site is very seductive. Things of God don't have to be seductive ...... God uses His Holy Spirit to bring in His fold. We are to plant seeds. Have you planted any seeds in that casino? Has anyone been saved because they visited your web site and found something DIFFERENT than the world has to offer?

I will pray for you. Only God knows your hearts. Perhaps I have been too judgmental, though that is not my desire. God commands us to admonish our brothers and sisters in Christ. I hope you indeed are my brothers and sisters in Christ, but .................

In Christ,
Don N. Brubaker Jody Ward

To whom this may concern:

I was reading up on tips to keeps pets safe during Halloween time and also I was reading more about the origin of Halloween. I stumbled upon your website regarding things to do as a substitute on Halloween. I am a born again Christian who loves the Lord but never in all my life have I heard of such nonsense. The suggestions that were listed will no way reach the hearts of the lost. Who in their right mind would feed their dog almonds then use the droppings in a candy bar to somehow change the hearts of children? That is insane!! The most obsured idea was throwing lambs blood on little children....that is sick! As Christians we need to come together and pray! My church is having a huge party with games and candy. we are going to have something that the kids can walk through which will depict Christ's death then explain salvation. I am very excited about this. We have seen more people come to the Lord by prayer and alter calls. Your ideas are crazy and an embarassment to all Christians.


I can't believe that you call yourselves Christians! Are you for real??? As i was looking over your website, I had a hard time believing that Landover Baptist church is for real, it's so outrageous, the things you say and believe and do! Satan is just dancing with delight over what you have made there in Iowa. you mix some truth with just a torrent of lies!! I just pray that people are not being decieved by all that! Talk about false religions, and false prophets! I could sit here for hours refuting what you have said and done, and back it up with Scripture, but one thing that really stuck out is the whole Hell house thing, and the statement that you make about God planning all these hellish tortures for you if you don't get saved. And you beat and whip people into repentance?!?!? How do you think that is Godly and biblical!?!?!? God loved the WHOLE world so much that he gave his only son as payment for our sins. He is not willing that ANY should perish, but that all should come to repentance. He most certainly is NOT sitting up in heaven planning ways to torture the unsaved!!! Please don't continue leading people astray with your "religion", and don't continue gratifying the devil by what you are doing!!!!


To the Landover Baptist Church,

Respectfully regarding your expressed plan to air-drop close to 1 million Chick Tracts over "non-Christian towns and cities across Iowa," I write to request that you reconsider your methods for prosyletization. First of all, though I'm sure you have the best of intentions, dropping that much paper across a state seems incredibly wasteful to me. It will create large amounts of litter in the areas you intend to drop, which will cost towns and cities to clean up, and will spread paper across the landscape, which, despite the benevolent intentions of the actors, will likely have a negative rather than a positive effect on the local environment--land provided the world by God for us to care for, not to sow with leaflets and waste. (Not to call Chick Tracts waste, but to point out that any pamphlets that go unread will likely be left where they lie, and outside of towns and cities, they are not likely to get cleaned up.)

Second, air-dropping Chick Tracts seems an incredibly impersonal strategy to me. If you wish to make the Gospel available, why not make the Gospel (or choice bits of it) available instead of the admittedly rather disparaging and negative Chick Tracts? The Gospel is positive and quite uplifting--wouldn't that message gain more interest than the darker one of the Chick Tracts? And, more than that, although air-dropping tracts gives the appearance of messages from Heaven, wouldn't an invitation from an actual person (though more time-consuming) be more welcoming than finding leaflets on the ground? Maybe air-dropping messages gets more messages out, but perhaps a more intimate interaction would draw in a greater percentage of passengers. Of course, I am no one to presume to guide your hand; but I hope you will not hold it against me that I offer my opinion.

As a last note, I would like to point out that Halloween, as far as I have researched, is not the Devil's Birthday, contrary to your Web site's words. The name is a contraction of Hallowe'en, or Hallows Even, a version of All Hallow's Eve, also known as All Saints' Eve. The celebration is the night before All Saints' Day. Traditionally, the day is a day of spiritual power when ghosts and spirits walk abroad in greater force. The monstrous costumes and masks were originally worn to disguise and hide people from the traveling ghosts--not to revel in their power. I hope you will take this and similar histories into account in the future before you write your criticisms.

Thank you for taking the time to hear me out.

David Clark

As a pastor of a REAL independent, fundamental Baptist church, I wanted to warn you that you shouldn't take so lightly the things of God in jest. There is no humor in the reality of hell, and those who, yes, will go there for their rejection of God. From the looks of your parody site, I would guess that you have been hurt in a church at some time, and since have become very anti-christ, (no, not THE Anti-Christ). I'm dealing, currently, with many people who have been hurt in the past, be it in churches or otherwise, and when someone comes along with some parody of all thats really important in the world, mocking Christ and those who seek, though imperfectly, to follow Him, it makes me sick. But what really makes me sick, is thinking that you, as well, from the evidence of your site, will spend eternity in hopeless separation from the Lord. Its not something that I want, though you may depect those like myself, (born-again) as angry, hateful bigots. I would that you would be even as I am, saved, and trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Not for me-I get nothing out of a saved soul-but for you, and for the Lord.

Rom 10:13

Michael Reed

Pastor, Bible Baptist Church

The article on the evils of Scooby Doo was just about the most assinine thing I have ever read. Whoever wrote this is clearly looking WAAAY too deep into a children's cartoon.

Several conclusions can be drawn from your article that make no sense at all. First off, to believe that the illustrators of Scooby Doo intentionally drew track marks on Shaggy's arms is just plain stupid. Notwithstanding that, I watched a few Scooby cartoons (Lord strike me down!!), and saw no such marks. Scooby snacks actually appear to be more like dog biscuits than "a mixture of cocaine and heroin", a mixture that the author is clearly familiar with.

Additionally, if one extrapolates the "logic" found within this article, it is apparent that dogs are the minions of Satan. This whole time I thought it was Hilary Duff doing Satan's handywork. Sometimes a dog is just a dog. Additionally, Shaggy didn't think the dog was talking to him, if you paid attention, you would see that the dog WAS talking. Its a CARTOON!!! Dogs can't really talk!! Its FICTION. Much like the Bible, but that is a whole other debate.

OK, Velma (not Thelma, do your research, feces roller!!) is ugly and frumpy. But she was also the smartest one in the entire gang. Also, women who wear glasses and read books are not a bad thing, we call them intelligent. Maybe they are too smart to fall for your brainwashing, that may be why you are so upset with feminists.

Fred's clothing is typical of the 70's. While the scarf IS a bit much, it doesn't make one gay. And, neither does his alleged disinterest in Daphne. Wait, actually, if she is a prostitute and a harlot, isn't Fred doing the Christian thing by not being interested in her? And by the way, your Youth Director apparently spends too mcuh time watching little boys' genitals while they watch Scooby Doo. That is another problem altogether.

To suggest that a van suggests deviant behavior inside because it is enclosed is just stupid. Also, if you ever noticed, the ghosts and witches on Scooby ALWAYS turn out to be a very human wrong-doer perpetrating a hoax. I guess you were still watching the boys' genitals at that time.

My suggestions to you are, fire the Youth Director for tracking young children's arousals, hire a fact checker before you publish crap like this to the Web, and spend your time and your money actually trying to help people rather than trying to protect them from "evil" cartoons.

Mike Fitzgerald

Judge not, lest ye be judged. Where do you get off judging a man for portraying a human body part and condeming him for it. Then have the guall to advertize a What Would Jesus Do THONG! Show a woman nearly necked, you would rather have our children see that! Give me a break. YOU HIPRICRITE. Get yourself out of that church, you blastphemer. You discrace the name of the Lord.

Terry Menard

I have been looking through your site and I have to say I must wonder about what exactly you people are doing. You claim to be God-fearing Baptists, yet from what I see on your site I have to wonder...

Point 1 - You have shirts advertised for your "Hellhouse" that have the Satanist symbol on them or if nothing else in the banner for the advertisment. Now, what in God's name is that symbol doing anywhere on your site, let alone in an advertisement? That is asking for Satan to enter into it, is it not?

Point 2- I also saw an add for a "What Would Jesus Do?" Thong....I don't think I even need to give that one further explaination....

Point 3 - An article of yours claimed that President Bush told you he was going to pass a law making "Aquapets" illegal to have in the home. Either you are extremely gullable or you made that up. Because of the way our U.S. legal system works, a law like that would NEVER pass on the basis that the toy might promote masturbation. In case you didn't know, its also legal to sell "toys" that are actually used for exactly that purpose in this country so I have little doubt that Congress would shoot down a bill like that even if Bush DID try to get it passed.

I'm just curious as to what you are actually doing, so I would appreciate it if you would take the time to actually come up with answers to my points if you would.

Danny Higdon

Dear Sir, I would like to ask are you folks for real? I was shocked to see you selling a "What Would Jesus Do" Thong underwear with Christ picture on it. Where are you located? I mean your physical address. Some of the other things you are selling are most offensive anti-Christ like items Greetings cards. I would like to know if you are aligned with Baptist Churches of America and do they support your particular branch of the Baptist Church. I'm personally going to speak with the Baptist Pastors in our area about this website to include presbyters. I am a man of God and will be praying as I try to figure what is going on in the Baptist Church.

-Mr. Francis M. Sumner

I'm so glad to see your site! Because this lets me know that you are in need of a savior, and his name is Jesus Christ. How sad to see you think all this is funny. By mocking God and his people. But he will not be mocked. You may do it for a season. But my friend if you don't repent. and confess your sins. ask him to forgive you. and ask Christ into your heart. You will one day bow a knee to him! you will one day confess that he is Lord! I pray it will be on this side of eternity, while you can, instead of the other side where you can't. I pray you will do this. God Bless you


Wow! You guys are so cool. NOT! I only said i love your site to get you to open this email. You guys are Fucked up! What the hell is your deal. First I see that you guys are trying to get kids to tell you their parents pin numbers and what not. Then your telling them to kill people. I think you guys are a little dramatic. Im sure that Jesus doesnt want you guys stealing money and killing people you sadistic lunies. OMG! Get a life. It sounds to me that you guys are more like saten than Jesus. I will just have to see what the authorities think about you guys. HAHHAHAHAHAHA! The bottem line is that you are a bunch of Saten loving butt-fucking money stealers that couldnt get laid if they put a bag over their heads. Good day you mother fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for reaffirming to me the sentiment of the moral majorityís philosophy toward humanity. Your advocating the breaking of a little boyís bone, what ever bone, is quite disgusting. Is it not obvious to even a bunch of twisted souls like your selves that sports are not the only way for a man to exercise their masculinity? Karate, not a sport but very masculine, Iíd like to show the authors of this website just how much so. And as far as homosexuals are concerned, arenít you at least a little bit embarrassed at the hypocrisy of Dick Cheney who is pimping his daughter out on the campaign trail in order to get votes out of those same people that you demonize, while knowing good and well that the Republican party has no intensions of addressing any of the gay communities concerns. To disagree with oneís lifestyle is one thing, but to not have the balls to admit how you really feel about a particular group while you kiss their ass in order to get their votes is cowardly. Who is the sissy?

Marcia Maldonado

Dear Pastor, I was rather disturbed with your site. I am a Christian, but not Baptist and I find it rather curious that on your site it says that unsaved people suck. In our faith we donít practice saving but we do believe the same results in baptism. Why is it that I and my family suck although we believe in Jesus Christ as our savior and the Holy Trinity? In the event you have discovered a corner on the market, please share it wit us as a good Christian would. I really would like an answer. http://www.cafepress.com/landoverbaptist/33517

Best Regards,

Michael Zimmerman

i was recently on your website, off of the white house website. well i just need to say FUCK YOU! YOU GUYS ARE SICK AND WILL ROT IN HELL!! guess what? im a woman, i wear mens clothes sometimes, i even show cleavage sometimes, oh no!! i swear, i go to school, my family is catholic and episcipals. what you gonna do about it? hmmm? beating children will land you in jail!!!!!!! i can contact the police right fucking now and have you all imprisoned. if your son doesnt like sports, he doesnt fucking have to!!! dont break his fucking arm because he doesnt like fucking sports! acting all sweet to your child then beating them? that is sadistic. you arent catholic, you are fucking sadists! i hope you all rot in the depths of hell. people like you disgust me! i hate you all! you need to stop this nonsense or i will have you all taken to jail where you deserve to be FOREVER! EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU MAKE ME SICK! BEATING A CHILD IS WRONG!!! OUR NATION IS FULL OF DIVERSITY! including gay people, if that is how your kid will be, then that's how it is and you should love them! do not break their bones to punish them! that is called CHILD ABUSE and guess what? ITS NOT JUST A SIN... ITS A FELONY! ROT IN HELL FUCKERS!!!! Katie Mukney

you guys are sick in the head. how can a true christian have jesus on a thong you are all demons. my goodness you are really amazing how sick people like you can even get a web site, but then of course even the mental can right. i guess we know where the demons are.