A Small Sample of Landover Baptist Mail Received October 2005  (unedited and in original form)

I'm gonna have you investigated, and try to get your web site removed from the net. You will eventually cause someone of ignorance (like yourself) to participate in some dangerous activity, which may be a threat to the public. If we can prove this possibility, then you will be removed, the law states that something bad for the public is outlawed.

diane keziah

This is absolutely appalling. You call yourself Christians. I am going to pass this on to my legal advisor and hope to investigate your church, especially the playstation 2 promotion.

Michael A. Giddens
Special Agent
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
500 West Robinson Street

you people are an abomination to God, Fining people as punishments to scam people out of their money.... dress code next to thong adds......turning your chruch into a RESORT..... what are you trying to say about the rest of us Baptists! And git rid of the WWJD thong add, and CHRISTIAN LOVE OFFERING sex add and God told me to hate you.... waht is that BS!!!!! God doesn't sell sex.... doesn't HATE people, and you should be welcoming the unsaved into your church as an opertunity to spread the gosple..... you and your web site make me sick.

A Real Christian


You People are some sick fucks. With your story on my littel boy going gay. If the kid wants to be gay let him. It seem like alot of your pastors want to have sex with littel boy so who are you to say anything at all!! In my view you are gay yourself. If god did not want eh people to be gay the way in the hell did he put it in our people. Fuck you, you closedminded asshole and let people rasie there kids the way the want.

Jason Boyce

Found your web site, please leave my country, you are not wanted here.

Mark Kahler

your site is fucking stupid and your not worth gods time so give up on life or do something worth your time and his time

Keiler Dillman

Shalom Friends, my name is Bill Schwartz. I am a Jewish believer in Jesus and have believed on Him for nine years. I witness to people daily about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – the Jesus Christ our Lord. He is the LORD from heaven. He is on every page of the Old Testament Scriptures. However, at a glance, I find your web-site unnecessarily offensive. I read a couple of sermons including the pork roast lead story and a summary on The Little Jew : (Levi, The Dancing Cockroach). Promise me that you will pray and ask the Lord Jesus to open your eyes concerning anti-Semitism which has shown it’s ugly head in your ministry. Consider going to the world more as one beggar showing another beggar where to find Bread. I stumbled on your web-site for the first time today. May the LORD see your hear and bless your ministry in Jesus’ name, Bill

Bill Megsch

Regarding your hell House - Talk about evil. You all condone and encourage bigotry. You are in for a BIG BIG surprise when you die and you burn in eternity for your schitzophrenic propaganda. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Pastor, I just wanted to let you know that Jesus wants us to reach out to the lost and how can you do that if the unsaved are not welcome to your church? And this website is a disgrace…all about sexuality and circumcising yourself?? What the heck pastor!? We are supposed to reach the lost and save them from a eternal damnation! How can you do that if your disgraceful church won’t let the unsaved in?? If you really believed the whole Bible, you would know that our purpose here on Earth besides serving God is reaching the lost and loving them like Christ. How can you do that if again you won’t let them in your church!! You’re supposed to love them like Jesus Christ loves them! You are giving a bad name to Christians and it pains my heart to see this website and what your church believes. I pray you will understand what I am saying and will start READING the Bible.

~In Christ,


hello, I just wanted to write to you about your website that you have. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for putting such totally untrue and degrading material on your website. The most disgraceful thing is that you slander the name of my Lord and Savior and the lord and savior of all. Second, you make a joke out of christianity by totally making up things about Jesus Christ. Third, you are teaching kids to hate their parents and to basicly disrespect them, which was taken way out of contex, along with teaching them a false message about Jesus Christ. If you are a christian, which i would hope you are not, i dont know how you live with yourself. If you are not a christian i would suggest become one or face a certain eternal afterlife in hell. I hope my letter may have opened your eyes and your heart to the Lord. Have a nice life


I was just looking at your website - you people are sick! God is not in your church. The Bible says be in the world and not of the world and everything about your website is wordly.

May the Hand of God come visit you for your sake.

In Jesus name!

Ashley Anderson

I was reading your article about the little girl and Britney Spears. Was that a real story? I couldn't believe what I was reading. I am a Baptist and my church would never act like that. I don't know who you think you are but that is crazy!! That little girl needs counseling and prayer and a church family that will show her love and support. You need to really look at what it is to be a Christian. Who is the person that calls himself pasture of this church?

I am shocked and worried about you calling yourselves Baptists.


your site is disgusting....i am a mormon and none of the things mentioned on your site even closing resembles anything that the LDS church believes or does! you are terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Pamela Hastings

haha your site is laughable. exspecially your article on book burning and how you expressed that it is a TRUE christian tradition. i dont give a fuck if im not 18! that is a load of shit and you should NEVER wish people to hell, like ray bradbury, for the work he has done-EVER! you have got to be one of the most ignorant, close minded people out there. it sickens and digusts me. and if you fucking read the Bible, you would KNOW it is NOT in your place to judge others. hmmkay? you site should be pulled off the net, because even though i am all for freedom of speech, your site could poison and twist the minds of those who dont know better! maybe if you would get past your messed up beliefs and arrogance you could actually take the time to read a book : Fahrenheit 451. i became aware of this book through a school project, and if you would read it, you would realize Mr. Bradbury has a very good point. the world, without literature-ALL literature- would be a dark and dramatically different place. God gave us all such beautiful minds..where would we be without so many of them today? Without such crucial works of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle-our world (both yours and mine) would be SO different. Accept people who are different then you-you can only learn and grow from them. So, i suggest you take Mr. Bradbury's work, read it, and get over yourselves. Stop poisoning people's minds! Sincerely,me

Courtney Scholl

you do realize that every thing you are saying i wrong an you should really get your facts straight before writing such garbage

Patrick Tami

This is the worst site I have ever seen. I am a Baptist and I serve the lord everyday. But how can you call yourself a Christian when you are calling people idiots. It is people like you that make other people turn from religion. Well I agree that I do not believe in homosexuality, but, who are we to judge. We are all Gods children and he who is without sin cast the first stone. I am pretty sure that there would not be a single person who can cast that stone. So maybe if you came off nice you would find a lot more Christians in this world.

Amy Kirouac

Quite frankly your website took me by surprise, I have never in my life read more untruth than in your site. First let me start by saying I am a saved Christian who is also the trustee of the finance department of my church and I am also a member on the board of directors. I have read the bible and while I can't boast to know it from front to back, I can save that I know what Jesus wants, who he wants, and why he wants them, which is far from what your website states. Lets start with your front page, it states " UNsaved are NOT welcome." If memory serves correct, Jesus Himself said he would rather be among sinners than others, for they NEED him the most, so how can you JUDGE the unsaved by NOT welcoming them into the house of GOD. How can they be saved if you do not welcome them in? OUR father states thta our JOB is to spread the Gospel, and save souls, not keep the word to ourselves only for those who we THINK are saved. Jesus said, " who so ever wills, let him come", and that includes EVERYONE, not just those who are saved. Oh and by the way, WE ARE ALL SINNERS! All men (and women) fall short of his glory, so who are you to exclude the UNsaved? " Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is LORD!". NO ONE was born saved, so YOU yourself had to saved at some point, right?

Second, how can Jesus send the children to hell for celebrating Halloween when they do not know what the true meaning of it is. Jesus will not condem those who do not know that what they are doing is wrong, further more, Children are pure spirits, uncorrupted by the ways of man, they can only do what they are taught, so if Jesus will spare a murderer for repenting, why would he not spare a child for not knowing the truth? Oh and by the way, The bible DOES NOT say Jesus is "choosey", He is no respector of person. He accepts those who accept HIs son, Jesus Christ, period, point, blank. (By the way, refering to him as "Poppa God" is very inappropriate, give his the respect, and honor HE desreves). How in the world can you say " the Lord has learned the Hard way that it pays to be more selective in picking folks to be nice to". The Lord makes NO mistake, be certain of that, so therefore there is NO learning for him because God knows us before we are born, during our lives, and after we die. He knows our every thought, move, and gesture, so there is nothing for him to learn, he did afterall creat US, we did not create HIM. God loves us ALL, no matter what, the only thing he hates is sin from those who know it and practice it.

Third, who are your to judge those who do not beleive in God, but rather practice another religion? Are you free of sin? Are you perfect like the Lord? What does being foreign have to do with going to hell? That does not matter, there are millions around the world who know Jesus Christ, so who are you to call the unsaved and foreigners anything? Per your own website you wrote" And the lake of fire will probably have more of those buck-toothed Chinese people in it than anyone else, since there are more of them on the planet, and most of them can't put down their rice bowls long enough to even stop to hear about the Lord" <- Is this what you teach your flock? To call people names, and offend them? Its is because of people like you that Christians get a bad name, you seem to have no respect and no self control to take time to share the word and advise people to share it, rather you seen bent on pointing the finger. Take some time, and point it at yourself, for you have sinned beyond belief, and that's just on TWO pages that I read on your website.

Forth, Jesus flees from NO ONE. get it right, SATAN flees. he does NOT flee Idolators, he saves them, He does NOT flee diseased bodies, he heals them. You say that what Cathlics beleive constitutes Blasphemy, well my friend, seems to he that your entire website constitutes blasphemy, does this mean you will go to hell as well? What Catholic church do YOU personally know that spit in Jesus' face everytime they hold a mass? Show me where in the bible does it say that we should all be baptist? ONE FAITH, ONE GOD, AND ONE BAPTISM, ONE WAY TO GET TO HEAVEN , AND THAT'S THROUGH OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. Would you like it if I said beacuse you are Baptist and not non-denominational YOU will go to hell? That would not be right, would it? So what makes you think that YOU can make that judgement, I thought judgement was for GOD to do, not you. By the way, I did not have a chance to read every word in your website, I was sick to my stomach after the first two pages, but in those two pages, all you did was point the finger at others, no where did you speak on HOW to find GOD, nor did you mention WHY we should be saved. Your website is concentrated on demeaning others and calling them names.

On a last note, what does being saved mean to you? I failed to read even a remote notion of that in this site. Ask yourself this, WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? Would HE stand around and call foreigners and catholics names? Would he run from the sick and not heal them? Would he insult other nations? God created ALL nations, just in case you did not know. This is the most prejudice so called " christian" website I have ever seen. If you think what I wrote in this email is wrong I will gladly have you talk with MY pastor, or I can refer to a minister of THE POTTERS HOUSE, where I was saved from sin. Maybe they can help you realize what Knowing Jesus really means. I may be a young Christian, but I know enough to know that what you preach is NOT of God, and by the way, If someone had not invited me to church, I would have never known Christ and have been saved, I guess I was blessed to find a church that accpected the UNsaved.


JR Arias, a growing christian.

your site makes my heart sick...that's all i've got to say...i won't argue things with you, because it's useless, i just wanted to let you know that my heart was grieved because of your site. it doesn't put up a good front for my unsaved friends. thank you very much for making it harder to witness to them, especially Catholics. oh well, not like you'll actually listen to me, or even care, but i felt i should at least say something rather than keep silent.

Elizabeth McDonald

Why would any decent and respectful Christian website have a picture of Jesus Christ on a womans thong? Nice advertising there, you actually expect anybody to take you seriously when you mock the Lord in that way. Shame, you will all burn in hell for that!


Pastor at Land over Baptist,

I was reading your articles on We've had it with Satan, fighting back against Halloween. Was your website condoning taking of the costumes of kids and beating them up, or what was that? I didn't understand? I am a Christian and I do believe in evangelizing but I didn't get it when your article was talking about beating up little kids because they were dressed like witches or the devil.

If you wouldn't mind emailing me so I can make sure I was reading into that correctly.




ACCG Manager

I write this in anger, sadness, and confusion. I ended up on your website and I could NOT believe the lies and tricks you have on your website. The one that really got me was when you say God made a mistake so He had to flood the earth?!?!??!?!? Thats insane! My Father in heaven has never nor will He ever make a mistake. Also the parts on how the earth is flat and the sun is only so big and the stars are tiny. That makes me laugh. But I do not think you people are pleasing God at all. You should rethink your faith and beliefs and read the Bible again. And this time dont take stuff literally. You gotta remember this (the Bible) was written 2000 to 8000 years ago. I cant believe you are real. I thought it was a joke at first but you guys are actually serious. Anyways just wanted to say my opinion. Ill pray that you open your eyes and see that youre being deceived by satan. Thank you for your time and God bless.

Lance and Trish

You are what is wrong with Christianity today. You are what is wrong with the world today. If my mind was as closed and as ignorant as yours, I would punch myself in the throat. You should consider yourself for sterilization. Fucking moron, backward-ass hillbilly bullshitters.

- David Guyton


Laurie Hollar

I have seen a lot of stupid and ignorant people in my life, but I had no idea that stupidity and ignorance could go to the extreme that the bendover baptists (oops sorry, landover) have gone to.

Whoever coined the phrase "Stupid people shouldn't breed."; now I know who they were talking about. They were talking about the people of landover baptist.

Oh, by the way, go ahead and post this. Everything in the email account I sent this from gets deleted and never read anyway.

John Gremer

your sick sick sick you are of the devil i hope you like it hot because your headed to hell

Albert and Nancy Long

I believe in god. You people are crazy christen nazis. Let people do thier own thing. I mean damn you people are crazy as hell. you Must be some mid west people. I'm surprised you guys dont call the internet ungodly. You give religon a bad name. Heres a big fuck you for making us look stupide

Austin Sadil

My name is Gina and i am writing you because i find your website to be absolutly horrifying. I think you are expressing the chirstian religion in a terrible manner and i think you are giving chirstians a bad name. TRUE CHRISTIANS DON'T JUDGE AND THEY CERTAINLY DON'T GRAB A WOMAN BY HER HAIR FOR BUYING A TAMPON!!! IF YOU DISAGREE WITH SOMEONE ELSES WAY OF LIFE PRAY FOR THEM DON'T JUDGE THEM!!!


Gina Woody

Where do I begin? I've seen so much terrible propaganda on this website I don't know where I should start. Well, I know where I WILL start. First and foremost, GET WITH THE TIMES! All the articles I have seen thus far on "Women have no souls, save our females that go to OUR church" is not only bogus, but degrading and discriminating. Last time I checked, only sexist dinosaurs who don't know anything about women deemed them 'soulless', 'inferior to men' and 'God determined that men would be lonely living alone, so he created women purely to keep men company and serve their needs'. One word: garbage. Men and women are like the Yin and Yang, soemtimes opposite, and not always in total agreeance, but but both halves are balanced out in different aspects --and not just physical ones, sexist pigs-- to create a complete whole. They weren't put on here simply because 'man would become lonely' if that were the case, you know what? people were smart enough even back then to have PETS ie- OTHER CREATURES to keep them company. some of you may argue that women are solely here, on that note to fulfill the desire to procreate. Got news for ya, it's THEIR decision too, they aren't toys for sex... heaven forbid I say that three letter word -gasp!-!!!! Give me a break.

The nerve of you zealots no less, yes --ZEALOTS-- You use such terrible propaganda to have CHILDREN STEAL FROM THEIR PARENTS and make it sound like it's a GOOD THING. All because you want to fill your cultist ranks by tricking INNOCENT CHILDREN? I don't believe this indescribable outrage. Last time I checked, that was a criminal offense to exploit children, because that's what you're doing; you're exploiting them to have them give you 'love money' through their parents' checques and credit cards.... WITHOUT THEIR PARENTS' PERMISSION! did it ever cross your minds that impressionable little kids who like the instant gratification of things like that would do something like that? for a ps2?! -- Oh , wait, it did! because you're obviously doing it, and I see you've got mods for some of the games? Jesus skins, I see, and 'God Mode' when you're playing as Jesus, how nice... only one problem I see with that, it's unfair and biased and NOT CHALLENGING, unless, you know, you like to make boring games that are pointless and promote more anti-social behaviour than the originals you have modded. You know, it's nice that that Timothy kid spent so long making pretty nicely done constructs for UNREAL Tournament 2k4 like he did, but you know? What I just don't get is this: God decided he would have a son on Earth, that son happened to have the name of Jesus, go him, he was a nice guy, really nice, tried to help everybody every way he could. What I want to know is why you turned a humble man who did good and wanted nothing but to HELP PEOPLE into what sounds like replacing God with Jesus, Jesus isn't God. End of story, I know he's high up there, sure that's great, but he would be ASHAMED of you using his name for commanding all sorts of ridiculous orders like YOU DO. Such zealous behaviour desrves zealous reactions... you know? I'd have more to rant on about, but I was too disgusted with what I read to even want to see anymore. As I said before, zealous behaviour like that deserves zealous reactions, do you know what I mean by this? Let me explain: People fanatical such as yourselves who claim to stop the spread of hatred, when, you only PROMOTE IT, give reason for terrorists like Osama Bin Laden to do terible things, hopefully, to yoru cult. Because that's what it is, a CULT, a NAZI CULT, because you're no worse than what Hitler was trying to do? you know what the only REAL difference is? you guys aren't german, this isn't 1936, and you aren't protestant vying for absolute conversion or genocide, you're Baptists. Having said that, Did you ever wodner WHY the Inquisition happened back in the14-1500's? because of stupidity and self-righteousness that you're promoting, thinking your religion is better than everybody elses'. I got news. by all of this crap, you're making yourselves lower and proving to the 'unsaved' --A.K.A. people who can think for themselves, since you need to have Jesus tell you what to do like puppets really controlling the puppetmaster-- that you have no dignity and no honour. So get off your damned high horses and get with the program, before I start bantering about how all the religious claptrap with women in the first paragraph is even more fodder if you bring science into the picture. You know, when Judgement Day comes, it'll be interesting to see what happens to you folk, cause I have a feeling you'll be in for one real big suprise...

May God NOT have mercy on your souls.

Pat Mwer

I don't mind getting answers wrong on your quizzes, but that does not mean I am an unsaved idiot.!! That is just more than rude...

Think you could come up with something a little more compasionate than that, A True saved christian can get an answer wrong...


I will be praying to God to forgive you for what you are doing.

Irish Knight