October 2006

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Letters To Landover: Pastor's Mailbag

A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

Reall christlike people!!!!

Is This A Joke? Really Is It? You Can't Be Seriuos. You are doing more for Evil than you are for Good, the internet is buzzing with Real People's responce's to hatefull people such as your site Seriuosly appears to present, If your hearts are so full of Love' then How in the Hell can you present such garbage about any human being, you are so Dark you can't see your own evil's, so busy looking at other people, Is This Love;? "Talk about unsaved trash!" Pastor Deacon Fred declared to a giddy congregation trying hard to hold back their laughter on Sunday,.." You ARE The Blind Leading the Blind, The Real Jesus would kick Your butt !!! You Shame Yourself!!! And You Shame Jesus, the One You Claim to Follow. You Know Nothing!!!

Randy ------

I am so shocked as to what you are saying on this site. I have NEVER read such junk in all my life. You all need to read your bibles again and see how much you are off as far as the Lord. Talking about cults, wow, I have never seen a cult so strong as your site. May the Lord open your eyes and show you what Truth truly is.


As a fellow Christian, I must congraulate your organization's command of the Scriptures; it is unfortunate ,however, that your spirit doesn't reflect the heart of the Gospel which is love. Your condescension towards others, whether it be based on solid Scriptural teaching, reveals your sin of pride most clearly. Remember how Satan fell and how we all fallen short by sin only redeemed by our Savior's precious blood on Calvary's cross.

Erik Speicher

I am a born again Christian and I am appalled at your site. I would not recommend the movie finding Nemo (by the way you should correct your plot mistakes - The father fish is not a homosexual. He loses his wife - which is what causes the single parent home), but I find certain things that you say to be appalling.

I am shocked that you would take some of God's beautiful creatures and destroy them on your pulpit (now I am crying at the monstrosity of it all). Please send me the verse where we are supposed to be still sacrificing God's Creatures on the pulpit. Christ died for the sins of all - so do not sacrifice God's creatures and bring us backwards in time to practicing Judaism.

Please send me a verse that states that the colours pink and yellow are to be avoided as they cause homosexuality. Also I would love to have you send me a picture of a green fish. Especially a green fish that lives in the ocean. Maybe if you opened your eyes to the beauty that God has blessed us with you would realize that ocean fish are splendid and remarkable in their God created glory. Praise God!

Please stop trying to spread the word of God until you have studied the Bible more, and you have learned not to open your mouth to prove your ignorance.

Yours Truly,

Angela Dalke

wow this website makes me want to throw up. are you serious when you say that an aborted fetus is going to hell? it is not your right to play god let god make the decicion of who goes where. you are out of your mind. if you actually had a true relationship with Jesus you would no its about love and not this random stuff you've pulled out from your ignorant human mind. i also think that you should pick up your bible and actually read the truth.


You state that you are a church of God and yet you condone innocent children beating each other as stated here:

“If we can't get their costumes, we are going to beat the devil out of them. And take their candy as a love offering for the glory of God!"

I hope the Police in your town are going to prosecute the “Thieves whom steal by battering” and just what are these thug children going to do with the so called candy they steal?

The next sentence sounds more like the KKK:

If they refuse to accept Jesus? We are going to find some unsaved liberal kids with devil costumes and present them with the gospel. If they refuse to accept Jesus, we are going to tear off their costumes and burn them right there in the street!

What the hell is wrong with you?

God never gave anyone the right to force belief upon anyone. He said that we should acknowledge him and allow others to accept him into their hearts.

Halloween is not demonic! It is a true form of Commercialization that Society has bought into as has become Christmas and Thanksgiving. Everyone has the right to celebrate or not celebrate. We do live in the United States of America.

My great-great grandmother told of tales of Halloween when pranks were played by putting the wagon high upon the barn. That was not Demonic it’s called mischief!

We went to a Social Hour of bobbing for apples, and cake walks when I was growing up. That was entertainment family style.

The only thing Demonic about Halloween in your town is you and your teaching followers that it’s okay to bet the hell out of people and take what belongs to them because you have taught them it’s wrong for the rest of society to go against your beliefs and interpretations of God.

Shame on you Pastor!

Donna Hawkins

I was reading about your hell house and I am a little bit confused, after some chose not to be saved and witness the chicken being raped, and they refuse to eat the chicken you beat them for 20 minutes?!?! I don't know wether I read that wrong but I don't think that that is an appropriate idea to try to win souls over. Please E-mail me back with your response. Thank you for reading this

Ben Williams

We are interested in going to your hell house but i do not know where this is located (physical address) and also details as times, dates, and cost of tickets..

New City Christian Life Center

Dear Pastor,

Do you truly advocate the kind of ignorant hatred your "Baptist Boys Seduced by Catholic Girls" article was born from? Is Our Lord Jesus Christ not about love? How can your assembly proclaim the Gospel and still refuse to recognize the dignity of every human being God made in His own image? Your town's problem is not the faith or behavior of one church or another. Your town's social problem is the influence of the modern world. The Catholic church does not train "Sassy young Mary worshipping ladies". The world outside the Christian church does that, perhaps even the homes of these girls. Regardless of your feelings about these children's lifestyles, rememer that they are members of your community. On a deeper scale, they are no less God's own image than you are. As for the judgement that a "Satanic fire that burns in the furnace of every Catholic Church in the world", the author of that article really needs to lay eyes on that furnace before making that judgement. I am an active Catholic wife and mother. I homeschool my 5 children. They dress modestly and have absolutely no interrest in seducung Baptist children. They have no interrest in seducing anybody. In my community, Christians work side by side serving others in the community who are in need. Is this not what Jesus taught? Did He not tell us that "He who wishes to be great among you must serve?" Did he not wash the feet of his disciples and then tell them to do the same for others? We are Christians. How will we be recognised in this world if we cannot love one another?

I would also like to make a clarification regarding the "Mary-worshipping" falicy. The Catholic church does NOT teach nor advocate worship of Mary. She is regarded as the world's very best example of cooperation with God's plan. " Be it done unto me according to Thy will". Wow! Would you have said "yes"? In all honesty, I'm pretty sure I would have struggled with my reply. She said "yes" and salvation history took a dramatic turn in our favor. Would you like to have the truly appropriate attitude toward Mary? Ask Jesus to make you feel about His mother just as He feels about her. At that point, it won't matter anymore whose church teaches what about her. Justify your heart by aligning it with His heart. When your heart is justified, you will know that you are able to serve Him with a loving heart. Please know that you and your entire community will be prayed for.

In the Love of His Sacred Heart,

jacci dowdell

Hey Are you black or something? Surely white people are more intelligent than to waste their time like you with this silliness!

What's wrong with you?

The Bible calls it a "reprobate mind" - because you don't keep God in mind, He gives you up to madness and sin.

You will cry over this yet - tick tock tick tock...ad infinitum.

Jesus is holy. You hate holiness - you're mad.

o yeah, I forgot to say, The best thing about your site is one just simply navigate away from it...what you do is worthless.

Boerbib - Dawie

You are a terrible person!!! It isn't witches that should be burned at the stake, it's you! You are trapping these poor people into your cult and making them paying you money just for not dressing the way you want them to dress. You probably have one of the worst cults I have ever heard of. You want to kill innocent people (yes they are innocent) just because you are afraid of them you fucking coward. If you want to see evil, simply look in the mirror at you own disgusting face.

Melissa Baker

As of the date "October 26th, 2006" i ran across a page on your site. This page was http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news1200/pollen.html . I hope to 'god' as you call him, that this site is to make fun of other chruch sites. Homosexuality is not a sin, its not a choise, its how people are made. Many of my friends are homosexual, they act like moral people, and they are even KINDER then alot of straight people. Ever time i read an artical like this i'm reminded more and more of my dislike for christianity, for every time homosexuals are made, it seems you people tend to bring up 'Hell'. Well heres a question, can you prove it? I want proof, that there are angles, that there is a Hell, there is a Heven, i want proof that the bible HASN'T been changed by some homophobic nut job, that seems to like nothing more then bashing people diffrent then him.

Oh, and lets not forget, YOUR so called 'holy' preists, are the ones engaging in inappropriate conduct with younge boys, i have yet to see a single artical about people of other religions doing that. Homosexuality is NOT a choise, its NOT something that just 'happens'. People becaome so called 'gay' when they go to San fransisco, because they finally relize who they REALLY are. I myself admit to not being fully heterosexual, i'm bisexual, i admit it. However i didnt relize this by going to that city, or by going somewhere with 'homos'. No, infact i had a girlfriend at the time, i relized i also liked other males in a more then friendly way. Your artical has deeply offended me, along with a huge ammount of other people, a few of my friends that are heterosexual became athiest because of people like you. By people like you i mean people that have one sided views and will never consider things (also i mean homophobes, which is what your website basicly screams).

Thank you for your time, and i hope your 'Jesus' and 'God' bring you security. Cause in the end, remember, though you many not 'sin', god will probley be very angry at you, why might you ask? The reason is simple, its the fact you shunned his creations, and when I myself am infront of god, i know i'm going to Hell, I sin, i admit it, its something we ALL do, so NOT only your so called 'homosexuals' will be going to Hell, but i'll probley be seeing you there. So untill then, thank you for your time, you have gained hate towards your religion yet again by me.

One final time, thank you for your time, and may your "Jesus" and "God" protect you, which, in the end, i know they probley wont.

John Smith

Who ever you people are.... you are not christians..... I can see that you are being used by Saten to make fun of true Christians....I know who you are..... In the name of Jesus you will be judged and sentenced for this.



I would like to tell you dear Pastor, that Jesus can heal the wounds of your heart and your emotions. Whoever hurt you in the past, whatever woman, you can be set free from that. Jesus came to set us free. He died for you and me and He left us good news. He showed us His love. He never rejected anyone. He said that we are to love everyone, and to forgive everyone. He loved prostitutes and tax collectors and all those who were rejected by the society. He said that women should submit to their husbands but the husbands are to give themselves for their wives. They should be the greatest servants in the home because Jesus said that if you want to be the greatest you should serve all. It is the wife's decision whether she wants to submit because obedience comes from the heart. You can make someone obey you but at the same time the person can be full of wrong thoughts, rebellion in their mind. But Jesus wants our hearts, willing hearts, not just our forced actions. The husband is told to love his wife and to sacrifice his life for her just as Jesus sacrificed his life for the church. In no passage of Scriptures it is not written that you can beat your wife. Jesus brought us the law of love. It is the greatest power. The husband should love his wife with no conditions. When love rules in the home there will be respect for both the husband and the wife and there will be agreement and peace and joy and everything will be well. Beating women is against everything Jesus said and is also against the law.

I can see that you have a problem, but you can change. God is love. He loves you. He wants the very best for you. Your past is in the past. Leave it there. Start loving others. Women too. Teach the husbands to love their wives. And you will be loved and respected.

God bless you

I wish you al the best.

Anna Lussa

I was just surfing the web one morning getting ready for school. It's a great place to learn about everything...

Guess what took me to you? A review of the Two Towers Lord of the Rings movie. Awesome how it comes up with homosexual ideas in the movie. This is news to me, seriously...unless the movie isn't actually "gay" and Pastor Deacon Fred is putting a front for his "homoness."

Also another great quote is ""And make no mistake, my dear friends; here at Landover Baptist, PG means 'pretty gay.'"" What did one of your 12 year old boys make that? I haven't heard something so close-minded and lame sense i was 12.

Lets look into another one:

"Although we don't know too much about the director of The Two Towers movie, we are told that he was plucked from the overweight, unkempt men with glasses who play Dungeons and Dragons and live in their mother's basement crowd. This type of person is part of a dangerous and destructive class of sissified sex-perverts who can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality."

Do you know Peter Jackson? I doubt it. "unkempt men with glasses" Nice, real nice. So now you have something towards people who wear glasses.

Dare it say it but you are like Nazis, but with out the killing. Atleast not on the outside, you are killing people from the inside out.

Travis Kremer

This is in regards to the article "Is My Little Baby Going to Go Gay?". How did you guys come up with that list of to do's. Are any scientifically proven?

Jerone James

How is it your right to tell anyone they are unwelcome in god's house? I too am a baptist and am curious to know just what bible you are reading that tells you the unsaved are unwelcome? it is our duty as christians to reach out especially to the unsaved so that they may come to know the love of christ and be saved! How selfish and unchristian it is to want to go to heaven alone. Correct me if I am wrong but my bible tells of a messiah who made it his life's work to bless, baptize, and convert all those unsaved around him so that they may see the kingdom of God. It is our obligation to imitate Christ in our daily lives ,through his love, compassion and teachings he was able provide us with the ability to teach others of his greatness.Alienating others for their non-belief will NOT increase the body of christ. By adhereing to the compassionate example set forth by our Saviour we can show others of the glory of God's greatness, and show them the way to acheive salvation for themselves, through Christ our Lord. Please remember, God created us all, saved and unsaved, We ARE our brothers' keeper and are implored by God to reach out to his prodigal sons and daughters so that their repentance, and acceptance of Christ may be a continual source of joy for the Lord our God and His Son (remember christ's parable of the lost sheep -Lk15:7 I tell you in just the same way there will be more joy in heaven over 1 sinner who repents than over 99 righteous people who have no need of repentance.) , I will continue to pray that you and your congregation may come to realize this Biblical truth, and make it your mission to increase the ranks of the saved by extending Christ's love through yourselves. How evil it is to rejoice over a sinner's sentence to hell or hope that anyone be sent there. It is God's wish that we all be saved and our obligation to pray NOT for the damnation of others but for their repentance and rebirth.

I hope that God and His Son will infuse your hearts with love and compassion for all their creatures.Only then can you truly call yourselves Christian

Jennca Lee

I am a bit surprised from reading your website. I actually thought most of it was a joke. Is there really a church out there that believes this garbage? I was searching the internet for dating advice from a Godly perspective.

This whole bit on masturbation, yes I, a woman, wrote masturbation. Is absolute nonsense. It's wrong. How can you do it without having it lead to lust? You will end up with many men walking around in your church missing hands, if of course they choose to even be truthful about it.

I noted in your dating tips for a Christian man that it sure talks about what a women should be in marriage. What about what a man should be? Shouldn't it be less about impressing a woman and more about following God's will for your life.

Danielle Remillard

you are an ungrateful fool. wicca is nothing like you describe and you are a liar. god didnt create you to lie. he created you to be honest. and if you think that wicca is about peircings and hexes you better take another look at the bible. the bible is not against wicca. wicca is an earth based religion. not all wiccans wear black if all wiccans wear black than half the world are wiccans. and the kind of people that throw heads around are satanists not wiccans. get your fuckin facts straight. you are a disgrace to the pastors.and you sell wiccan hunting permits. how would you like it if someone made pastor hunting permits? think of what you do before you do it. remember another thing from the bible. DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE UNTO YOU.

Angel Aisha



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