It's not just two free tickets to the Largest Church in North America®. Here is what's included if you win the package:

I.    2 reserved box seats at the Landover Baptist 9 a.m. Sunday Morning service.

  • National Baptist Castrati Boys Choir 
  • Brother Hardwick's Scripture Lesson (Leviticus 19)
  • Full Communion (Fresh Homegrown White Grape Juice with Rye/Wheat Honey Crackers) 
  • Offering (Featuring EZ-Slide VISA Card Offering Plates)
  • Pastor Deacon Fred Sermon: "Palestinians: Dogs Without a Leash"
  • Classified Church Announcements For Members Only
  • Altar Call (Mandatory Re-dedication of your life to Christ) 

  • II.   12 hours of Platinum Tither treatment.

  • A seat at the Pastor's Table post-service luncheon at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Freehold Iowa
  • Post-service fellowship with Major Donors and millionaire members
  • 18 holes of golf and/or horseback riding along Landover Lake
  • Pre-evening service manicure and massage courtesy of Landover Baptist Spa and Resort

  • III.   Standing Room At 7 p.m. Service.

    After services you will be provided with a security escort off Church property to a taxi that will be waiting to whisk you back to the airport.


    It's easy. Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope with a valid and cashable cashier's check made out to the Landover Baptist Church, Inc., Wexler Offshore Holdings, P.L.L.C. Checks will be opened and deposited into our account and once they clear, the individual who wrote the largest check wins the 2 free tickets. All checks will be deposited, but no winner will be drawn for under the amount of $44,000.00. This exclusive offer is available to the general saved public only.


    The Landover Baptist Church Main Sanctuary seats 52,187 (with standing room and side-pew fold out chairs). Every Sunday morning service:  (B.R. Lakin Chapel, Smith Center, Freehold Baptist Chapel, Enoch Coliseum, Bowers Towers, Servant Sanctuary, Chapel 2, Handicap Hideaway, The Old Country Church, and the All-Purpose-Multi-Center-Temple included) 7:30 a.m. 9 a,m., 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday/Wednesday is always SOLD OUT. The first available seat (not including deaths or dismissals) is estimated to be released in May 2007. 

    *(This contest is in memoriam of Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Hutchens. Their box-pew seats will remain empty for one month until the date of the contest, after which they will be permanently filled by the first Platinum member on the reserved box seating backlog list)



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