1st Class Christianity
Landover Baptist survives in part through the monetary contributions (tithe 18.2%/ member annual income) of  church members. This mandatory donation is dwarfed however, by the contributions that come from our Major Donors. 

Out of 1.5 million Landover Baptist Donors worldwide, only a handful are categorized as "Major Donors."  A Major Donor is one who gives 'unceasingly' and 'more than the allotted portion.' Most Major Donors contribute over 5 million dollars a year. They have buildings built in
their honor, roads named after them, sermons dedicated to them, fountains bearing their name, and impromptu galas prepared to celebrate their arrival. 

Most of Landover Baptist's Major Donors are political or business figures who 'ease' the tax buffer by making large contributions to a
non-profit organization of their choice.  As a non-profit organization, Landover Baptist maintains an impressive $1.3 billion dollar annual budget. Our major donors help us meet our yearly Christian goal, and serve their Lord and Maker by channeling in millions of dollars a year in contributions.

The secular world gawks and is jealous that God wants the best for his beloved followers. We challenge them to stop 'gawking and criticizing' and join the family of God. God does not want you to be poor, in spirit or in material wealth.  You can bet the bottom line that you will remain poor until you give your life to Christ and start attending Church. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Bowers IX.
Dr. & Mrs. Ed Bradley Sr.
Dr. Carl Witherspoon
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Carthwright
Mr. Gilly MacDougall
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Bath Devonshire III
Swami Sri
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Murrow Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William Dickens Durant Sr. IV
Roger Hargraves
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bradbury
James Walter Evans
Rev. Kelvin Entwhistle
Dr. Johathan Macmillan Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Stanford Rice
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Cowley
Dr. Alberto Fuget Smith
Widow Hargraves
Renny MacIntire
Mr. & Mrs. John Paul Meinz Watson Clarke
Mr. & Mrs. Boris Hecht
Dr. Otto Bond Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Navacelle Schaeffer II

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