1st Class Christianity
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Bowers, IX While never having actually lived in Iowa, preferring their homes in Atlanta, Manhattan, Ravello Italy (and places their need for privacy makes it necessary for us not to reveal), Mr. & Mrs. Bowers seldom miss a Sunday service at Landover. Many of the congregation's children have grown up knowing that when they look up in the sky and see the Bowers' Gulfstream Jet perform its ceremonial crucifix formation approach over the church campus before setting down on the Landover Airport tarmac, that the 11 am service is about to start. In Spiritual Year of Our Lord 1999, Mrs. & Mrs. Bowers became the first members of the congregation to tithe beyond the $10,000,000 mark, becoming Landover's first Wings of Diamonds Tithers. They are confident that those who are able (as verified by Landover's auditors) will join them as Wings of Diamonds Tithers next year
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Bowers IX.
Dr. & Mrs. Ed Bradley Sr.
Dr. Carl Witherspoon
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Carthwright
Mr. Gilly MacDougall
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Bath Devonshire III
Swami Sri
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Murrow Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William Dickens Durant Sr. IV
Roger Hargraves
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bradbury
James Walter Evans
Rev. Kelvin Entwhistle
Dr. Johathan Macmillan Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Stanford Rice
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Cowley
Dr. Alberto Fuget Smith
Widow Hargraves
Renny MacIntire
Mr. & Mrs. John Paul Meinz Watson Clarke
Mr. & Mrs. Boris Hecht
Dr. Otto Bond Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Navacelle Schaeffer II

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