Old Time Religion!
Director's Board:
Pastor Deacon Fred
Deacon Hal Fenton
Deacon Jack Larson
Deacon Grampa Liberty
Deacon Dr. Leo Stewart
Deacon Pritchard
Deacon Al Dorris
Deacon Roger Fitzimons
Deacon G. Meadows MA.
Deacon Dean Forsyth
Deacon Raj Washington
Deacon Wilson
Deacon J. Welles Sr.
Deacon Daniel Crockett
Deacon Andy Dime
Deacon Adolf Hect
Deacon Otto Neihardt
Deacon Tilly Cutter
Deacon Major Benchley
Deacon Aaron Carver
Deacon Jim Dunlap
Full-Time Deacon List
Deacon Geoffrey Lauter
Deacon Harry Fontenout
Deacon T. Lewis
Deacon Andy Dillard
Deacon Frank Heinz
Deacon Boris Pasternau
Deacon Ben Rice
Deacon Jessie Vladimer
Deacon Lloyd Contz
Deacon James Pickering
Deacon Mike Shaeffer
Deacon Ingle Irish
Deacon Dane Americk
Deacon Guillerman
Deacon Roger Smith
Deacon Dr. Y. Goode
Deacon Elmer Robertson
Deacon Charles Eagleton
Deacon Henry Marks
Deacon Ned Franklin
Deacon Hoover
Deacon Thought Process
Deacon Racy Mitch Givens
Deacon Randall Ridley
Deacon Bob Darden
Deacon J. Reese
Deacon Quisbert
Deacon Gino Lukés
Deacon Scott Miller
Deacon Dean Emory
Deacon Lee Bell
Deacon Stephen Funk
Deacon Todd Hall
Deacon Art Mosere
Deacon Scott Pendegrass
Deacon Valliare
Deacon Daniel Goodwin
Landover Baptist currently employs 58 full time paid deacons. In a church of 125,000+ tithing members, 68% of which are over 60, it is no easy task. That is why we have 79 volunteer deacons on hand. The volunteer deacons are not listed here, but we are just as proud of them. They take time out of their busy Christian schedules to assist full-time deacons on a daily basis. All total, and in full accordance with Scripture, Landover Baptist maintains 137 Deacons.

The Deacon Director's Board is made up of 21 highly trained deacons. Most of them, if not all have studied Deaconism in the Landover Baptist Seminary. Three of them hold degrees in Deconology. Pastor Deacon Fred heads up the Board. Deacon Hal Fenton is second in command, Deacon Jack Larson is head of Internal Affairs, and Deacon Grampa Liberty is the Senior representative from Landover Village Retirement Community. 

The Landover Campus is divided into 48 zones. Each zone covers an area of 10 square miles. Each deacon is assigned a zone for life. It is expected that the first son of each deacon will continue the family tradition when the father passes away. Deacons work until the day they meet the Lord. There is no retirement for a deacon. In fact, Deacon J. Welles Sr. visits his patrons in a wheelchair. In 1968, Deacon Adolf Hect Sr. visited church members on a gurney, with assisted life support. He died that Spring in the middle of a prayer with Silver Member, Widow Margaret Thap. 

Deacon visitations are organized by a state of the art computer paging network. Visits are logged and timed, sometimes recorded. On a busy day, a full-time Landover Deacon can see up to 20 homes. 

"Deacons are the back-bone of this church," Pastor Ebeneezer Smith remarks, "they are the batteries that allow this enormous ministry to function as a living entity. Without our deacons, we'd have ourselves 125,000 sappy little crying babies. Deacons are the life-blood of this Christian community. They are indispensable."

We provide here on the internet, just a few profiles of Deacons in the Director's board. Most are simply too busy to stop for a complete interview. We have printed here on this page alone, the complete list of paid deacons. We ask that you keep each one of them in your prayers, and remember the 79 volunteer deacons as well. These are Christian workers, encouraging and helping other Christians deal with the hardships of luxury and other critical concerns that make up the everyday American Christian life.

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