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Deacon Hal Fenton moved to Freehold Iowa in 1964. Originally a member of Alabama's 1st Landover Baptist Church, he decided for his family to move to the Freehold area to be closer to, as he puts it, "God."

Deacon Hal rose to fame in Iowa's 1972 landmark murder case, "The state of Iowa vs. Hal Fenton and Landover Baptist Church." It was argued that Hal killed his wife in accordance with Levitical law because she had "turned to folly, and she was a whore." He fully admitted that she was like a liar gone to burning hell. "Twas I that killed her!" he shouted to a  shocked courtroom, "She was false as water!" 

It was later found that Deacon Hal did not kill his wife. It was actually his colored servant. The news reached death row, where in his cell, Hal was about to take his own life. He was immediately released and made a national hero. 

"Hal Fenton is the most giving, caring, person I know," Pastor Deacon Fred notes. "It is a pleasure to have him on board as my right hand man."

Deacon Hal attended Landover Baptist Bible College from 1973-1981. He received his degree in Deaconology, and has been practicing Deaconism ever since. "I have put the past behind me, and at the age of 58, I am finally ready to start dating again," he jokes. "If I can find the time." 

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