Get Saved or Get Out!
Landover Baptist Church has been around since the time of the Indians. "We were around when Injuns were runnin' loose!- nekkid, scalpin' everything in sight," Pastor Smith declares.  During our long history, we've had a number of church members come and go.  A few of them have attained celebrity status.  They are viewed by the secular world as 'entertaining, uplifting, encouraging, and talented.'

On your right is a list of celebrities who have attended Landover Baptist Church, and owe us a debt of  gratitude.  Most of them have learned everything from listening to our pastors and educators. Some of them admit 'dropping by' our  church in the past.  Many admit they were members. Most however, deny having any connection whatsoever with the Landover Baptist Church or any of it's affiliated ministries.

God knows the truth, and you can bet your alcoholic uncle's rotten soul that come judgment day, these celebrities will have to answer to God in heaven for denying Him (Landover Baptist) here on Earth.  We expect a full apology on that day. It is too late for them to apologize now. The damage has been done, and we shake the dust off our feet and turn our backs on this list of ungrateful associates!


Billy Zane
Al Sharpton
Kris Kristofferson
Bill Paxton
Ed Wasser
D.B. Sweeny
Joe Bob Briggs
Carson Daily
Peter Benchley
Tony Bennet
Deon Sanders
Dean Koontz
Debbie Gibson
Mark Walburg
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Rice
Albert Brooks
Michael Keaton
Ronald Wilson Reagan
Shirley Temple

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