Godly Excess!
214 Years of Pastors, Educators, Lawmen, Rough-Riders, Businessmen, Politicians & Lawyers. Landover Baptist's history is too much, it is too long to make available anywhere. One could spend years investigating  Iowa's arduous   love affair with the most powerful church on Earth.

On your right you see a short list of Landover's most famous Ministers and Members. Many have long since passed away. They are Emeritus, which in English means "One who has served God in this life and deserved the recognition for it when they were alive, but they never did, so now they are getting it when they are dead."

There is a complete listing of Landover Emeritus in the Landover Baptist Hall of Christian Greats 74 Soulwinner's Road, Freehold Iowa.

As Biographies of these old members are restored to their original form, we intend to make them available to the saved public. These great men and women of God serve as a light in a darkened and Devil run world of Homosexual Drug addicted Democratic perverts whose goal in life is to snuff out the light of God and bury the Christian faith forever! 

If you are saved, you have our permission to view the gold highlighted biographies as they appear. If you are unsaved, please leave now. We are about the Lord's business here and we have no time for those who would mock the people of God. Shoo!

Thaddeus Alonzo Benjamin Hunter (TAB) & Wife, Parthenia Faith Gosnell Hunter
Franklin Holbrook Benson 
Rev. Pastor Gene Denton: Soulwinner & Christian
Lt. William Charles Grant United States Confederate Army
Raymond Dean Benchley II, Farmer, Pastor, Politician
Allen Carson Sr. & Son Harold Cook III
Ben Hastings
Elder Boris Eichman
Rev. Joe Hardy, Circuit Rider and Ex-Town Drunk
Rev. Edmund Hecht
Albert (Radio) Guthrie Vines
Glynn Christian Harris & Wife, Suza Marybeth Eaves Harris
Col. Withe Tinmount Fallbrook
Rev. Johnny Easter
Widow Dennis Austen Irving
Pastor Ted Parchman
Pastor G.I. Conrad Bloomer
Pastor Michael Agee Evans
Walker Evans Esq.
Twain Porter, US Marine Corps Lt.
Rev. JH Dryden: Pastor, Husband, & Gardener 
Teddy Yolt McGee

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