Godly Excess!
In 1894, Allen Carson (son of French Canadian Missionary Stephan Carson) wandered onto the Landover Baptist campus with his son Harold Cook III. They were drunk, alone, and very much afraid. They bore with them a secret that until this day remains to be acknowledged by the Satanic, secular, demon loving world.

In his jacket pocket, Mr. Carson had a small piece of scratch paper on which was detailed the precise formula to produce electricity. Lost in the Canadian mountains for nearly 15 years, Carson and his son wandered aimlessly until they had found themselves at the North Gate of The Landover Baptist Compound.

It was later found that Mr. Carson himself was an inventor who had worked alongside Thomas Edison in a remote region of Canada. "Thomas was still using flint rocks when I came up with the formula for electricity," Carson explained. "The formula was stolen from me, by Mr. Edison and his negro slaves who all lied openly about it's source, and claimed full inventorship." Mr. Carson went on to say that Thomas Edison murdered his wife and children and left Allen and Harold for dead.

Within the year, Landover Baptist had electricity. Recalling the incident, Pastor Ebeneezer remarks, "The same thing is going on today. Satan steals ideas from Christians and makes them his own. Mr Carson and his son were Christians who invented electricity and brought it to the free world. We have Christian Electricity at Landover Baptist. The electricity we use glorifies God! We honor God when we flick on a light switch! You will NEVER hear about this in your history books because Satan has blotted it out, and his followers (non-Christians) would laugh it off.. all the time knowing that it was a Baptist man who invented Electricity." 

Thaddeus Alonzo Benjamin Hunter (TAB) & Wife, Parthenia Faith Gosnell Hunter
Franklin Holbrook Benson 
Rev. Pastor Gene Denton: Soulwinner & Christian
Lt. William Charles Grant United States Confederate Army
Raymond Dean Benchley II, Farmer, Pastor, Politician
Allen Carson Sr. & Son Harold Cook III
Ben Hastings
Elder Boris Eichman
Rev. Joe Hardy, Circuit Rider and Ex-Town Drunk
Rev. Edmund Hecht
Albert (Radio) Guthrie Vines
Glynn Christian Harris & Wife, Suza Marybeth Eaves Harris
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Rev. Johnny Easter
Widow Dennis Austen Irving
Pastor Ted Parchman
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Walker Evans Esq.
Twain Porter, US Marine Corps Lt.
Rev. JH Dryden: Pastor, Husband, & Gardener 
Teddy Yolt McGee

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