Godly Excess!
The Rev. and Mrs. Hunter served as ministers at Landover Baptist from l858-1902.  They came by covered wagon from Illinois, fleeing the Mormon takeover of Navoo.  At the time, TAB was 28 and his wife was 13; their eldest child was 2, the youngest 1 month.  It is safe to assume that they were life-long Baptists because of the firmness of their faith and uncompromising view of salvation.   Many a time, Parthenia was heard to say, "Salvation is a one way street; you are born, you become a Baptist, you die. Why cain't these stupid pioneers understand that?"

Although Iowa was not a slave state, that did not prevent many of the Landovarians from owning them. In fact, TAB and Parthenia were the last slave owners in the USA!  They never told their slaves about the Civil War or that Mr. Lincoln had freed them....the slaves were freed following the simultaneous deaths of the Hunters in 1902.

Fun loving Parthenia began the Landovarian custom of lashin' and lynchin' parties which are still held today.  Then, it was customary to beat (lash) the colored that belonged to the one being chastised.  And of course, when it came to the lynchin', it was understood that one of the slaves would be lynched.  In preparation for the Christian Event, Parthenia would make several gallons of lemonade and bake rock cakes for the slaves.  This old recipe included sand, gravel and water and the cakes were force fed to the female slaves.

Thaddeus Alonzo Benjamin Hunter, although a distinguished and loud preacher, is remembered among Landover members for starting the Backsliders Chastisement. It involved a wooden slide 15 feet tall, lard, rope and those Landovarians who were backsliders according to other church members. The slide was placed at the deep end of Landover Lake, right on top of Landover Dam.  Backsliders were stripped nekkid, hands and feet were bound securely, they were covered in lard, and they sid backwards (back sliders) into the lake.  If they truly repented, it was thought they would be able to get free and save their body. Few members survived the ordeal. 

Thaddeus Alonzo Benjamin Hunter (TAB) & Wife, Parthenia Faith Gosnell Hunter
Franklin Holbrook Benson 
Rev. Pastor Gene Denton: Soulwinner & Christian
Lt. William Charles Grant United States Confederate Army
Raymond Dean Benchley II, Farmer, Pastor, Politician
Allen Carson Sr. & Son Harold Cook III
Ben Hastings
Elder Boris Eichman
Rev. Joe Hardy, Circuit Rider and Ex-Town Drunk
Rev. Edmund Hecht
Albert (Radio) Guthrie Vines
Glynn Christian Harris & Wife, Suza Marybeth Eaves Harris
Col. Withe Tinmount Fallbrook
Rev. Johnny Easter
Widow Dennis Austen Irving
Pastor Ted Parchman
Pastor G.I. Conrad Bloomer
Pastor Michael Agee Evans
Walker Evans Esq.
Twain Porter, US Marine Corps Lt.
Rev. JH Dryden: Pastor, Husband, & Gardener 
Teddy Yolt McGee

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