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The Landover Baptist Outreach Ministries Staff
Dr. Jonathan Edwards
Dr. Frederick Fingers
Dr. Ernest C. Ville, D.C.S
Brother Bobby-Joe
Elmer T. Jenkins
Brother Bobby
Richardo Frezno
John 'Lucky' Zhivago
Mrs. Theodore Tanner
Butch Webster
Kate Bond
Ben O'Christian
Packy 'The Bull' Donner
Dink Guthrie
James P. Adair MA
Sue Beth Mabel
Mrs. Satin Macy
Larry J. Hardwick
Pastor E. Pistle
Rhonda Johnson
Dr. Albert Entwhistle
Youth Pastor Gary
William Hicks
Pastor Emertius A. Hect
Tim the Talking Parrot
Billy the Puppeteer
Gary Jackson
Why is Outreach Necessary?

Regarding the Landover Baptist Outreach Ministry Staff

Although non-essential, Landover Baptist Church embraces Christian tradition and maintains a small outreach staff. 

Since we are obedient to God, and do not allow unsaved people to tarnish his Holy House with their presence, we follow a "New Testament" and Biblical method for reaching the saved.  This is done through our outreach ministries, our internet ministry and our missionaries.

The individuals listed to your left function more or less as walking, talking, human ministries. Their outreach is directed toward the unsaved community, with a special focus toward deluded, unsaved people who think they are Christians and attend churches other than Baptist churches. 

In 'reaching out', Christians are called to venture into their backyards and their places of employment in order to reach other Christians with the gospel. There are few who take the calling seriously enough to visit next door, or venture into another housing development.

Landover Outreach personnel are dedicated to sharing Christ with all Christians. Some of our Outreach Staff even visit churches in other states! 

Such a bold calling is not for everyone. It takes a special talent, and a unique experience to create an individual who encompasses an entire ministry within himself.




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