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Department of Creation Science

What Christian Church would be complete without a Plastic Surgeon? Certainly not a church that is interested in looking it's best for the Lord. Dr. Frederick Fingers comes to us from Los Angeles, California where he practiced cosmetic surgery for nearly 27 years. Pastor Ebeneezer won his soul three years ago while the good Reverend was undergoing lower lip surgery.

Since his salvation, Dr. Fingers limits his services to Fundamentalist Baptists only. His self experimentation in theoretical facial surgery brought him national attention in 1984 when he successfully grafted a 'third eye' into the back of his head. We here at Landover are pleased that Dr. Fingers now makes his home in Freehold, Iowa.

Dr. Fingers personal portfolio value and large contributions to Landover Baptist Church won him a permanent seat on the board of directors. He participates in all important church policy making decisions. 

Dr. Fingers is 93 years old.






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