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Lover of Jesus and Women

Richardo, an ex-night club entertainer, comedian, and internationally recognized hypnotist, now brings his outstanding gifts to God's House. Richardo is an American from Chihuahua, Mexico. He frequently travels within the states and abroad, as a Christian Hypnotist. His good looks, great sense of humor, and charming personality have attracted saved and unsaved women from the four corners of the earth.

Richardo uses his vaudville/movie star looks, and  sexual appeal to 'draw' unsuspecting young ladies into the church. He is responsible for leading over 250,000 souls to the Lord, 98% of them, women. It has been said that he'll do anything to win the soul of a lady. "God has given me a gift," Ricardo states, "I can turn a roomful of impolite broads, into a sacred assembly of submissive dames in under an hour." His ministry has become so successful that it was recently given official name status by edict of church council. It is called 'The Ministry of Charms and Wooing.'

On any given night, Richardo performs to sell-out crowds in churches across Iowa. Most recently, Ricardo received the key to Des Moines, presented to him by City Mayor, Albert Gooburn.

"My night club days are over," Ricardo insists. "The House of God is my nightclub now, and the women are like little angels.. whispering in my ear."



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