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Recovering Sodomite

Brother Bobby heads up our Homosexual Outreach Ministry Operation (HOMO) in San Francisco, CA. As a former homosexual, who returns to Freehold Iowa every 6 months for rehabilitation, Bobby is more than qualified to minister to the large sodomic population in San Francisco.

Brother Bobby and Pastor Ralph (a San Francisco native) run one of the largest Ex-Gay Churches in the city. Longtime friend, Nick Dowty recalls a recent visit to the church. "It was 98% men," he remarked. "There were a few ladies there, most of them heavy-set, and masculine in feature. The social hour in fellowship hall after the service lasted 4 hours."

Although somewhat effeminate in his features and mannerisms, Brother Bobby is still well loved by Pastor Smith. Rev. Smith recalls, "Bobby came to us as a 16 year old male prostitute, we turned his life around with a little help from the Lord and Mrs. Betty Bowers CASH Ministry, put a paycheck in his pocket, and sent him to SinFransissyco, the rest is history."



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