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Department of Creation Science

Dr. Edwards is our Church Doctor, Researcher, leading Creation Scientist and world renowned expert in practical Levitical Medicinal application. He holds a number of degrees in unrelated fields:  Epistemology, Proctology, Demonology, Old Testament Survey, African Tribal Subcultures, Video Production, Mutation, and Autoptology, and Marriage and Family. His fascination with the idea of death has led him to almost every country of the world. He collects and catalogues ceremonial and accidental deaths on video for a large project that only Pastor Deacon Fred is fully aware of.

95% Percent of our church members see Dr. Edwards as their family physician. The rest who are not so fortunate see Dr. Albert Entwshistle in a small shack in the wooded area two miles east of Landover Lake. 

Dr Edwards is also well known for providing valuable insight into the horrors that go on inside of  the Catholic (Satanic) Church. He  was a former Catholic himself. As a result of his experience inside the Church of Horror, he developed several theories - one of which is the theory of the 'demon cookie.' This particular theory led good friend JT Chick to develop a gospel tract about the Eucharist and expose the promotion of ritualistic cannibalism in the Catholic Church.

No person knows for sure where Dr. Edwards came from, or what his Christian background is. For that, we trust our pastor, who assures us that Dr. Edwards is as "right as rain."



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