Keeping Kids Safe!
Rev Bill Porter (Dir. C.E.)
Pastor Geoffrey Weaver 
Youth Pastor Marty 
Lt. Jim Hancock
Lt. Cal Robinson Sr. 
Officer Jim Clark
Security Officer Hastings
Captain J. Groomes
Lt. Meadows
Ida Clark
Carrol MacMillan
Warden Jack Pinton
Security Officer G. Edin
Security Officer Al Barns
Lt. Capshaw 'Guns' Donner
Officer Ben Hastings
Officer Gener Lauter
Officer William Durant
Penny Wilcox
Packy "The Barber" Brown
Ed Hunter
Officer Cannon Context
Thema Brace Harcourt
Petty Officer Dillard Jones
25,800 Children under the age of 21 make up Landover Baptist's Young Champions for Christ. Rev. Bill Porter is Landover Baptist's Director of Christian Education, and boy does he ever have his hands full! "We've hired 200 extra security officers since recent school shootings and have enlisted roughly 500 armed volunteers." He says. "Seems like it's in style to run around shooting Christian kids these days. The life of a Christian kid is like a notch in Satan's belt. It's disgusting, and sad."

Lt. Jim Hancock is Director of 'Breakaways,' an exciting group of children who are making the difficult transition from Landover Senior High to Landover College. Our Senior High Youth Group is led by Youth Pastor Geoffrey Weaver. Our Junior High is led by Youth Pastor Marty. Ida Clark heads up the Elementary Baptist Sunday School program, and Carrol MacMillan is in charge of the nursery.

Landover Youth are instructed in every area of study. They are even taught evilution, and then taught how to debunk it. Pastor Ebeneezer proudly remarks, "Our Young Champions for Christ are ready to bring the gospel of Jesus to other Christians all over the USA!"  

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