Lucifer Beware!
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Petty Officer Dillard Jones
Rev. Bill Porter comes to us courtesy of the CIA. A retired Intelligence Officer who served time in countries as far west as California and as far east as Kentucky, Landover Baptist church members were 100% in favor of hiring such a well traveled individual. Rev. Smith notes that,  "Bill has been to the four corners of the Christian Planet, that's a (excuse the French - if they even exist -- ) hell of a lot further than most of us Christ loving Christians would ever care to venture."

Although, Rev. Porter has no experience whatsoever with children (he has none of his own, in fact he wholeheartedly detests them) Church council felt that the Lord was leading them to appreciate his skills in anti terrorism, sharp shooting, and pencil pushing.

Rev. Porter is quite new to the Landover Staff. He went through a 2 month 'crash or burn' accelerated Landover Bible College Elementary Education and Administrative degree program. Rev. Smith recalls, "He graduated with honors. The man is as close to a Bible genius as was the late E.R. Laxin."

Rev. Porter is the Director of Christian Education at Landover Baptist.  He has held that position for nearly 9 months. He is as tough as they come, with teeth of steel, and skin like leather. Rev. Porter never smiles, he just smirks.. because he has a Godly instinct that tells him that the mind of a youngster is always up to no good. Pastor Deacon Fred admits, "Rev. Porter can sniff out a rebellious teen like a Bull Dog sniffs out the displaced urine of a fancy poodle at the local hydrant."  

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