Qualified Ministers
Rev Bill Porter (Dir. C.E.)
Pastor Geoffrey Weaver 
Youth Pastor Marty 
Lt. Jim Hancock
Lt. Cal Robinson Sr. 
Officer Jim Clark
Security Officer Hastings
Captain J. Groomes
Lt. Meadows
Ida Clark
Carrol MacMillan
Warden Jack Pinton
Security Officer G. Edin
Security Officer Al Barns
Lt. Capshaw 'Guns' Donner
Officer Ben Hastings
Officer Gener Lauter
Officer William Durant
Penny Wilcox
Packy "The Barber" Brown
Ed Hunter
Officer Cannon Context
Thema Brace Harcourt
Petty Officer Dillard Jones
Youth Pastor Geoffrey Weaver is completely rehabilitated and ready to minister to your child. Pastor Smith notes, "Geoffrey wears his testimony on his face. He's been beat up, and shut down for the sweet Lord more times than I care to count."

Youth Pastor Weaver comes to us from Los Angeles California where he worked extensively in B-rated films. He lived in the devil run Satanic smut world  for nearly 10 years before he got his worthless, good for nothin' sorry ass saved. 

Geoffrey's salvation experience came unexpectedly. He found a urine stained Chick Tract on the bathroom floor of a trendy LA Night Club. He read it, threw up, read some more, threw up some more, and then called the number on the back of the Bible Tract.

By the grace of God, Pastor Smith's home phone number was on the back of the tract. He won Geoffrey's soul in under 15 seconds. Geoffrey immediately got into his van and drove from Los Angeles California, to Freehold Iowa, non-stop.

Pastor Smith proudly recalls, "We put him through a six week Bible College in Lynchburg Virginia, where he majored in youth ministry." Pastor Weaver has been with Landover Baptist for nearly five years.  The youth program has nearly doubled in size, with a unique ratio of 10 gals to every guy.

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