Godly Excess!
In 1845, Lt. William Charles Grant of the United States Confederate Army, arrived back in Freehold Iowa along with 500 covered wagons, each bearing 30 negro slaves.

Rev. Smith reads from a church history text,  "Lt. Grant's momma (and member of Landover Baptist Church) always used to say, 'you're no good as a Christian Charlie.. you better do somethin' for Jesus before you die in this war, or you are going to spend eternity sittin' in the Devil's lap.'" 

It was because of his momma, and his commitment to her, that Lt. Grant felt the spirit of Christ leading him to bring slaves from the South, up North to  Freehold Iowa. God showed him a vision where each slave would be given a Fundamentalist Baptist Master, and be taught how to properly behave. He envisioned the slaves in joyful service, working daily to build a Christian Empire under the guidance of God fearing Christian men and women.

Lt. Grant lived out the Gospel of Christ and didn't just sit around. He acted on God's word. Without his selfless contribution to Landover Baptist Church, we would never have the beautiful buildings we have on our campus today. The 150,000 Negroes that arrived with the Lt. have become known as "Grant's Coloreds."  They built the bedrock for what was later called "The sinners wall" (A 150 mile protective edifice, 30 ft wide and 30 ft tall that encircles a good part of the campus to this day). This wall has kept sinners out of our Church for nearly 150 years.

The descendants of "Grant's Coloreds" have since moved on to become dishwashers, janitors, sanitation workers, and chauffeurs. They remain to fulfill the calling that God laid out for their ancestors when he spoke through Noah to his son Ham on the deck of that ark so many years ago. 

Thaddeus Alonzo Benjamin Hunter (TAB) & Wife, Parthenia Faith Gosnell Hunter
Franklin Holbrook Benson 
Rev. Pastor Gene Denton: Soulwinner & Christian
Lt. William Charles Grant United States Confederate Army
Raymond Dean Benchley II, Farmer, Pastor, Politician
Allen Carson Sr. & Son Harold Cook III
Ben Hastings
Elder Boris Eichman
Rev. Joe Hardy, Circuit Rider and Ex-Town Drunk
Rev. Edmund Hecht
Albert (Radio) Guthrie Vines
Glynn Christian Harris & Wife, Suza Marybeth Eaves Harris
Col. Withe Tinmount Fallbrook
Rev. Johnny Easter
Widow Dennis Austen Irving
Pastor Ted Parchman
Pastor G.I. Conrad Bloomer
Pastor Michael Agee Evans
Walker Evans Esq.
Twain Porter, US Marine Corps Lt.
Rev. JH Dryden: Pastor, Husband, & Gardener 
Teddy Yolt McGee

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