Get Saved or Get Out!
Rev. Al Sharpton used to be a dishwasher at Landover Baptist Church.  It is common knowledge among the colored help, TO THIS DAY! that Al would listen in on Pastor Ebeneezer through the air duct in Landover Towers' Restaurant Kitchen.  He heard every word of every sermon from 1960-71. "Those sermons were to be heard by members who had reserved seating in the Main Sanctuary!" one worker recalls.

Landover Security Officer, Russ Meyers remembers.."Al would have his ear shoved up against the wall, listening through the air conditioning duct that led from Pastor Ebeneezer's private office, down to the kitchen. Whenever we asked him what he was doing, he always said he was 'just tired' and leanin' his head up 'against the wall.'  Well I didn't pay it no mind until I seen him on TV years later. It was then that I knew that
everything that Al Sharpton ever learned about preaching, he learned from Pastor Ebeneezer Smith."

Al Sharpton refused to comment on the subject.  He denies again and again any association with Landover Baptist Church. Rev. Smith remarks,
"He owes me an apology, or at least owes his congregation an explanation of where he got his excellent preaching skills."  It's not likely that
we will ever see a public announcement from Mr. Sharpton himself. Although we have employee photographs and church records to prove that
he was here, Rev. Sharpton denies it emphatically, stating, "They lots of Al Sharptons in the world today, I never did no kitchen work."

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