Old Time Religion!
Director's Board:
Pastor Deacon Fred
Deacon Hal Fenton
Deacon Jack Larson
Deacon Grampa Liberty
Deacon Dr. Leo Stewart
Deacon Pritchard
Deacon Al Dorris
Deacon Roger Fitzimons
Deacon G. Meadows MA.
Deacon Dean Forsyth
Deacon Raj Washington
Deacon Wilson
Deacon J. Welles Sr.
Deacon Daniel Crockett
Deacon Andy Dime
Deacon Adolf Hect
Deacon Otto Neihardt
Deacon Tilly Cutter
Deacon Major Benchley
Deacon Aaron Carver
Deacon Jim Dunlap
"Putting a hidden camera or two in every church home is by no means an infringement upon a member's right to privacy. It is in fact, the only means by which we can monitor the needs of a church body whose membership exceeds 125,000." - Deacon Jack Larson

By January 1st, 2001 (if we are not raptured before that) a camera will be placed in every church member's home. "This is a service we provide to all members at no extra charge." Deacon Larson assures that Deacon service will be streamlined to a state of the art "Christian Life Monitoring Facility. "We will be faster, more efficient, and will meet each particular need that arises at any given time." 

Deacon Jack Larson is the head of the Deacon's division of Internal Affairs. He hails from Cherry Hill, New Jersey where he served as a Christian correctional officer for nearly 17 years. Deacon Jack was hired on to help with church security in 1992. As his gifts were manifest, it became clear that he was on his way to becoming a Deacon.

"Jack has some great ideas about Christian security." Pastor Smith remarks. "It was his genius that prevented Mexicans from attacking our church when we broke the news about pop singer,  Ricky Martin's association with The First Church of Satan."

Deacon Jack Larson makes his home in Leviticus Acres, along with his wife and 5 daughters. "I know the importance of protecting our families." Larson notes. "If anything were to happen to any of my daughters, so help me God, someone would be in a world of hurt!"

Ground has already been broken for the Deacon Jack Larson Christian Life Monitoring Facility.

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