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Pastor, Deacon, Daddy

Pastor Deacon FredOur head pastor, Deacon Fred makes his home in the eternally secure silver gated Christian community, "Leviticus Acres." He is a direct descendent of our founding Pastor, Enoch Smithe - one of the original Pilgrims who founded Landover Baptist Church in the mid 1600's.

Deacon Fred is no stranger to Church members. He makes himself available for counseling and educating church members, and always finds time in his busy schedule for a round of golf or tennis with major donors and Platinum Tithers.  Pastor Deacon is the head of the Deacon Director's Board, Chairman of Media Relations, and the official spokesman for Landover Baptist Ministries.  His words of wisdom can be heard on radio stations across the country, and his best selling CD of his first volume of  60-Second Sermons is available for purchase through the Landover Baptist Store.

Pastor Deacon Fred's hobbies include The Puppet Ministry, where he plays the role of  Tinkle the Ex-Gay Grasshopper. "A Puppet won my soul when I was 4 years old," Deacon Fred recalls, "It was the squirrel puppet who delivered the salvation message to an Elf Puppet from what I recall. I know the date, and time of my salvation. The Elf Puppet got down on his knees at 10 am Oct. 3rd, 1934. I knelt down in the pew, and prayed right along with that sweet puppet."

Pastor Deacon Fred is also a licensed pilot, an avid scuba diver, and has finished in the top 10, three years running on the Saved Senior's PGA golf tour.




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