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If you've got about four hours of free time on your hands, Grampa Liberty will be sure to oblige you with Godly conversation. Deacon Grampa Liberty is the official  representative from Landover Village, A $18.5 million retirement complex located atop Soulwinner's Hill.

"I make sure the young rascals in authority aren't tryin to pull anything that would affect us older folks." Grampa jokes. "I make sure we never run out of drool buckets and sanitary napkins up on the hill."

Deacon Grampa Liberty is a WW1 veteran who says he "knew Ebeneezer's daddy." Grampa was born in the Freehold area, and has been a member of the Landover Baptist Church for nearly 85 years. "I remember when this church only had 27,812 members," he recalls, "I knew every one of them by name!"

Grampa Liberty suffered a tragic accident nearly 20 years ago. He remembers, "I had one foot in the water fountain over there, and I was talkin' to this young person. Well we talked and talked, and it seemed like it were only 15 minutes, but I reckon near an hour had gone by. Well.. when I looked down at my foot there in the fountain, I saw that old snappin' turtle had darn near snipped off everything up to the ankle!" Grampa had to have his entire leg amputated. It was replaced with a wooden leg. "Now I stick that leg in the fountain, and that old turtle can snip and snap at it all he wants!" He says. "Sometimes I just sit there for hours and hours just talkin' to folks. Then I look down at that old turtle, and he looks back up at me.. and we just laugh and laugh!" 

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