1st Class Christianity
Gilly MacDougall has never in his entire life, set foot off Church grounds. "There is no reason to go anywhere else," he claims. "I have everything I need right here!"  Gilly MacDougall is the last surviving son of Iowa Real Estate Tycoon, Filmore MacDougall.  Fillmore left billions behind for Gilly and the Landover Baptist Church.

With his money, Gilly has bought The Gilly MacDougall Christian Light Of No Compromise Hotel and Resort.  On any given day, you can ride right up to the front door of that hotel and Gilly will be outside to greet you. Pastor Smith remarks, "Gilly works, sleeps and eats in that hotel, it is
one of the finest hotels in Freehold. He cleans the signs with his own spit."

Although Gilly was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 30 years ago, he is still given licensee to run his own hotel. "People don't seem to pay me no mind, I just stay out of trouble, and try not to get my clothes muddy," he says. "My pastor says I don't need no money, that the Lord just takes care of all my needs. He had me sign a big piece of paper that says I get to see my dog when I go to heaven. That's all I care about."

Gilly is well loved by all Landover members. For legal purposes, he must be listed here as a major donor.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Bowers IX.
Dr. & Mrs. Ed Bradley Sr.
Dr. Carl Witherspoon
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin Carthwright
Mr. Gilly MacDougall
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Bath Devonshire III
Swami Sri
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Murrow Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William Dickens Durant Sr. IV
Roger Hargraves
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bradbury
James Walter Evans
Rev. Kelvin Entwhistle
Dr. Johathan Macmillan Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Stanford Rice
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Cowley
Dr. Alberto Fuget Smith
Widow Hargraves
Renny MacIntire
Mr. & Mrs. John Paul Meinz Watson Clarke
Mr. & Mrs. Boris Hecht
Dr. Otto Bond Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Navacelle Schaeffer II

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